1. Artillex-Studios

    Foods Extension | 46 Unique Foods v1.0.1

    If you're a server owner or looking for Custom Food & Drink Icons for any reason this resource is for you! Foods Extension (46 Custom Icons) The resource includes: ♦ 46 new & unique textures ♦ PNG filesl Configurations include: ♦ ItemsAdder configuration ♦ Oraxen configuration IMPORTANT...
  2. Chris Graph

    x3 Nature Chest v1.0

    Plugins required : • CrazyCrates for configurations files • ItemsAdder for configurations chests / keys & GUI's • DecentHolograms for hologram make with CrazyCrates Install all plugins required and restart your server Drag & Drop all files in your plugin folder CrazyCrates ItemsAdder Now...
  3. Mineverse Team

    Playtime Rewards | Custom UI & Animation v1.0.3

    TESTED VERSION 1.20.4 ORAXEN SUPPORT The texture could be combined with Oraxen Textures IMPORTANT A docs website is still in development. If you have any troubles with our product, you can open a ticket on our Discord Server. REQUIRES PLAYER EXPANSION FOR PLACEHOLDERAPI /papi...
  4. Crystal Creations

    Vanilla Blocks v1.0

    Vanilla Blocks This product contains 59 new blocks with 89 textures Recipes The product does not currently contain any recipes for blocks In Game Screenshots Overview This pack adds new vanilla blocks to the game. This pack can be used to enhance the building experience on your server and...
  5. haloboy

    Too Many Drops | Mob Loot | New Update v1.2

    35 New Mob Drops Information This selection of mob loot will help enhance your minecraft server, with it's basic yet catchy vanilla like mob drops. This pack contains the following: • 35 New Mob Drops • Mob Loot Config (Items Adder) • Vanilla Resource Pack • PNG files This pack contains...
  6. Crystal Creations

    Cooking Expansion v1.0

    Cooking Expansion This pack contains 62 new & unique textures and Oraxen & ItemsAdder configuration for foods/drinks. Overview This product aims to expand your server with new foods/drinnks This resource contains: • 62 New Foods/Drinks • PNG files This pack contains configurations for...
  7. Diekieboy

    Minitasin FastTravel Gui 0

  8. Artillex-Studios

    Hat Cosmetics V2 v2.0

    If you're a server owner or looking for smooth hats for any reason this resource is for you! You can even monetize it for players, lets earn with selling hats! Hat Cosmetics v2 | 9 Custom Hats The resource includes: ♦ Bouy Hat (dyeable) ♦ Clown Hat (dyeable) ♦ Cowboy Hat ♦ Diving Goggles ♦...
  9. PixelMine

    Potion Pack Graphics v1.0

    100 Potion Items Setups for Oraxen and ItemsAdder, just Drag & Drop 1.19+ compatible
  10. Crystal Creations

    Minerals Pack Vol 2 v1.0.1

    32 New ore blocks 24 New ore items Overview This pack expands the mining experience with variety of new ores and minerals. This pack can be used to enhance the mining experience on your server and make the mining more exciting. This resource contains: • 56 New textures • 32 New ore...
  11. Andrej

    🚨 PIXELMINE - Looking for Pixel Artists

    Hello BuiltByBit, PixelMine is a minecraft server asset shop and a growing community that aims to provide minecraft server owners with quality assets and information that they can use to improve the state of their servers. We're looking for experienced and reputable Pixel Artists who are...
  12. Crystal Creations

    Crafting Materials | 73 Textures v1.3

    Crafting Expansion This pack contains 73 new & unique textures and Oraxen & ItemsAdder configuration for materials. Overview This product aims to expand your recipes with new crafting materials. This resource contains: • 73 New Crafting Materials • PNG files This pack contains...
  13. YorzStudio

    Graphic designer/Illustrator/PixelArtist/3DModeler !

    Welcome to YorzStudio, your gateway to an exceptional creative world of Minecraft ! We're passionate about creativity and specialize in graphic design, illustration, 3D model and pixelart! We do everything we can to bring your ideas to life. :p Whether you're a Minecraft player looking for...
  14. Crystal Creations

    Armor Pack | Elemental Armors v1.0.1

    The pack includes: - 5 NEW ARMOR SETS!! - ItemsAdder Drag and Drop configs ( supports 3.3+ ) - Oraxen Drag and Drop configs - Single Textures & Models assets - Full Cloud Armor Set - Full Aqua Armor Set - Full Bastion Armor Set - Full Terra Armor Set - Full Vyxie Armor Set Armors...
  15. InklessStudios

    Icons Pack v1.1

    Overview This pack adds a lot of different icons for GUI use. It includes an Oraxen and Itemsadder configuration. Later on, this pack will be updated with different icons and colours. Important The configs have been tested on 1.19+ and 1.20+ Paper servers. If you do not want to use...
  16. Artillex-Studios

    Hat Cosmetics v1 v1

    If you're a server owner or looking for smooth hats for any reason this resource is for you! You can even monetize it for players, lets earn with selling hats! Hat Cosmetics v1 | 9 Custom Hats The resource includes: ♦ Dog-head Hat ♦ Gekko-head Hat ♦ Boonie Hat ♦ Crown ♦ Hard Hat ♦ Swat Helmet...
  17. qezy

    LushMC | Looking for a Pixel Artist

    Greetings BuiltByBit, I am currently seeking the expertise of a highly skilled pixel artist/texture artist proficient in creating menus of the following style: https://i.lushmc.fun/view/x4Bayb.png or https://i.lushmc.fun/view/JXwBcA.png. As our primary artist is currently occupied with a...
  18. HypeStudios

    TEMPLATE GUI 2 v1.0

  19. Crystal Creations

    DailyQuest UI | Vanilla Friendly | vBETA-1.8.5

    Daily Quests There are 12 daily quests, and if you complete them you get a money reward Badges 8 different badges that can be unlocked by completing daily quests. Leaderboard This shows the TOP 10 players, you can get to the top by completing as many quests as possible. Quest Board...
  20. MadstonMagic

    ♦ ‖ Model Shop ‖ Quality Models ‖ Premium Features ‖ ♦

    Thread moved to a new place: https://builtbybit.com/threads/♦-‖-model-shop-‖-quality-models-‖-premium-features-‖-♦.717538/
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