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  1. FineArts_

    3 Prison Mines [HQ] (FREE) v1.2

    You Can buy whit Sellfy: https://sellfy.com/p/ULi4/ My Shop Contact me skype for more info: superangelxz
  2. FineArts_

    [$1.60 for mine] 3 Prision Mines [HQ]

    3 Prision Mines [HQ] by FineArts sellfy: https://sellfy.com/p/ULi4/ Resources: http://www.mcmarket.org/resources/1942/ contact me skype for more info: superangelxz
  3. BucketOfSloths

    [Auto-Buy] 16 Prison Mines Pack (15 cents per mine)

    This product is for a .zip file containing 16 .schematic files of this Mine, one for every Minecraft Color (White, Orange, Magenta, Light Blue, Yellow, Lime, Pink, Dark Gray, Light Gray, Cyan, Purple, Dark Blue, Brown, Green, Red, Black) These mines are roughly 100x100 in total, and the mines...
  4. CubeLeaf

    [AUTOMATIC CHECKOUT] ⏸ Canadian Tree Pack

    Purchase here (Sellfly): https://sellfy.com/p/zvrH/
  5. 0

    SlenderBird's 2D Elements Pack [HUGE]

    Introduction Do you want to make stunning 2D Motion Graphics, but you're too new to Adobe After Effects? Feel no fear! This is a package full of many pre-made assets. Very basic AE Knowledge is needed! It comes with a tutorial on how to edit the opener. There are easy color controls in every...
  6. Maaki21

    Two Really HQ SkyWars Maps For Free

  7. thebaum64

    EssentiallyCrafted | Textures | 3D Models | Resource Packs | Pixel Art

    Larger Images of Premade Models (Contact to buy): Our Large Portfolio:
  8. The Golden Apple

    [Must see] Custom Itemframe Map Logo's, Signs, Brands & More

    Hello everyone, In the past, I made a Custom Itemframe Map repository. You can compare it to a Custom Tree Repository (pack). But, what is it and what can it be used for? Well, carry on reading because this is very interresting. You are probably thinking, what on earth is this? Well, take a...
  9. Crazyspartan

    House Pack/Town Pack (Cheap)

    Hello all! Got another set I am selling. The small town is a simple design in layout, but for a more atmospheric look. It's great for a small town for a RPG, a server, or even for personal use. The design is meant to be easy to traverse, and is full of features to explore. 1. Small cemetary 2...
  10. Mango

    Mango | Texture Pack [BETA]

    Hello MC-Market, I am here to show you about my most recent development of a new Texture Pack. It's called "Mango" because my in-game name is TheMangoSmoothie. This is in Beta because some of the item's aren't complete, BUT, you will get an email from me when another version has been released...
  11. MasterianoX

    BB-8 (from STAR WARS) .json 3D model

    Hello, everybody! I am here to offer you a 3D model of a Star Wars droid BB-8. This can be used in a resource pack and a Minecraft mod if you want. It was made for Force Factions, but as they will not be able to buy it, I decided to start an auction for it. It hasn't been used so far and it...
  12. BrunoMars

    Medieval building pack! (Bundle)

    Here's a bundle I made last night. I've noticed a lot of projects here have a lot of terrain but barely no buildings. With this pack you have full rights to selling your creation with my buildings in it. Please do not redistribute the map or the buildings inside. https://sellfy.com/p/OMQu/ $5...
  13. rocket0191

    Changing Your Passwords and Two-Step Verification

    Hey everyone, As you may or may not know, there has been a couple of incidents here on MC-Market lately. We need to work together in order to ensure this doesn't happen again. I believe that this is a good opportunity to highly encourage everyone to change their passwords and enable two-step...
  14. MCHeroesAndGenerals

    [Requesting] Developer to create Custom Minecraft Launcher (For Modpack)

    Hello! My name is Scott and I am the owner of a new Minecraft World War 2 Modpack/Network called "Minecraft Heroes and Generals". We've currently set up Security, The Mods and Plugins themselves and are now looking for a developer who can create a simple modpack launcher for us. Featuring: An...
  15. Crazyspartan

    Ship Pack (4 count) Ships for whatever usage

    Hello there, currently selling a small pack of 4 ships I've made over time. The Ship Pack includes the following: A Brig 6th rate, a Frigate 4th Rate, a Spanish Heavy Galleon, and a Schooner. The ships are scaled off of a more realistic approach, so fantasy level detail is not going to be...