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  1. Objectify

    Alchemist Rank Core - Completely Free 1.93

    Hello everyone from MC-Market! I am here today to offer my free rank solution to anyone that would need one, the features are very diverse and have things that have that most rank cores do not. The quality and features of the plugin itself are comparable to the ones that are paid. If it's so...
  2. B

    [1.7-1.12] [$20-$50] ⏩ EvilPunishments ⏪ - Punishment History | Alts | Wipe Tool | Real-Time Sync

    About A powerful plugin for moderating your network in real-time. Kick, warn, ban, or blacklist players, with additional options and metadata available. Keep track of your players and staff members with advanced auditing tools. Supports offline players. Media Features ● Supports...
  3. Jacob59436

    Punishment GUI v1.2

    Punish players through a beautiful GUI! Punish Player List: Punishment Selection: Warns: Mutes: Bans: Punish History: Select punish reason: Select punish duration: Requirements: Any form of punishment system, LiteBans, MaxBans, etc Contact: 2XJTN#0830
  4. S

    ABWeb 1.0.1-HOTFIX

    Undergoing Maintenance - Purchases closed ABWeb ABWeb is a add-on to the ban plugin AdvancedBans that allows you to display all bans on a customizable website! Features Fully Customizable Active Support Easy to use, no development experience! No need to give me credit. Setup Open...
  5. lan00w

    Best Core? (Ranks, Punishments & etc)

    Hello everyone, I'm a HCF Network Owner and look into buying AquaCore but I also had a look at MizuCore and cannot decide on what should I get. Mizu is cheaper than AquaCore and gives similar features to AquaCore but Aqua is updated more often so I cannot really decide. What's your opinion on...
  6. N


    EpicBans is a feather, professional and economic punishments plugin for your Spigot/BungeeCord server that have many fantastic features. » Spigot/Paper/BungeeCord Support; » 99% customizable; » Discord Integration; » SuperVanish/PremiumVanish Support; » Blacklist a country; » AntiVPN; »...
  7. Undeletable

    LiteBans Messages | Multiple Themes 4.5

    LITEBANS MESSAGES 5 THEMES WITH 30 COLORS • ⚙️ | About Configuration Customized LiteBans Messages designed for almost every server. All themes and colors have been tested and are 100% ready to use. There are also hover messages that show more information about punishments. It supports the most...
  8. NAK Service


    ❈ KITPVP SETUP ❈ This is a professional kitpvp server setup, a professional design, rankup levels, upgradable kits, and much more..! Feel free to check out the Introduction and the list of features to learn more. Version : 1.7.10 / 1.16.5 What you get: The servers files Tutorial text...
  9. RiznSun


  10. Nick.

    HestiaCore [1.7 - 1.16]- Ranks, Punishments, Tags, Discord, Vault 1.1.1

    Resource Page: Discord User: Quartz#2809 Resource Price: $25 Discord Integration: • Sync Whenever you sync your Discord Account to your Minecraft account, your role will be transferred. • Notifications Whenever a Grant, Punishment, Report...
  11. B

    ❄️ [$25] Bridge & mBungee - Bungee / Ranks - Punishments - FrozenOrb Remake

    Description: Name: Bridge & mBungee Database: MongoDB / Redis Version: 1.0 Plugin: Jar: $25 with support, also willing to change anything you want since it's not as configurable as most cores but also there is no bugs. Also when i change stuff for you it's only for you not anyone else. SRC...
  12. Quartz

    ✨ HestiaCore [1.7 - 1.16]✨- Ranks, Punishments, Tags, Discord, Vault

    Resource Page: Discord Server: Discord User: BLUE#0010 [163215261585899520] Resource Price: $35 nCore Buyers can Private Message me on discord for a $10 coupon. HestiaCore License keys will be given in our Discord...
  13. S

    PunishPanel [1.7 - 1.16.1] | A simple and configurable GUI for punishments 1.0

    PunishPanel is a simple, comfortable and fully customizable plugin for make a GUI for lots of punishments. Features: • Fully customizable (Messages & GUI) • Permissions • Plugin reload command • All version supported WARNING: This plugin was made in 1.8 with item names and sounds from 1.8. If...
  14. Ultimate Setups

    LiteBans/MaxBans/AdvancedBans | Config Release 1.0.7

    You must use Release 1.12.0 of DeluxeMenus for this to function! This is a punishment GUI to make punishing players with various punishment plugins so much easier. This plugin allows you to issue one command and execute multiple types of punishments. This includes warnings/bans/kicks/mutes and...
  15. Marble

    LiteBans -- Sleek, minimalistic messages Fully themed 1.0

    If any other message is missing, it is also themed according to the scheme previously shown. I will push some updates to make sure the appearance stays the simple way I want it to be, and even better.
  16. MehLife


    Meh's Punishment GUI --------------------------- Do you want to have a professional punishment system on your server? Do you want to make sure your staff use certain punishment durations? This GUI is definitely for you. How does it work? I created a nice and easy looking GUI for punishing...
  17. Mv_

    HCF-Themed Litebans Configuration (RANK COLOR CODED) (5 THEMES, 2 STYLES) (HOVER MESSAGES) 1.2

    INFORMATION Lots of people look for a Litebans configuration that makes their server look like the top HCF servers, but no configurations have been able to do that. This configuration is inspired by many FrozenOrb servers (such as Velt, Arcane, MineHQ) and some other unaffiliated servers (Lunar...
  18. Mv_


    Welcome to my second resource! I decided to make a Litebans configuration that works with every server and is an actual quality configuration. There are 5 default themes, however, I will be making new themes for users that request them. All themes are basically ready to go. All you need to do...
  19. Pavl

    ultraviolet | gui core: punishment, ranks, more! 1.0

    :::: This plugin requires ... mySQL / Spigot 1.8.8 :::: On purchase, you get my help with customization for your server, help with setup, and continued customer support while you use the plugin. You also get permanent access to updates and improvements (if there are glitches and errors, let me...
  20. JP

    Mizu Core - Ranks - Punishments - Advanced server core β 1.9

    You can buy the plugin with PayPal without going through the MC-Market Description: Name: Mizu Database: MongoDB and Redis Version: β 1.9 Mizu is a Core that uses MongoDB and Redis and is designed to works stably on large servers. All servers/configs are synchronized and apply changes in...
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