1. DJYdjy

    Help me with mc-market

    Hey! I am new to mcmarket and i don't know how to navigate through it and create new resources, sell resources and more! Can someone tell me how to do that? A mini guide to minecraft market would also be helpful. Thanks so much!
  2. alice

    Rename "Messages" to "Posts" and "Discussions" to "Threads"

    As opposed to other popular widely-used forum frameworks such as MyBB, vBulletin, phpBB, etc., XenForo by default calls posts "Messages" and calls threads "Discussions". Do you ever see anyone say "Message a discussion"? No. Everyone will always say "Post a thread". It is the widely accepted...
  3. 0

    Way to Prevent Un-Needed People from joining.

    I was thinking that it would be a nice idea for the moderators to review the first 5 (or less/more) of every new person's posts on the forum. That way more "un-needed" people would be prevented from joining the forum. (Couldn't think of a better word than un-needed. English is not my primary...
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