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  1. Meoow

    ⭐ Meoow's Configuration Services ⭐ Cheap, Reliable, Experienced, Professional ✨ 3+ Years Experience

  2. S | SkyBlock | Prisons

    Hello! I am a manager at Crystal Network and we are requesting a professional mature staff team for our network. We are a network that hasn't released yet but are at the point which we are nearly ready to do so! Steps to apply - Join our discord server. Then head to our announcement channel...
  3. Thedread3213

    No Excperience

    The main reason people don't choose is because I'm 10 not to mention having no experience I know most people may have flashy resume's and stuff but I am mature focused and great at minecraft.
  4. FatMuzzy

    [MetroMC] | Towny, Economy, Community | Seeking mature staff members!

    UPDATE: We're currently in search of a new server admin. Looking for qualified candidates at least somewhat familiar with configuration! (If you're unable to see the server graphic, click this link) Application Link: What Is MetroMC? MetroMC is a...
  5. N

    Punch Tree MC ! Mature Survival with minimal plugins. Looking for Mature and Passionate Players

    Tree punch is a brand new semi vanilla whitelisted server that has just been launched. It includes a handful of very minor game altering plugins to make everyone's life more enjoyable and prevent bad apples causing damage. Rules[/b] No griefing etc. No PVP unless agreed to previously. No...
  6. MyBadDay

    Looking for staff

    MineBlox - Staff Applications Hey everyone , Hope you're having a nice day / week! We are currently looking for a new staff to join our team! Make sure when you apply you meet all the requirements because otherwise it will be denied! We have updated the requirements and edited the format...
  7. Hunter Dietzman

    Professional Management & Consulting Services (Proven Strategies!)

    HELLO. Thank you for viewing my thread. Please contact me via email, Discord, or LinkedIn for a free consultation and quote for my services. Not only do I have experience with starting and managing my own companies, but I have also worked to grow many other small companies (not Minecraft...
  8. TheYetiMonster

    Looking for a dedicated; serious partner to fill the position -System Admin

    I want to keep this short for now. We're at the beginning stages of starting a multi-server. We're looking to fill the position of System Admin. This implies knowing a variety of different kind of mods/plugins and game modes. Who is also familiar with the back end. Someone to bounce ideas with...
  9. cliggy


  10. Hunter Dietzman


    Hello! :) I have been running servers for about 5-6 years now. I still remember my first server launch, the server crashed once we hit only 30 players! Ever since then, I've been learning, improving, and building my empire. Over the years, one thing that has never changed, is I have always held...
  11. Thundurh

    Mature Staff

    Hello there, currently have a pretty big project that I have pretty much completely done by myself since 2017. I have invested hundreds of dollars into this project, I just need somebody to give mature and constructive criticism and just basically help run the server with me! Should be a good...
  12. Foamy321

    | < Experienced Staff Member! > |

    About Hello! My name is Noah Kennedy. I am a very team-oriented person, who works towards success. Some of my personal traits include Leadership, Giving, Enforceful, Calm and Collective under pressure, and friendly. Other than Minecraft, I love to have outings with my best friends, write...
  13. Thundurh

    REBELMODE Full-Time Partner

    Hey there, we are looking for a partner to come help design/build a really cool server concept. We have an idea for a server that is actual gold, but my team is very busy with work and real life things so I am in need of some assistance with things. I have been in the server business for around...
  14. Cazper

    Server/ Network Partner (Must Have Funds)

    Hello MCM, My name is Nicholas AKA YoungNicc. I am 18 years old and I'm currently looking to have a partner to either start a server/Network with or join them and their server/ network with. TYPE OF NETWORK? Taking Ideas from whoever I partner with :) What I have. I have previously...
  15. ItsGamingSoni

    DelseyriaRPG hiring Helpers and Builders!

    About the server; DelseyriaRPG is an RPG server that was initially a small Skyblock community back in late 2014's and early 2015's Which makes us a community that lasted over two years, Two continuous years of fun, fun, fun, fun and fun! As we ran the server for quite a long time (two...
  16. Gnidrah

    Looking for Builders

    Hello, I'm new around here. (Proof in my Reputation and other parts) so please don't be afraid to correct me on parts. I'm looking on starting up a Builds and Setups business. Yes before you say anything. "They're to similar" "Not like its going to be any thing special" "There probs many out...
  17. ItzShaddy


  18. IncorruptMC

    Hiring SkyRaid Youtubers - Custom Gamemode

    Skype: Proglitchmaster Hey, PGM here... I am the owner of the epic new factions minecraft server SkyRaid. I am looking for you... dedicated YouTubers that would be able to record on my server. Now you are probably wondering, what is SkyRaid and how is this custom? SkyRaid is a completely new...
  19. Moow

    MutqusPvP | Staff Experienced!

    —————————————————Staff»Experienced——————————————————— Hello folks, Iam Moow ive been Working hard these days to find an server to record Staff series on what i love to do is helping out The server's community base's ...
  20. Maxigen

    Vanilla SMP // Apply now //

    Hey, me and my friend are Tom recruiting people for our SMP [PRIVATE SERVER], "CraftingGoodness". We need trustworthy and mature people for the server!;) Apply like this! Age : Skype : How good are you at building? : Active or not? : Would you see your self as mature? : Do you like to...
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