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  1. TasteMehBlade

    Looking to Acquire Setup Services

    Do you have a service network? Are you looking to maximize server profits? Hello, I'm Apex and I am looking to quire an entire service network. What we do is manage service networks to maximize server profits and we are currently looking to purchase entire service building networks. If you have...
  2. Mat.

    PulseHosting | Professional Server Setups | HQ Pre-made Servers

  3. Mineforge Market

    [NON-EXCLUSIVE] Skywars Map Bundle (Small)

    Hello! We're selling a bundle of 3 SkyWars Maps for the small price of $7! To purchase this bundle open a Shop ticket on our discord!
  4. C


    I can offer you a custom made server with unlimited possibilities such as: custom plugins custom branding custom mini servers (factions, survival, prisons, bed wars etc) and many more..... Contact me if you are interested or just to inquire as I am very flexible! Below are some images from my...
  5. Qrillian

    Selling Pre-Built Spawns, Arenas, Misc builds that can be touched up!!

    I (punchtheface) own/owned a build team (Qrillian Creative) that once often sold builds to small servers and owners, we currently after all the years together have many unused builds gathering dust, I will include an Imgur album of the builds in our portfolio. Flexible on prices, will negotiate...
  6. skreb

    Fantasy Skyblock Spawn

    SKREB Today I am selling a non-exclusive (Fantasy) Skyblock Spawn for $5.25 Available from here: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Includes One single (non-exclusive) Skyblock Spawn Notes...
  7. Vexous

    Skyblock Server Spawn

    Hey MCM, I recently started creating a brand new skyblock server and now I need a spawn. I am looking for a something exclusive that is preferably already prebuilt so I can implement it immediately. I don’t need anything crazy so I would like to keep the price under $20 but I am willing to...
  8. AjaxMC

    Looking to buy a Premade Build

    I am looking for a hub, skyblock spawn, and factions spawn for my new server Nebula Realms. I have a large budget so if your interested DM me through discord: Ajax#0001
  9. A


  10. Omardegante

    Star Wars Hub/Spawn ($30)

    Hi guys. I'm selling this hub I built in Builder's Refuge. The whole plot is about 400*400 Im selling this now for $30 Resell rights Included If you need any proof this is mine I can send you proof. If you are interested please PM me or add me on discord: omardegante#9708 I am also taking...
  11. BGHDDevelopment

    SkyBlock Server Spawn 0.2

    Need a spawn? It’s time to stop and consider our Skyblock Spawn! You can get this well-done prebuilt spawn for your Minecraft server to look its best! The world extends all over the minecraft planet with the gorgeous spawn building set at the world spawn. Never again will you have to build a new...
  12. Waker

    Looking for a faction server pre-made with a playerbase ($300)

    I'm willing to spend around $300 willing to negotiate. Add me on discord for details - Will#6568
  13. tailr

    HCF Premade Server

    My friend owns a server and we would like to make it an HCF server. If it would be possible, is there any seller that would make an HCF Premade server (including the map and plugins.) that is compatible with Paper Spigot that we can buy. We do not guarantee to buy the premade server, we just...
  14. TubbyReyan


    Thread is closed
  15. aliensushi

    {+} KitPvP Map {+} 500x500 {+} HQ {+} Only 3.50$ {+} 65% Sale {+} 1.2

    PM me if there's an error when buying. This map is roughly 500x500, it includes a spawn, crate area, caves, plenty of space to pvp, lots of trees / flowers throughout the map and a few structures. Its pretty high quality, The file comes as a Worlddowload, use google to find out how to add it...
  16. Heald


    Cheers for ruining my first experience of mcmarket...
  17. ChaosBelow

    107x146 SkyWars Lobby [HQ] [ONLY $3.00!]

    A beautiful and very unique SkyWars Lobby! Proof of Ownership This build is exclusive and will go to only one person. BIN: $3.00

    Looking For 4 KOTH Builds

    Hey there, I'm looking for 4 koth buids for my HCF server, probably not spending more than $20. I would prefer for the builds to be prebuilt.
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