1. UnforgivableSins

    (CDS) Custom Discord Setups | Affordable & Cheap. Currently looking for staff and partners (FAST SERVICE)

    Hello MC-Market, I am here to introduce you to CDS also known as Custom Discord Setups, I want to bring you to our service we are affordable and very cheap for discord setups we provide anything you or the customer wants we are very fasts and respond very quickly. We are looking for staff and...
  2. zArrowTan

    Resource Trades | Fun suggestion ( click for more info)

    I'm pretty sure many of you have played games with a trade feature in it and am pretty sure many of you have liked it or loved it. I myself like trading items as it doesn't involve money in it. This suggestion is about how you could trade resources with each other instead of manually opening...
  3. NameJames

    Issues with mobile version of the site

    Hello, there are some issues with the mobile version of the site, like some elements are a bit off. for example the logo on the mobile version is not centred and it triggers my OCD.
  4. Bilal Jaber &

    Here is a collection of my older domains I have no use for or have abandoned the project they were associated with. I can provide proof of ownership if needed, willing to go first for people with more reputation on MCM. 'OFFER$' Was trying to start a Shopify business then never...
  5. Maxim24Marc

    Has MC-Market ever had an Official Minecraft Server?

    Has MC-Market ever had an Official Server? I think if this has never been a thing, it really should be. It could honestly be like a survival server and have an in-game market place and such, I haven't really thought too into it but it seemed to me like a cool idea! Let me know what you guy's think!
  6. Maxim24Marc

    Should MC-Market sell more ad slots?

    Should MC-Market start selling more Advertising banner slots? If so, where on the website do you think would be a good fit :)
  7. Maxim24Marc


    Hello MC-Market Members! I am offering Free Discord Setup's to try to do something nice for the MC-Market Community! I can do basically anything you would like, permissions, setup bots, games, and more! :) Discord: Maxim24Marc#2775 Update: Now closed.
  8. VactumPlays

    Sh*tty Support - Conspiracy

    All a marketing ploy... In a recent thread: Terrible Support, i have realized something frightening. Threads such as above are consistently popping up. Slowly by slowly, this problem is getting more attention. By giving us the sh*ttiest & Sloppiest support, we are growing into a stronger...
  9. Ronix Studios

    Animated Server Banner 6 Colors 2 Size v1.0

    「⭐️」 [ANIMATED] Minecraft Animated Server Banner 「⭐️」 6 Different Colors 「⭐️」 2 Dimensions 「⭐️」 Hello there, I have designed modern, affordable, stylish animated minecraft server banner that looks nice for you.
  10. Nuckerr


    BuildMode A simple plugin to toggle the feature of building in Minecraft! Why would I want to use build mode? This is especially useful on a PvP based server such as a KitPvP server. There are lots of blocks in minecraft that can be destroyed easily at the tap of a block, even in survival mode...
  11. DJYdjy

    Help me with mc-market

    Hey! I am new to mcmarket and i don't know how to navigate through it and create new resources, sell resources and more! Can someone tell me how to do that? A mini guide to minecraft market would also be helpful. Thanks so much!
  12. Tylers31

    ⭐Tyler's Configuration Services⭐5 Stars!⭐

    ⭐Tylers Configuration Services⭐ Hello, my name is Tyler. I am 15 and I recently started a configuration business to help support my family. I can configure any plugin you would like me to. If you would like my services, please join my discord. When you are in my discord create a ticket in...
  13. samyratchet

    external download links in resources to Craftbukkit and Spigot

    Hello, I want to suggest a change to the resource rule to allow Spigot or CraftBukkit download links, I think it would help people like me to have that ability so we don't need to repeat uploading updates on multiple platforms or dividing the download counter that makes resources less...
  14. Ronix Studios

    Temanuska - Thread Design v2.0

    Hello there, I have designed best thread design, gradient and modern thread design that looks nice for you. Terms and Conditions are the following No claiming this product as your own. No reselling this product. No chargebacks, refunds or returns.
  15. A

    TIP: Use tags on all your threads.

    Making a thread. When you make a thread, say for selling, you should probably make sure you use the tags box right under your message. When you add tags, not only does your page become more visible (say to Google, who actively looks for tags on forums like MCM), you can make people who want to...
  16. Eventuating

    Eventuate - Digital Solutions

    Banners aren't made yet, and my portfolios are still new: (coming soon)
  17. M

    FULL Survival Server Setup [$5]

    I am selling a fully developed community survival server. The plugins are developed and configured, including a lot of bugs that have been fixed. With the price you get all of the server files. Can offer more info about the server, just reply below or add me on discord: marlex#4347 TEST IP...
  18. RyanTheRyan

    CLOSED (Putting on Business Account)

  19. bertek41

    proSHOP | 1.8 -1.12 | Advanced GUI Shop | Hotbar Buy and More| v1.2-B

    Configure Doing Types Example, You can sell with left click or buy with left click A total of 6 methods are available: They Are Left Click Right Click Shift + Left Click Shift + Right Click Middle Click Hotbar (Always Active) Item Features İt has many supported features for...
  20. 1tzEmerald 7

    Helpers & Moderators @ ZioniteMC

    Hi MC-Market Today ZioniteMC Network is looking around this forum for staff. ZioniteMC wants a staff member who is able to dedicate atleast 1-2 hours a day and as a mature a positive attitude. Why should you join us? Our staff team are always welcoming to everyone and we always put as much...
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