mini game

  1. projectenchanted

    150x150 Concrete Only Bed Wars Schematic v1.0

    Concrete Only || Bed Wars schematic || 150 x 40 x 150 schematic ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Concrete only bed wars schematic made using only concrete blocks. 4 team islands with spaces for generators and shop keepers, 4 sub islands and a...
  2. L

    Snake v1.0

    command /snake you can disable cooldown(1 time at day) reward:apple that snake eat - 1 (u can disable) add text to NokiaSnake/config.yml- settings: apple_reward: false cooldown_command: false if you will have a proble with it send me message.
  3. The_Dude

    Minecraft Major League Racing | Brand New PVP Horse Racing Mini Game Server - Open Beta | 1.19.4

    Server IP: Version: 1.19.4 Website: Discord: Server Trailer Tech Demo Gameplay Minecraft Major League Racing hosts an original PVP horse racing mini game. Each race has 8 racers competing for first. Racers can use...
  4. Darkmauss

    Looking for a minecraft developer for a smp

    Hi everyone! SpartanKraft is a new smp and we're looking for a mc developer who has some experience on working in servers, either smp or mini games. It's a Spanish server but I'm the owner and I speak English too so I'm in charge of hiring the developer. You can contact me on my discord...
  5. G

    Create a Custom Mini Game Tournament Minecraft Plugin.

    I am looking for a Dev or Dev Team to create a Paper Tournament style Plugin.That can support different mini games (KitBattle, Skywars, Eggwars/BedWars, Sumo, Crafting Master, Survival Games, Colorful Run). I would like for it to support teams of ten, with multiple teams being able to play at...
  6. XxPEEEPxX

    BedWars 1 v 1 duel Map v1.12 - 1.19.2

    Information: You will get: - Bedwars duel map world 1.12 - 1.18.2 Need Help?: Dm HD_peep#1860 on Discord or join my server and make a ticket: Important: Set world tick speed to 0 or else the leafs will decay Coords: XYZ 400, 180, 200
  7. Neaza

    Bungee/1.17 Friend Plugin

  8. techmonkey1029

    Minigame Core Development (DeathSwap)

    Hello! I'm looking for a dev for a minigame called DeathSwap. Popularized by Dream, it's where players swap positions with each other and try to kill their opponents with traps and whatnot. The twist is it's a battle royal style mode where. Let's say, 100 players, join. After the first swap...
  9. Sean_

    Sale of my fully custom mini game server (HOST)

    Hello I decide to sell my server minecraft developed from a to z by my care. I devoted two years to it but it's time for me to part with minecraft. The server is designed to operate automatically. Coordinators are present to launch servers automatically. A load balancer is also available No...
  10. SAWO


    A pack with 4 maps for the game SkyWars in different styles. Includes: red map, mushroom map, african map, hell map. Blocks from Minecraft 1.8. The product is a schematic file. See our other maps Click
  11. SAWO


    A pack with 4 maps for Bedwars in different styles. Includes: map with totems, map with flowers, summer map, square map. Blocks from Minecraft 1.8. The product is a schematic file. See our other maps Click
  12. SAWO

    SKYWARS BUNDLE - 01 v1.0

    A pack with 4 maps for the game SkyWars in different styles. Includes: map with the desert, map with forest, winter map, map with palm trees. Blocks from Minecraft 1.8. The product is a schematic file. See our other maps Click
  13. BrettNoles123

    Looking for Server Staff

    Looking for a team of admins and/or moderators to help run a faction server. This faction server will feature a lot of different things and will need to be monitored frequently. At the moment I just need help finishing building everything to get the server opened up. There can also be a weekly...
  14. Alba


    Please remove
  15. Takky

    | HQ | UNIQUE Pack#1 Skywars Maps Solo 5 Maps x8 Islands | v1.1

    INFORMATION: For more images look at the maps in a 3d rander: !CLICK HERE! IMPORTANT: the schematic contains the 5 maps, paste the...
  16. Bilal Jaber

    Advertising Manger

    I need a professional Advertising manger that is experienced. Also that has made other servers successful. Please do not dm me if u wanna just get a bunch of discord ads or get youtubers. My goal is to launch my mini game server and get 1,000- 1,500 players on launch date and try...
  17. Bilal Jaber

    i own a mini game server and need ideas

    I need some ideas for for my mini game server so for i have two gamemodes Skywars and Thimble.
  18. Bilal Jaber

    Any type of MC Advertisement

    Hello, This is what I'm looking for. Youtubers with 8k Plus Subs and 1k plus views.Even if you are really big i can still pay good. GOOD <-- Discord Ads the discord MUST be MC RELATED. OR any other type of good advertisement for my MC SERVER. ADD ME ON DISCORD : Jellyman#7409
  19. Bilal Jaber

    Looking for a Developer (PAY GOOD)

    Im Looking for a Developer for my server I need a custom mini-game made it's pretty small. I want everything custom with some added features I pretty much want this plugin called ruby thimble just more stuff added to it I pay really well. We can get in more detail in discord. My Discord...
  20. Bilal Jaber

    Looking for BIG and Small Youtubers (Paying GOOD)

    I'm looking for some big YouTubers I prefer 20k and above but if you are 5k or higher that can work if it is worth it don't be shy to ask. Does not matter how big or small of a YouTuber you are I pay really good either way. I'm Releasing my server in 2 half weeks from now I have a decent size...
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