1. Im_A_Bread

    Spawn | Wild West | 201x201 v1.18.2

    ||| Wild West Spawn ||| + 8 houses (shop, kits, warps, crates, trade, bar, plots and a mysterious house) + 4 exits + habitable houses (being able to enter them)
  2. Sxntido

    Surfing | Lobby Setup v2.0

    IP1: Acquire a server with a 25% discount with great and recommended machinery. The surfing setup is sponsored by VexyHost! URL:
  3. Bramsou

    ⚡Ibrazing Development⚡Highest quality plugins development 📈 +6 years experience ✅

    ⚡Ibrazing Development ⚡ Ibrazing is a server offering services based on Minecraft development. The purpose of our server is to offer the community products of the highest quality, Unless a lot of minecraft developers, we don't deliver a service done poorly, uncompled, or filled by issues we...
  4. Anisim_

    Professional Server Manager for Hire! [PAID]

    Hello BuildByBit! My name is anis and I’m a professional server manager with lots of experience ranging though various servers! I’m highly professional and can provide excellent assistance to your server! You can view my resume here: My resume! For any further questions or if you’re willing to...
  5. AssaultLine

    Academy Hosting | Dedicated Server Performance | NA and EU

    Academy Hosting offers some of the best game-server hosting possible. No overpriced servers. No overcrowded servers. Just a smooth, lag-free experience with hardware that can handle high tickrate on your favorite competitive games. Our processors have some of the highest rated single thread...
  6. Luisitohh_

    Epic Lobby-Setup v1.3

    Features Ranks [Vip's and Staff's] Permissions Tokens System Reputation System [custom system] Cosmetics Settings Game Selector Multi versions ViaVersion addons [for multi server with different pvp] Colors Player Options custom menus optimized Custom NPC Rewards Holograms Custom announcement's...
  7. S


    ✨BEAUTIFULL ✨FANTASY - FLOWER LOBBY/HUB 1.17+ Includes: - Word save - Schematic Screenshots:
  8. IVenomX

    [Closed] Java Development | Spigot Developer for 6+ years! | Worked for TreasureWars & OPCraft

    Hey all, my name is Luca and I am a professional Java developer that has been in the game for 6+ years! I have extensive knowledge in all aspects of spigot plugin development, as well as the backend of Linux machines and production deployment. I have a broad skill set, and a passion for the work...
  9. VactumPlays

    Advance Discord Setup | Pre-made | Economy System, more

    Hello, im selling a advanced pre-made discord setup. This discord will include: -Economy system -Invite reward system -Staff system -Mini-game system -role system -rules system Additional features, if requested: -verify system -nitro booster system -youtuber/streamer system Send me over a...
  10. PremadeSetups

    Main Lobby v2.0

    Large size Summer Island Lobby NPC space XYZ: 1179 35 206
  11. Cesaer

    DEV. needed for UHCF Server (iSpigot)

    Hi there! I am looking for a professional Developer who has experience with UHCF servers. (UHCF is HCF but with golden apples instead of pots). Someone who has 1-2 years of experience and can work well with iSpigot. We can discuss price per hour in PM via Discord. Preferably Dutch but English...
  12. IN MINE

    IN MINE | World of Zendor - 21k x 21k RPG Map | $44.99

    Type: non-exclusive. Dimensions: 21000x21000x256. Version: 1.12. Price: 44.99$ You can buy this product HERE.
  13. M

    Social Media and Team Manager (Non-Minecraft Game)

    Hello everyone, I come here today to seek for a Manager as listed above. MUST -Understand qualities of being a manager -Experience as a Manager -Can take a lot of responsibility -Above the age of 15 -Can take charge over a large mass of people If you think you...
  14. RoyFX

    RoyFX Graphics Designer

    Professional Graphics designer looking for high tier clients to work with want to create some big projects to help both me and you as well as doing smaller tasks for people don't be afraid to message me. Payment can be accepted via Paypal Friends and Family only. Contact me on discord at...
  15. ChimoZ

    YouTube Designs

    Hello. I am designing minecraft and other games (logos, banners, thumbnails, etc.) for up to 6 years. If anyone is interested, hmu in discord: ChimoZ#7951. The prices depend on what you need. Minecraft is taking longer to design so of course it will cost more because I make the Minecraft designs...
  16. TechnoGhost


    Discord Server Link Tutorial on how to order a server: Join the discord server. Make sure you read all the rules and our terms of services. Go in #random-spam (bot command channel) and make a new ticket by typing "-new" (without quotation marks). That should open a ticket and in that ticket...
  17. shadowpauler

    Paul's Professional Flat Designs ($10+)

    Hey Everyone! Are you looking for some amazing designs for... - Threads - Icons - Posters - Banners Or anything else? Contact me now! And we'll discuss what you need, and for how much! Since I'm totally new, I'll do my very best to build my portfolio, and make it as cheap as possible. I'll...
  18. Controling

    Selling Cheap Art And Minecraft GFX

    Controling Designs Hello, I am Controling, a 13 year old Graphic Design. I have been making graphics for over 2 years and still love making them now. I can offer reliable and quality service to every person who orders from me. I make minecraft renders and art for cheap, and reliable. I keep...
  19. P

    PoweredCity Recruiting Builders (Paying)

    Hello, I am a moderator on the server PoweredCity which is a server that has not yet been released. If you are a build team wanting to reach out to me, my discord is: Jarrie#1369 We are willing to pay up to $0 - 25 for the following. The following also need to be 50x50 areas. Spawn, (HCF...
  20. zPoseta

    〔HUB-LOBBY〕Complete Setup » Level System » God and Cheap

    This lobby / hub is fully configured and ready to host, contains various things and an epic lobby. Level Systems EasterEggs Menus HQ Profile Menu Delivery Man PlayersToggle Server Selector ArmorStands GadgetsMenu MysteryBoxes Custom Essentials FeatherBoards Custom Ranks (3 VIP ranks) and...
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