mod application

  1. P

    In Need Of Minecraft Staff! Helpers/Moderators

    Please join the discord below if you are interested in becoming staff: CLICK Why YOU should become staff on our server: We have 1000s of members in our discord Staff have special perms which other players do not! We have a BETA minecraft server (still in development but open to the public)...
  2. StillNotSwedish

    ⭐ Society Reborn ⭐

    Hello BBB, Society Reborn has been a prominent geopolitical server with a rich history since 2018. Now, we’re gearing up for a relaunch and search for interested people to join our staff team. Our community has grown to over 300 amazing individuals, and on our last server that concluded just...
  3. Krispy

    🌴 ReefMC Network 🌴 | Staff Applications

    The ReefMC team our recruiting! Hello everyone! We are currently in search of dedicated and enthusiastic individuals who are passionate about Minecraft and community building. We are looking for responsible individuals who can help us maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for all players...
  4. Chimpster

    Maje MC | Multiple Staff Positions Available

    Hello, On behalf of Maje MC I am here to give you a chance to be apart of our staff team, We are a growing Minecraft community with a fun and enjoyable, custom map, survival server. And with our server launch date approaching, we are in need to grow our staff team. If you would be interested in...
  5. Crazed

    ⚡ SparkedMC Requesting for Staff ⚡

    Hi BBB, SparkedMC is a unique lifesteal server unlike any other server you've seen before. We strive to make everything unique, as well as keeping the game fun and enjoyable for everyone! We are offering a lag-free experience like none other. We will be pushing for weekly updates, various...
  6. DarkPhoenixD

    Looking for a Mod Dev (paying)

    Hey i am looking for a mod that has machines, cables/nodes/pipes, ores, upgrades, and a few end game item 1. you can upgrade the machines 4 times and the more you upgrade it the faster the machine gets and the more energy it can hold and more solts to put items in. 2. nodes for fluids and...
  7. lawa

    Hiring All Positions | Pixel-RPG Network | Developers And Helpers/Mod Needed

    ⚔ Pixel - RPG Staff Recruitment ⚔ Pixel RPG is an upcoming Minecraft server, we are looking for some experienced staff for our minecraft project You can apply for all the post as of now, links are given below, please fill them honestly and ONLY IF YOU USE DISCORD (Join our discord server in...
  8. Cruciallity

    AppleMC • Hiring Mods & SrMods

    Hey MCM, I'm KeeWee. I'm the Staff Manager over at AppleMC. We're currently looking for professional and experienced people to join our team. The current positions we're looking for are: Moderator Senior Moderator Before I continue, there are some requirements for these roles. You must be...
  9. L


    EveningMC is an upcoming survival server that aims to have a comfortable and welcoming environment for people to let all their troubles of real life fade away. People are getting bullied in the real world. We can't stop it but we can give everyone a safe place on the internet. That is what...
  10. S

    ✨McDescendant - Staff wanted! Accepting all positions✨

    Hello there, Supra here. I am the owner of an upcoming Minecraft server network, McDescendant. We are hoping to release soon, and help is needed to finish work on the server for beta release! It is a minigame server, with Factions and PvpKits, and many more gamemodes in store for the future...
  11. D

    RiftSMP Looking For Staff!

    RiftSMP is a new Smp that will have both a regular survival world, as well as a hardcore world! We hope to grow and hope that you will help us! We are looking for moderators as well as helpers, to keep the server run as smooth as possible. In order to apply you must be 16 years of age, as well...
  12. A

    Staff Guide Commands, Policies & Info v1.0

    Hey! So I recently opened my own server which includes what I think is a semi profession staff guide for my staff! I decided I think the Mc-Market community could use this! Features: Abbreviations Guide Staff Policies / Rules Managers / HR List Procedures for Punishments Staff Rank Info and...
  13. Baerhorn

    RetroMC Looking for Admins ~ Builders ~ Moderators

    Hey everyone! Baerhorn here, developer at RetroMC. We are a Java 1.18.1 PVP Factions server, and are currently looking to expand our staff base! We are looking to build an old school factions pvp server with a twist. We could use the assistance of anyone who's willing to grow the community. Feel...
  14. lilbopbops

    ⛏️ HyriseMC ⛏️ • Economy Survival・Quests・Jobs・RPG・Releasing soon, apply today!

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ About our server: Hello! I am here to discuss an opportunity for any dedicated, mature, and experienced individuals with a passion for creating and maintaining a welcoming friendly community. My server HyriseMC is an economy survival...
  15. Chimpster

    Caspian Network Staff Recruitment | Multiple Positions Available

    Hello, On behalf of Caspian Network i am here to give you a chance to be apart of our staff team, We are a growing Minecraft community with a high quality server that includes multiple strategic and enjoyable multiplayer game modes for you to play such as Factions and Prison. With our server...
  16. dodymmawsjx

    Closed Thread

    Edit: We are no longer openly recruiting fresh new members (those without an established background). If you still wish to apply and have the necessary experience to join the team as an auxiliary, please leave your application in my DMs here on this website. Please do not contact me via any...
  17. Forsaken Services

    Staff Needed on new Survival Sever

    Hello, I'm looking for experienced staff members that want to join a custom survival server. The server will come out next week. I'm doing this now so I can inform you on all details of the server. (In need of a Helper & Moderator)
  18. CaptainOwl


    Hello! My name is CaptainOwl and I am a Minecraft Youtuber/streamer with 11K subscribers and I have been noticing on my streams and my discord server, that it has been less active than usual. Not only that, but when it is active, it seems out of control and on streams seeming to be a bit spammy...
  19. Hycyntria

    Helpers and Moderators needed | MineAlong

    MineAlong is a 1.16 Survival server with several custom features, available for both Java and Bedrock players. We recently grew substantially in player base, which caused a need of extra Helpers and Moderators to keep the server in an enjoyable and fair state. We are looking for someone with...
  20. M

    <Molten Rift>New SMP & RPG server. Recruiting all staff position!

    Molten Rift is a new take on an RPG and SMP genre. We are currently looking to fill all roles! Listed below will be a short description of each role and the requirements! Please note that this server does not offer payed hires. We are also only interested in staff that are interested in making...
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