1. Corz

    Knockback Settings

    Looking for some good kb settings for practice Friction - Horizontal - Vertical - Vertical Limit - Extra Horizontal - Extra Vertical - Dm me on discord Corz#4009
  2. hiddeN1337

    Custom Smooth Spigot Knockback Plugin

    NEED THIS ASAP ___ Plugin Name: VCKB What this plugin does: Makes the spigot knockback more smooth, better and good for PVP Servers (including Practice, FFA) No prefix or chat addons needed. Config is needed to change velocity etc. Server Version: 1.8 - 1.15.2 (mostly 1.8) Budget 9$ Discord...
  3. Saturne Service

    Saturne Network | Owner Recruitment

    Good morning, I'm the owner of Zolux (a practice french server formerly known and currently closed), I'm reopening a project requiring more budget than what I have at the moment, so I need a second person with the passion to create servers, and thus to put all his support. What kind of games...
  4. Saturne Service

    Looking for a second server owner...

    Good morning, I'm the former owner of Zolux, I'm trying to reopen a project, but for that I need a second person to finance the project and help. Once the server generates money, you would get a part of it. Server information: Network, practice, Kitpvp How to contact us: contact me on...
  5. DionManaog

    KB settings?

    Hi i was wondering what is the smoothest kb setting for practicepvp i have spigotX and propractice
  6. QuiiBz

    ✅ BIG UPDATE • qSpigot • Entity Hider, Chunk unloading... • 1.7 + 1.8

    Buy it here: Support Discord: All features: - Fully configurable knockback system & command: - Permission: bukkit.command.knockback - Usage: - /knockback: Get current values - /knockback...
  7. M

    Knockback settings

    I'm looking for someone who is experienced with doing knockback settings, I know these are custom for each spigot, but if you have experience with setting up good knockback settings for a practice server please contact me on telegram Telegram: FiqsMC
  8. Faywyrr


  9. F

    PaperSpigot with two patches

    Hello everyone, I am looking for someone to add two patches to the latest paper spigot 1.7.10 which fix the relog glitch and the tick loop issue. I do have the patches but I can not edit the spigot myself due to a lack of knowledge...should be pretty easy to do for someone who does know how...
  10. cryzmic

    Nspigot knockback. (paid)

    I need smooth knockback, i used to be on wspigot i really liked it but it was 1.7 so I have to switch to 1.8. If you have good settings ill buy them. I will need to test them so have a test server open.
  11. ItzIndyNL


    Hey I'm Indy and we are searching already couple days a good practice knockback settings for uspigot the newest of unknownmyname we want it very smooth like kohi settings or mineman settings or what ever. KB file: Discord...
  12. U

    nSpigot (PEC) SOURCE (Factions spigot, Asyncronous worlds, can handle upto 2k players)

    Selling one of my other spigots that never really got used that much. This spigot was designed for factions but will work for any server due to other performance improvements. Key features: - Virtually no lag with high amount of players in a single area - Asynchronous worlds, fully utilize...
  13. Fox Studios

    Smooth & Optimized Knockbacks Config v3.0

    Informations: Optimized, and smooth custom knockbacks for practice, factions, skyblock and every other pvp servers! The custom plugin to get the knockbacks is included in the folder. Support & Suggestions: Want to report a bug ? Want a new feature in the next version ? I'm really happy to...
  14. M

    Code (Knockback)

    Hey McMarket Mesp_Jordy here can someone code this for me xd 1.7-1.8 spigot/CraftBukkit thank you for reading this :D Discord Jordy#1458 im not that smart boy xd
  15. M

    Spigot coder

  16. Scalebound

    FoxSpigot | HitDetection | Knockback v2.9.1

    Join support discord
  17. J

    private client - one module- knockback modifier

    i'm looking for someone who can make me a knockback modifier that works with minecraft forge 1.7.10 that doesn't flag and can't be found in screenshare
  18. joeleoli

    ✨ Praxi ✨ Leaderboards - Parties - Player Events - BuildUHC, Sumo, Parkour Support - Arena Generator

    Price Source: $150 Re-sell: $350 What you get: Praxi source code (this plugin) Zoot source code (punishments, ranks, staff utils) SpigotX source code (entity utils, kb profiles) Contact Contact me on telegram at joeleoli. Praxi This plugin supports any kind of kits, like NoDebuff, BuildUHC...
  19. R

    [1.7 & 1.8]Spigot (Knock-back, Hit-Detection & Potting)

    The Spigot will be sold for $20 with only 5 copies being sold. Spigot [0/5] $20 SRC [0/3] $100 Anti-Cheat [0/2] Mention interest in your message. If you're wondering why so cheap; it's because there's no point in overcharging when in general this community (potion pvp) is being ran by...