1. Oceanic Lab

    Passing the Torch: Oceanic Labs Team Seeks a New Owner!!

    Oceanic Labs Team Seeks a New Owner Dear valued community, As our journey with Oceanic Labs continues to unfold, we find ourselves at a crossroads brimming with both reflection and anticipation. Over the past 1.5 years, we've poured our hearts and souls into crafting unparalleled Minecraft...
  2. HypeStudios

    DailyRewards Config v1.0

    Information on the Config : - Config of DeluxeMenu, PlaceholderAPI and Luckperms Clean code Custom Sound Require : DeluxeMenu | LuckPerms | PlaceholderAPI Information permission : You need to set this permission on your group luckperms for work correctly rank.player & rewards.player...
  3. ItzAyo

    FREE | Skript - DonutSMP Lifes v1.1

    A DonutSMP-like lifes system with skript. Very simple to use and understand. Add/Remove/Reset lifes of players, Ban players when they loose all their lifes, Check the amount of lifes the player has, Everything is customizable! Edit anything you want. PlaceholderAPI support: NEW...
  4. Byte Developments


    Hello, I am swev. I am selling my share of 50% ownership of my server SodeMC. I am looking for a dedicated owner to take my place. Here are some statistics of the server. All time Sales: $130+ Peak Playerbase: 30 Players Some More Info: The server has a lot of potential. We have made $130...
  5. HoraceAltman

    Little Haven - Skyblock Lobby v1.0

    Details Medium Spawn Size - 350x350 Uses Server Spawns Server Hubs Skyblock Hub Lifesteal Survival Lobby If you want another version CREATE a support ticket on discord Here FAQ is HERE SUPPORT DISCORD HERE
  6. HoraceAltman

    Elysium - Survival World v1.0

    Details Large Spawn Size - 750x750 Uses RPG Survival Worlds Server Spawns Server Hubs FAQ is HERE SUPPORT DISCORD HERE
  7. HoraceAltman

    Coldmont - Skyblock Lobby v1.0

    Details Large Spawn Size - 350x350 Uses Server Spawns Server Hubs Skyblock Hub If you want another version CREATE a support ticket on discord Here FAQ is HERE SUPPORT DISCORD HERE
  8. HoraceAltman

    Cascadia - Skyblock Lobby v1.0

    Details Large Spawn Size - 350x350 Uses Server Spawns Server Hubs Skyblock Hub If you want another version CREATE a support ticket on discord Here FAQ is HERE SUPPORT DISCORD HERE
  9. VmServices

    Economy Shop GUI Config | Modern Sytle v1.2

    INFORMATION ⋄ #1 EconomyShop GUI config for your server ⋄ EconomyShop GUI shop configuration. FEATURES ⋄ Almost all items included. ⋄ Easy to use shop interface. ⋄ Quick buy, buy more and sell all features included.. SHOPS INCLUDES Farming Ores Food Spawners Weapons Gear HOW TO INSTALL To...
  10. VmServices

    Leaderboards | Monthly,Weekly & Lifetime v1.0

    ☛ DESCRIPTION: Leaderboards Confrigation, Use this leaderboard decenthologram config to show who are in the top in your server. This leaderboard also contain lifetime totals, monthly totals and weekly totals! ☛ SHOWCASE...
  11. VmServices

    Tablist Animated Config | Modern Style v1.0

    ☛ Description: TAB Configuration, one of the best, as well as most popular TAB plugins for your Minecraft server, config isusing Minecraft Color Codes, but you can change the colors to whatever you wish! ☛ Showcase...
  12. VmServices

    Lifesteal Tutorial Menu | Config v1.0

    WHAT IS THIS RESOURCE? This Tutorial configuration is the best that exists. This configuration is very simple to modify. This menu is capable with deluxemenu plguin. This config have everything related to help on a lifesteal server. WHY WE WILL BUY THIS? This configuration allows you to retain...
  13. A

    Established lifesteal server for sale

    Hey everyone! I have decided to sell my server, all the info you need will be listed down below. Playercount - 10-20 concurrent players during the day, 3-7 during the night(GMT Timezone). Server Location - Europe, Germany Sales - $71.59 (Alltime) Extra Info The discord server has 500 members...
  14. VmServices

    Playtime | Leveled Playtime Modern Gui v1.0

    DESCRIPTION This Playtime Level configuration is the best out there! It includes 20 Rewards spread across 2 Pages. Players can level up after reaching a certain amount of playtime. Everything is customizable to your liking. (If you purchase the Extra Pages Addon, you will receive 2 pages, 20...
  15. pikz

    UltraSteal - Ultimate Lives Plugin v.1.0.1

    DEMO SERVER: DISCORD.PIKZSTUDIO.XYZ SUPPORT DISCORD: DISCORD.PIKZSTUDIO.XYZ For SEO: ultrasteal, lifesteal, lifesteal plugin, pikz, donutsmp setup, practice setup
  16. H

    hMending v1.0

    hMending hMending is a plugin that adds the Mending enchantment introduced in later versions of the game to Minecraft 1.8. This plugin adds a custom trade to all librarian villagers that allows you to add mending to the item of your choice. To apply the enchantment, simply click on the book...
  17. Areeb

    [SELLING] Minerel 1.20+ Network (Lifesteal, BoxPVP & Practice)

    Hello, Selling this Minecraft server, Minerel. Playerbase is solid from 150-230 (peak time) players everyday. Playerbase is very low during American timezone, the server is mainly Asians right now. What's included: Discord (2k+ Members, Dedicated Servers & shared hosting...
  18. ItGrass

    Buying Servers ($$$-$,$$$ Budget)

    I am looking to buy custom server setups or established servers. Preferably, a Lifesteal, Survival, Sky Block, or any other 1.9+ gamemodes. If you are interested, please shoot me a dm on discord. USERNAME: itgrass
  19. CodesterDubs

    SOLD - Established Minecraft Network For Sale | 20 daily peak | $250+ in 2 weeks

    Hello! I am selling a Minecraft server that peaks upwards of 20 players daily (25+ on weekends). More information can be obtained via DM as I do not want to disclose which network it is about in public. (It is a LifeSteal server) Add me on discord if interested! @codeyfr
  20. GroovyTheDev

    Groovy Prestige v1.0

    Preview: The prestige menu introduces a modern feature to lifesteal servers, enabling players to exchange hearts for increased heart limits and valuable rewards. This menu, available for free on builtbybit, is the first Prestige menu tailored specifically for lifesteal servers. Upon typing...
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