1. cyberoverload

    South China Sea Naval Operations Map v1.0

    The South China Sea – Modified and Optimised ACS – Specialised GUI – Custom Optimisation Systems to ensure Mobile Compatibility – Over 20 detailed and useable islands with realistic high poly buildings – Specialised for Naval Operations and used as a Forward Operating Base for all militaries...
  2. Broken_HMS

    Texas Training Range v1.0

    Texas, United States of America Filler Sounds for a realistic Experience Raid Area full of Killhouses Inside and Outside Range Checkpoint to enter the shooting Range Boats with a Yacht that you can raid A whole lot more
  3. Broken_HMS

    Western Africa v1.0

    Western Africa Western Africa comes with handmade terrain alongside a range of custom gear & housing used for raiding may this be gathering intelligence or taking out Rebels within the area. Comes with, Gear, such as helmets, Vests, balaclavas & Guns Modded ACS reworked into the system...
  4. AlexP21

    US Marines Twentynine Palms, California v1.0

    Full, complete, 1:1 base replicating the US Marines training areas Features: Realistic & big scenery Firing ranges Grenade Ranges Pistol Ranges Mock Training towns More photos - Google Drive
  5. ImageWorks

    SAPOL 2019 Ford Ranger XL Dog Operations v1.0

    Features: A-Chassis Tune 1 Staged ELS Working Lights Detailed Interior UV Mapped
  6. Omega Manufactory

    Helmand Province, Afghanistan v1.0

    Helmand Province, Afghanistan Information Helmand Province, Afghanistan is a map with extremely high-quality builds and terrain. Pricing 10.99$ Features Large detailed terrain Forward Operations Base Multiple Villages Multiples Farms Multiple Checkpoints
  7. Broken_HMS

    Forest Operation Map v1.0

    "Cheap but high quality", New map officially built in Milros, Map includes 3 Villages and one Raidable Compound (Similar to osama compound.) The map will also give you the most realistic Combat experience as Even if you're at one graphic we will have Mesh bushes and trees to cover the map so...
  8. AlexP21

    Afghanistan Military Operations Map v1.0

    A big Afghanistan map with lots of buildings (with interior + lighting, bridges, rivers, and power lines. Huge & Detailed Realistic terrain Beautiful scenery Lots of villages Full photo showcase - Google Drive
  9. Vortex Craft

    Looking for a Operations Manager for VortexCraft

    Hi! I am the Co-Owner (CTO) for Vortex Craft. We are a server that has been in development for 11 months now. The root of our server stems from 2014 when I owned my own Towny server which closed down. We are looking for an Operations Manager that can help facilitate our growth from public beta...
  10. Blackbird Media

    Manager of Operations & Finance

    Manager of Operations & Finance Job Summary Blackbird Media is hiring a Manager of Operations & Finance to manage production pipeline and assist in assigning projects to Blackbird Media staff. You will also oversee all projects, and collaborate with your team lead to generate monthly pipeline...
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