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  1. PremadeSetups

    ⚔️ [Practice Pack]✨ 10 Beautiful Practice PvP arenas HQ

    #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 Support is only given at our discord! Click here to purchase!
  2. PremadeSetups

    10 Premium Practice PvP arenas v1.1

    #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 Support is only given at our discord!
  3. growlygg

    [SOLD] PVPX Network | Practice | Logo | Domain | Website

    Selling Practice Network - Started a new one, want to sell this one. Features: - mSpigot Config - Bungeecord Flamecord Config - Domain [ | |] - Custom Practice Network + StrikePractice Configuration...
  4. BedwarsParty

    | 9 POKEMON PRACTICE PVP MAP BUNDLE | ONLY $0.45 | Size per map - 120x58 |

    What you get: All nine flat 120x58 pokemon practice PVP maps shown below. Price: $0.45 (non-exclusive) Discord: BedwarsParty#6733 If needed, white stained glass can be changed to any other glass block or barrier blocks.
  5. SrVaper0

    ✨Ultra Practice✨| ¡The best configuration! (1.7 / 1.8)

    ¿Why buy this configuration? By purchasing this configuration, you will not only have updates to new maps! If not, the best configuration more detailed to have a better quality. Additional Information: 1. The maps are in schematics, that is to say that you will have to set the arenas that is...
  6. Theo J

    405x405 HQ Practice PvP Spawn / Hub v1.0

    High Quality Practice PvP Spawn/Hub Images: With Shaders: Without Shaders: Information: Minecraft Version: 1.7.10 + Map Size: ~405x405 Blocks Copy Location: 80 Blocks up from Spawn. (Flat World) Schematic Name: PracticeSpawn1-0 Schematic Size: 878 KB Video Showcase: Coming Soon...
  7. C

    ▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ AnarchyPvP █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▂ ▁

    Anarchy PvP The Right Community For YOU! No Racism Allowed Do not abuse commands such as /Helpop, /suicide, ect. Do not claim that someone has hacks, if you believe a player inform staff and get proof. Do not try to bypass these rules. Do not curse/cuss any words that can offensive...
  8. 6


    Hey Guys I just want a youtuber my server is a practicepvp server and i need a youtuber........ im willing to pay £5 Must be over atleast 500 subs My Skype : JFKModz
  9. lukemango

    delete pls

  10. ItzDestiny_

    Dedicated Server hosting advice

    Hey there MCM I'm looking to start a Practice and HCF Server soon and i need a dedi with good proformace and no lagg as it is a pvp server having no lagg will be crucial. Please link me to some good hosts thanks
  11. Jordxns


    Anyone who can code me a practice plugin pm me. Budget: 15 USD (negotiable) What i'm looking for in it: /duel /party fully configurable config updates(will pay more if needed in future) /stats(shows elo) /arena commands
  12. Hamburger

    Recruiting staff! | Experienced Practice/PvP staffs only!

    WEBSITE | DONATE I MOVED THE APPLICATIONS TO OUR FORUMS! APPLY HERE - Hello, so I am almost all finished with the whole server /store/website etc now, and all we need now is staff members! So thats why I am now officially opening up...
  13. Hamburger

    Searching staff members | HCF| Only experienced!

    And yeah, I realised its in the wrong section. WEBSITE | DONATE MOVED APPLICATIONS TO OUR WEBSITE FORUMS!!
  14. S

    Need builders for PvP server

    Hello everyone, My upcoming PvP server needs a minimum of 2 (no maximum) experienced builders. The server is Sierra PvP Network. Currently, Practice is in development. As a builder for the server we need: * = Priority - *Practice (1v1) Arenas - *Main Hub - *Server Hub - HCF Spawn - HCF KoTH...
  15. Lolitsalex1

    Practice Spawn [Quality] 20$

    Hey guys today im selling my practice spawn that I built. This is a very nice spawn. It looks like a mix between sarefines old spawn and pvp lounges. With Shaders-
  16. DaComba

    Custom PracticePvP Plugin | MySQL Support|Elo|Parties|Configurable

    Hello have you been looking for a practice pvp / duel plugin and haven't been able to find that one that fits your very needs. Well you're in luck today im selling a custom practice plugin that allows MYSQL support to save statistics such as kills,deaths,elo, and played matches...
  17. JackO_O

    Lotus Request v2.0

    Request send: Request Notification Staff: Request permissions: chat.request Delay time 1 minute
  18. ClassicNova

    [PracticePvP Setup] [Good For networks] [Cheap]

    ====================== Hello Guys this is ClassicNova/Purplish. This Setup is a practice server setup this server could be used for networks and other things. this server is fully configed me by me all the plugins were not made by me! i gathered them and configed them to look good and make it...
  19. Bienyyy

    1vs1 Maps

    I had these on my computer for way to long without using them so there you go. They're about mediocre quality at best - at least im not too satisfied with them - thats why i give them away for free. Also id love to get some reputation here but as im a really freaking slow builder i wont be...
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