1. SolDev


    FOR THE FIRST TIME, SOLDEVELOPMENT OFFERS NODE.JS DISCORD BOT DEVELOPMENT. List Of Experiences: Node.js Bots: 1 Year Of Experience Python Bots: 2 Years Of Experience Contact Via Discord: SolDevelop#1678.
  2. DawsonTalks

    NodeJS/DiscordJS/Varied Development

    Hey! I'm Jack and I'm a 16 year old from the UK. I've come to MC-Market to share my services with the wider community on this platform. Recently, I've setup some different savings goals that I want to work towards and sort of achieve over time - and that's why I'm here. I do a wide variety of...
  3. A

    Hetzner Server Transfer (Ryzen 5 3600)

    Hello, I am looking for an AMD Ryzen 3600 (AX41-NVMe) transfer from Hetzner to my Hetzner Account. Since I can't afford to pay Setup fees for a Node which I need for my Minecraft Server. Even if there is any other dedicated server provider with Ryzen 5 3600 at similar price as hetzner then...
  4. AllenKurian

    Looking for someone that does Node.js and some HTML :)

    Hey there! I have some Node.js code for a video conferencing platform. It's barebones yes but I wanted to implement and add my own UI design to it and maybe even add some custom features to it :) If you could help out, It would be awesome to reply on this thread or DM me on Discord: Discord...
  5. Raikasta

    ✯ Raikas' Bots ✯ STARTING 0$! ✯

    Simply, Premium Discord.js Bots Hello! I'm Raikas. I have coded Discord bots using discord.js for over a year now, and have done many complicated projects on the way too. If you have been to a other Bot developer, you have probably seen the plans. You only get a limited amount of plans and...
  6. Incomprehensibl

    Partner for hosting company with a dedi

    Hi there! I am trying to find someone who will partner with me to make a hosting company. I recently purchased a server (real hardware that I own) and upgraded it. It also has Pterodactyl Panel on it. I am in the US East. I have decked out Pterodactyl with some addons and think I will be ready...
  7. ImPlasmaTbh | Public Status Page! | Discord Bot Hosting | DDOS Protection | 99% Uptime!

    Useful Links: Discord Server: Website: TrustPilot: Other Info: Thread Design By YeapGuy#3725 Last Updated: 07/06/2020 (DD/MM/YYYY) We're Hiring! Apply here. Coupon Codes: "MC-M" for 15% off your...
  8. aightbetflame

    ✔ Discord Bot Development | $0.50 | Nodejs »»

    I will code you a basic but sleek and clean Discord bot in node for a base price of $0.5. Some of the commands I can offer: ✅ Moderation commands ✅ Management commands (channel creation and deletion etc) ✅ Most basic-intermediate custom commands of your choosing. Price changes based on what...
  9. Willbear

    Looking for a Sumo Plugin

    I have been looking around for an Events Plugin that can do the following: Server Version: 1.8.9 Host Sumo Events Host Node Events Host Spleef Events I have tried the Mini-Game Events Reupload Plugin and it is not very customizable and has many bugs that cause issues with my server. If anyone...
  10. Willbear


  11. JodileOrginal

    [1.5$] NODE BUNGEECORD SETUP | Ping | StaffChat | AntiBot | Skin | Announcer |

    Node BungeeCord Setup Everything I said is 1.5$,paypal only Ping | StaffChat | AntiBot | Skin | Announcer | And much more.. Prices Files: 1.5$ Ownership: 15$ Ownership of Node BungeeCord Setup If you want to buy ownership of Node BungeeCord Setup contact me on discord JodileOrginal#2196 Test...
  12. Function

    Node's Discord Bot's

    Thanks for looking into the thread, I (Node) am a long-time discord.js bot developer, which means if you can think of it I can do it, from ticket managers to automatic server management. When purchasing from Node you can choose a tier, Tier I 1. Basic commands. 2. Basic Help (You will receive...
  13. youssefexplicit

    Verified Discord Token Generator

  14. Function

    Looking for advice.

    Where do I start? Hello, I am Delta previously Velta on the Minecraft market community, I am trying to create things that could help the community revolving around the categories of Minecraft Plugin Development Discord Bot Development and more Please help me determine what I should work for...
  15. MeerBiene

    Basic Giveaway Bot + Ticket Bot + Welcome message [Sale] [Support!] [Configurable] v4.20

    This is a basic giveaway + ticket bot that is suitable for all of your needs ! The bot is made with the discord.js framework This is my first publicly released discord bot and I hope to release more of these kind of bots in the near future. If you have any suggestions for the bot then please...
  16. Function

    ★ Harmless ★ Discord Bots ► Cheap ► Fast delivery

    Discord bot creation I am interested in creating discord bots for cheap prices and good quality. Prices are negotiable, the prices base around what you want in your custom bot, your bot can be private, public or community wise. If you are interested in me creating a custom discord for your...
  17. Joshuaharry120

    [Discord] Steam Verification System

    Hello, I'm looking to sell my discord bot, that lets any discord user verify by using there steam account, This bot also comes with a fully working web panel and store's the verifications in a mysql database. I'm looking for £10 per sale, and i'm only willing to sell it 5 times, that way the...
  18. Ty

    Basic Discord Ticket Bot [discontinued] vdiscontinued

    This is a discord bot I made just for some extra revenue for a project I am working on. The bot is coded in JavaScript. I will be making more simple bots in the near future! If you have any suggestions for the bot then please do list them in the discussion section. Instructions are included...
  19. OshRicK Hosting [Full SSD Storage, Free Dedi IP, High Performance] Starting at $1.99 Per Gb.

  20. VoidHost | ⭐️ High Performance Minecraft Hosting ⭐️

    Our servers are hosted in both North America, and Europe. We offer high-availability live-chat support, DDoS protection in all data-centers, Custom JAR support, and of course, Multicraft control panel. Free trials: Enjin 45 Day Trial Buycraft 30 Day Trial Negafinity 30 Day Trial Budget Node...
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