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  1. Diekieboy

    EN - GRANT SKRIPT 1.0.0

  2. A

    Looking for a plugin dev

    I'm looking to commission someone to make a plugin for a 1.15 server I'm moderating. I'm willing to pay, but it would have to be made using pex. I have a text file that will explain the plugin and how it works as well. If you're interested add me on discord, SaltyNewt#1492 and we can discuss.
  3. Jakeslyer

    Will do Pex • Luck perms • GroupManager ranks [2.50$] • Will go first

    Hi again mcm people, I’ve been configuring files for 7 years+ and have owned many servers so I’m making a service where you just send me a list of commands and ranks and a permissions plugin config file and I will do all the ranks and permissions nodes. I will go first. Prices (Negotiable): 5...
  4. MorkaZ

    MoxPerms - Very efficient multi-thread permission plugin for bigger networks! 0.12

    MoxPerms - Extremly efficient permission plugin! Contains converter! It can not generate laggs when it works in background! Introducing: MoxPerms is a permission plugin that concentraces on performance. It is created specially for big/medium servers that are carrying about TPS (and small ones...
  5. Gamezland

    [PAID] Need help with permissionsex and DeluxeMenu

  6. SurplexedMC

    In-Game Ranks & Blackmarket Deluxe Menu | High Quality 1.0

    To open the Relic merchant there are 2 commands: /rmerchant /relicmerchant To open the Ranks menu directly there are 2 commands: /rank /ranks To open the Items menu directly there are 2 commands: /item /items Use the config file depending on what permission system you use. Currently, it...
  7. Royalsmith

    Paying for full luckperms config

    I'm in need of a good configurator that can setup my server's ranks AND give some advice on them, i'll be paying 10-30€ depending on how good the work. The ranks will be global and they will need to have multiple permissions such as player vaults, world edit for creative, and some more...
  8. C

    Buying Cheap Servers ($7-$15)

    I'm looking into buying a factions or skyblock minecraft server. Not sure if many people sell these. But if you can sell me one contact me on discord: Cuuupid#2894 Must have: - Some sort of moderation - Ranks setup and show in tab (must use PEX) - Must be able to hold 25+ players without...
  9. SSH

    Permissions Setup | Cheap/Vouch Available

    I will set up your permissions. PEX and LuckPerms I will also test them. Discord: Noxxious#4890
  10. Gamezland

    Help with Database

    Hey there, I have an issue with one of my plugins (permissionsex) not being able to connect to my database. I can confirm the database is working fine as it can connect to my Discord bot but not to the plugin. This is the error I am getting: Caused by: java.sql.SQLException: Unknown initial...
  11. phrog

    CLIXK’s Configurations | Affordable | Great Quality |

    Hi, thread is in working progress but I’ve had 3+ years in creating many configs for servers Contact Information PM me on MC-Market or Add me on Discord CLIXK#4956
  12. N

    Configuration Services (Network/Practice/HCF)

    OFFERING 1 VC TO ANYONE ABOVE 15 REP. Hi, Im Misfortune, I currently have a server open and I am looking at making a little extra money on the side so I will be doing configurations for people, I sell premade StrikePractice setups ( minus the actual plugin ) I can setup permissions, I can setup...
  13. Tyyppi_PVP

    PEX set up

    I will be offering permissionsex setups for as little as 1$ (tip is appreciated). These setups can have -Member rank -Up to 10 donor ranks (tell me if you have more it will usually be fine please note that i may ask for a littlebit more please tell me before i start working) -Up to 10 staff...
  14. YugAgarwal

    |Permission Ex Setup| Fully Customised| Easy To Understand| Working Prefix |

    I am Offering A fully customised Pex Setup. Permissions a Fully Working. With Ranks :- Vip+ Vip++ Pesado GodSlayer DragonSlayer And some staff ranks Helper Mod Admin Sr.Admin Creator Owner With functions such as:- Fly Fix Heal Feed Ptime Fix all Sudo Socialspy Nick /ce /ah /warps /gkits...
  15. Innings

    Skyblock Starter Pack Kits, Ranks, Essentials, and More 2.0
  16. O

    Dual Rank PEX

    Hello I need an expert in PermissionsEX to fix my file. There are no error messages thrown but the prefixes and suffixes aren’t quite working like I would like them to. I will give $10 to the first person to fix it flawlessly. I am using EZRANKSPRO for rankup. Contact me for more...
  17. Trexism

    Custom PEX config

    Looking for someone to code me a custom PEX config. I'll pay like 2 -3 dollars. DM on discord if interested.
  18. YoungHermitCrab

    PEX Configuration

    Hello MC-Market, Today I am offering PermissionsEx Configuration for people in need of it. How it works Once you’ve selected your package you will pay 50%, then I will start working on the config, and I will contact you once it is completed I will show you it and will make any adjustments you...
  19. Louwtjie

    SkyBlock Island menuUpgrade menu Easy to use 5- Menus!! 1.4

    Is normal skyblock chat commands boring your players? Is deluxe menus to hard to setup? Well this is the config for you. Includes the following. Island generator Team information Island tops Player information Player warps Warps Player upgrades Island upgrades Help menu ORES ADDED...
  20. ProfCube

    EasyPex Skript v0.1.0

    What is EasyPex? EasyPex is a very simple Skript. With this skript you can simply give your player a rank with out typing more than 3 - 4 arguments. Features: - Custom messages - Custom sounds - Simple and easy to configure Dependacy - Skript - Skellete (for the sound to work) - PermissionEX...
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