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  1. Spark Studios

    🌟 Spark Studios | ❤️ Hiring Mod Developers - Regular Commissions and various perks! 👑

    Spark Studios is hiring Mod Developers! How to apply? - Join our discord server using the link below and create a support ticket to apply! Why Spark? - Here at Spark, We care deeply about our clients and freelancers. We strive to ensure freelancers earn what they deserve through us and provide...
  2. Vaspei

    ⭐ Rollerite - #1 Service Team | Minecraft Mod Development ⭐

  3. Simon Mage

    Request mod development fix for CustomNPCs forge mod (1.16.5)

    Hi, i have a little problem with CustomNPCs forge mod 1.16.5, this mod has Pixelmon Reforged (by models bugged. i will explain it better. CustomNPCs mod adds the possibility to use Pixelmon Models in NPCs mdade by CustomNPCs. That's cool but the mod can't use alternative textures...
  4. V

    Looking To Hire Mod Creator to Forge mod to Fabric

    Hello i am looking for an experienced coder to port the Progressive Bosses mod ( ) From Forge to Fabric 1.18.2 i am hoping for an effectively identical replica of the mod, i have also spoken with the creator of the mod and he has...
  5. Z

    Looking for freelancer to make Minecraft Mod/Texture/Model for me (Paid)

    If you can make Minecraft Mod base on Craftee, Bionic, Xnestorio, etc... please let me know your discord so i can add you on there then we can disscus
  6. A

    FairCraftNetwork Dev

    Estamos en busca de dev para nuestro equipo, gente interesada en trabajar en equipo en un proyecto público, de manera altruista para comenzar, todos aportamos lo que podemos para crecer juntos y formar un equipo. Tenemos un proyecto ambicioso y se agradece gente con ganas de colaborar y trabjar...
  7. S

    Forge Mod Developer for Modding Project

    Hi everyone! I am in search of a Forge mod developer to work on a mod that would add new features and functionality to Minecraft horses to make them more robust. The project would include adding the following items, blocks and features: New colors and markings for horses New tack and...
  8. S

    Need a free or for experience developer

    As the title states, i need a free or if you need experience developer. All i really need is someone who can apply set bonuses to armor from the armourers workshop mod as well as some scripting for the naruto anime mod for a server i plan on launching in the near future. please contact me at my...
  9. Sm0keySa1m0n

    Forge mod developerThe developer

    Hello reader, my name is Joe and I am looking for an experienced minecraft mod developer that will be willing to dedicate time to a big mod/game which I cannot disclose the name of. The developer we are looking for needs to be willing to volunteer without pay for the initial creation period due...
  10. ElFly


    Im looking for someone to create me a few mods to be released on my youtube channel with 13,357 Subscribers at the moment. My channel: The mods wont be complicated example of a mod i would want. Hit counter mod, mod should count your hits and your opponents...