1. Hevo Studio

    Extreme Obby v1.0

    🚀Embark on an epic adventure through a whimsical world filled with thrilling challenges in Infinite Extreme Obby!🚀 🔥Prepare to test your skills, reflexes, and determination!🔥 🌟Race against friends to prove your mastery!🌟 ❓Are you ready to conquer the Extreme Obby challenge and claim your place...
  2. Bloxief

    Glass Bridge Obby v1.0

    ROBLOX GLASS BRIDGE OBBY! Test The Game! https://www.roblox.com/games/15320501375/Obby-but-its-squid-games Features: Many Monetization sources! Robux Gears! Robux Kill All Button! Daily Rewards Chest! Halo Rewards! Robux Display Path Button! Fully Scripted Round System! Join Discord for...
  3. Bloxief

    Obby Checkpoint Effects v1.0

    3 High Quality Various Obby Checkpoint Effects! Contains: Confetti Checkpoint Effect! Scaling Checkpoint Effect! Rotating Checkpoint Effect! Join Discord for 40% Coupon off + EXCLUSIVE Customer Role! https://discord.gg/PGPYnrdrxX
  4. AlexP21

    Obstacle Course Asset Pack v1.0

    A Obstacle Course with 10 obstacles.
  5. Bloxief

    Tower of Raid v1.5

    Fully Built and Scripted Tower of Hell game with 40+ stages (add-on) and mutators! Features: Fully functioning tower-of-hell game Mutators Shop Halos Coils Currency INSANE Admin commands for owner! /mutate all /skip /speed /length /mins /secs Gamepasses and Dev Products included! Discord...
  6. Bloxcode

    Obby script pack v1.0

    Collection of obby assets. Includes: Jump pads Teleporters Damage parts Moving parts Disappearing parts Spawn points Air parts Carry parts More coming soon, feel free to suggest anything in the comments! Each system includes a README file where you'll find all the info. We hope you enjoy...
  7. Bytez

    Space Obby | Alien Edition v1.0

    This is a basic obby setup with 25 stages and everything setup that you would need in a basic obby setup, you can customize this how you want or expand and create more stages. I will not be providing any support on expanding the obby or changing things about the game mechanics, the game comes...
  8. Rubjah

    Ocean Themed Obby v1.0

    Join our Discord server for more information or if you have any questions! https://discord.gg/xy7fZ7aZ Dive into an exhilarating underwater adventure with our meticulously crafted "Ocean Adventure Obby"! This immersive Roblox game transports players to a vibrant and dynamic aquatic world...
  9. Fjnxcl

    United States Army Map V2 v1.0

    Overview Introducing the United States Army Map V2, your go-to choice for a medium-sized military map, expertly crafted for immersive military or role-play games. Whether you're staging a strategic operation or navigating role-play scenarios, this map offers an array of features to enhance your...
  10. raiyan9

    Tower Of Death Game v1.1

    Overview: Introducing "Tower of Death", a meticulously crafted gaming experience inspired by the iconic "Tower of Hell". With its comprehensive scripting and abundant features, this asset will undoubtedly provide the foundation for a gripping vertical adventure. Key Features: Scripting...
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