paid developer

  1. ItzFlip

    Long-Term Paid Development Position [CLOSED]

    Hello! I am the Admin of OG-Network, owned by the YouTuber TheMisterEpic. We are currently searching for a developer who can work for us on long-term projects. This will obviously be a paid position. OG-Network has been around since April 2021. Our main goal is to bring the OG feel of Minecraft...
  2. Rosa Parks

    Need java developer

    Hello! I'm looking for a PrivateMine plugin to be custom-made. This plugin needs to be done hopefully within the next 1-2 weeks. Here is the list of features required but please be flexible as this is likely not the final list and I may have features added as we progress through the 'deal'. We...
  3. Exloki

    Voldex: Hiring MC Java Developers & Roblox Lua Scripters (starting at $3000/month)

    Voldex is looking for a Java Developer to join our development team in Minecraft, as well as Lua Scripters for our all-star Roblox team. Operating a large array of successful games/servers in Minecraft and Roblox, Voldex is looking for motivated developers to join us in creating incredible...
  4. Zebben

    A prison sell plugin

    Hey i need a prison sell plugin where players dont get access to /sell but u right click a npc to sell evrything in ur inventory that is sellable. Basically ive got a source code for it that i can share but i would like to hire someone to expand it. HMU on discord Player_AM_0#9732
  5. skittles

    I'm looking for a paid JOB at a new server.

    Hello kind person! I am currently looking for a new job. I specifically want to work at a new server, as I want to help new servers. Established servers don't need as much help as newer servers. If you want to know more information about me, comment your Discord username and tag below and I...
  6. A


    Hi, Who we are GravityMC is a brand new server currently focussing on factions and are looking to expand in the future. What we want We are looking for a custom buycraft design. Custom Buycraft Css Design Space Themed What we offer 50$ Pricing can be discussed depending on speed and...
  7. nitricspace

    Simple but Specific Bungeecord Queue Plugin [$20-30+]

    Background: I run a "vanilla" server that is frequently full during peak hours. I run the server on a Waterfall network and tried to add in a queue system using a "waiting room" server using standard, non-premium plugins but it didn't work out due to how I want this to work. I want to maintain...
  8. mrxbox

    Developer for a PvP network (hcf,kitmap,practice,uhc)

    Hey MC-Market, Im mrxbox I am an experienced Java developer and I’m looking to work on a strictly only pvp network. Recruitments Needs to be paid Needs to be professional Needs to have their own dedicated server (not lmao) Needs to accept my tos before I start Needs to be above 16 -...
  9. Kalinkan

    Dev for my mc server

    Need a developer for my mc server you must have good experience when it comes to setting up plugins and working on server files, paid job
  10. ViiRal

    ★ BEST OFFER ★ 10% of all profits ★ CosmicTest Server ★ DeluxeMC ★

    ★Welcome to DeluxeMC★ Q: What is DeluxeMC? A: Its a minecraft server for banned or unbanned users to play on a CosmicPvP like server. Q: Why should I help you? A: Recently cosmic player have been quiting cosmic due to there sh1ty updates. That means they still need the feel for cosmicpvp but...
  11. LordFoxxie

    Full Time Java Developer [PAID]

    Hey! I'm starting a server with Jacob Nang, we're in the works of developing a server known as, "Royal Raids". Unfortunately, neither of us are the best in coding or setups. The server is trying to bring back the "Old Minecraft Feel", the game mode being Factions we would need a lot of unique...
  12. DeadlyDeadpoolG

    BungeeCord Hypixel Nick Plugin

    Plugin category: Fun/Admin Tools Minecraft version: 1.8+, 1.9+, 1.10+, 1.11+, 1.12+ Suggested name: BungeeNickPlus What paying service I will use: PayPal When I'd like it by: Any time What price I am willing to buy it for: Anything that is reasonable Today I am searching for a developer who can...
  13. G

    Item teleporter plugin

    Hey, i am looking for someone to code a simple little plugin for me. What i need is that you take a chest or maybe a dropper or sth and if you rename one of them to "send1" and the other to "get1" (or any other simple way to link them) where any item that gets put into the sender is immediatly...
  14. RedFxOfficial

    Professional Minecraft plugin development.

    I am offering professional Minecraft plugin development for any server (warning im new to 1.12) My team and i are professional java coders and have an online degree for Java developing. Each of us are 19-24 There are 5 Coders in out team each with a degree in Java Programming/Coding We do...
  15. DeusTheOx

    I need a plugin made 1.11-1.12

    I am looking for a plugin to be made for my server. Will need this to run with 1.12 (So I don't need this to be worked on until it releases.) I may want it to be exclusive, depending on the price. Plugin Details: Let me know if you have questions, and what the price would be.
  16. Nesaak


    To all whom this may concern- Hey MC Market, My name is Nesaak or Harrison. I am looking for a skilled HCF Developer to work pretty frequently over the next month or two for a project, I am currently working on. If you are interested please PM me on MC Market your application and I will be...
  17. Wardalicious

    -={PAID}=- Full-Time Developer for Minecraft Server (30-40hr/Week - $15+/hr: Full-Stack) -={PAID}=-

    Developer Needed Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! I am in need of a full-time, developer. Someone who is fluent in many coding languages, and seeking a well-paid position, in an up-and-coming server. I will outline most of what I am looking for in this thread. If you need any additional...
  18. PremiumDev

    Selling Plugin Services: Paid

    Scarger17 & PremiumDev I'm currently selling services, prices below. Contact us on discord if you need more information: Synch#8732 or Dxvxlopxr#6199 Prices: Small(Couple commands/big config editing): $2-3 Medium(Entire bans plugin, or others.): $5-10 Large(Game Mode, or other large) $25-40...
  19. Tahsin

    Temporary Developer Needed [PAID]

    Hi. I am looking for a developer to make a couple of plugins who will be paid per every plugin that is made. The budget is relatively high. PM me if interested and I'll give more information.
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