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  1. Ybrahim

    What kinds of services are you looking for?

    Hey Mcmarket member! I want to know your opinion Regarding mcmarket what services are missing or what services should there be more of?
  2. Scribbler

    First E-Sports Design, Opinions?

    Concept based on how I would present the premier German E-Sport organization, home to world-class players in CS:GO, League of Legends, check it out & say :tdown: or :tup:
  3. Rwon

    Opinions on banner

  4. BrunerBot

    Small question.

    Hello everyone! So, I want your opinion, do you think auto-clicking is hacking if used on a legit CPS range. Most of peoples opinions are that it is cheating. My friend has carpel tunnel and cannot click so he uses a auto-clicker on 7CPS, do you think that is justified or still cheating...
  5. RavitsART

    Opinions on my Art

    Hey guys, I just finished working on a 9 rank icon commission, was curious what your thoughts were! Rank it on a 1/10 scale! and please tell me how you think i could have done them better. Just in case, the rank order goes: Coal > Iron > Gold > Diamond > Emerald > Redstone > Lapis >Obsidian...
  6. RavitsART

    Opinions on my Art?

    Would love some advice and ranking on a scale of 1/10 for my latest projects! Thanks in advance :3 Dont bother asking for vouch copies, ill just ignore you :P
  7. xDepresy

    Your opinion for server trailer

  8. Phillip E


    Hey Guys! I made this banner for a friend and I'm a real big fan of it, and I was wondering what you guys had to say on it if you could give me the following three things, I'd highly value your opinion and time. 1. what you think in general 2. what you would add/change 3. price you would pay for...
  9. UGaming

    What do you think Mick will be doing at MCMCon?

    IF, MCMCon is a real think and not a prank. What do you think Mick will be doing? Rains Aedan violate me Kylew @others I don't want to list Tag others here for their thoughts Comment what you think he will be doing below vvv
  10. Skaryo Design

    Opinion artwork

    I want a opinion on this ! I have to say is not even 10 % done !! When will be done , can be buy from redbubble at artwork , acrilic block.. etc
  11. xXPavoXx

    What are the actual modes !

    Well im a owner of a server and i would like to know your opinions about what are the actual favorite game modes of servers !
  12. Uniform Hosting

    What do you look for in a host?

    Hello, here at Uniform Hosting, we are always looking for ways to better ourselves and give the best possible experience to our customers. This thread is made for the people, to allow your voices to be heard and taken into consideration. So the question is, what do you look for in a host? What...
  13. koenigseggjoel

    What are YOU looking for in a web template?

    I'm trying to make the most badass web template on here, so I need to know. What do YOU want in a web template? Be as specific and outlandish as possible. Thanks, Joel.
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