1. Yeti

    Sphaera Recruiting | Terraforming/Organics

    Hello, Looking to see if there are any suitable terraformers/organic makers for Sphaera which is our commission team for such services. Sphaera comprises of I, Koala, LeafySeaRabbit and ShadowLegionary. We're also members of Mystic Absents. Sphaera is essentially the Mystic Absents'...
  2. DiangelloYT

    Eye Of Seasons - Organic Team Skywars Map [ 500x500 ]

    Map with 4 organic islands, on each island has an eye with a type of season, there are a total of 4 islands so serious 4 seasons, summer, spring, autumn and winter. The middle is a dome with a nucleus (sun) where the islands (eyes) are watching. CHARACTERISTICS -Size: (Length: 450 Width: 450...
  3. Blockception Build Team

    Blockception - Minecraft Build Team (Structure, Organic, Redstone, etc.)

    Hello! We are Blockception, and we conceptualize our ideas through blocks. Our international team of builders are readily available for your needs regardless of its themes. Our team may be new, but our members have years of experience and past affiliations with other build groups (please ask us...
  4. CraftDirt

    Nature/Organic collection

    Hejj guys, I'd like to sell my Organic/Nature collection. Starting bid: 10 Bid increments: 5,- Skype: winston1888
  5. Yeti


    I make maps...maps need organics. Koala usually makes organics for me or I make them myself but I'm very lazy sometimes, so if anyone has a custom organics set suitable for usage on terraformed maps or maps in general. PLEASE PM ME IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING OF INTEREST Looking in particular for...
  6. Leberkaslp

    LeberkasLp| Architecture - Terrain - Organics

    Banner Graphics Emrsmsk Thank You :) DESCRIPTION I 'm new , but I can do I can do it maps nicely as you want at a cheap price I'm here to make you want to map as you are :) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pricing we offer...