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  1. KabayoV

    [AU/NZ] TektaCraft 1.19 | SMP Realism - Java & Bedrock Supported

    The server is played in survival mode and have been tweaked to really stimulate REAL LIFE survival situations, this was all made possible by a plugin called MCRealistic because survival mode realistically mimics what would happen if you were dropped into a wild area with nothing; it forces...
  2. 7

    Most Realistic Elevator for Survival Mode! 1.18.2

    This is a download for one of the most realistic elevators ever made in Minecraft. It's built with items you can find in survival mode. No command blocks used. It has 6 floors with automatic doors, and rings a bell at each stop. It is possible to add more floors but it would take a few changes.
  3. Maximoo

    [EXCLUSIVE] 2048x2048 Alpine Terrain - Resell included ($15)

    Selling a 2048x2048 alpine (Snowy & mountainous) world, perfect to use as a warzone, small survival map or any other purpose you may have. All resell rights go to you, and you may do anything you wish with the map except claim it as your own work. Price is negotiable, contact me on Discord to...
  4. Watchers Of Fate

    3D Realistic Tools Pack 1.4

    🔆 Pack informations 🔹 This pack have all axes, pickaxes, shovels, hoes 🔹 The book 🔹 Basic torch, on ground and wall ✉️ Contact us 🔸 Discord : 🔸 Linktree :
  5. Guardark

    [ULTRA REALISTIC MAP] The Grand Canyon 4300x3000 Made from a real place! 1.0

    You want to make your players travel and surprise them? This map is for you! Grand Canyon is a map of the famous Grand Canyon in America in Arizona You don’t see it anywhere else, in addition to reproducing it in a realistic style, the Grand Canyon has been recreated from the real relief...
  6. Guardark

    [ULTRA REALISTIC MAP] The Mont-Blanc 3400x3400 Create from reality! 3.0

    Want to make your players travel and amaze them? This map is for you! The Mont-blanc is a map of Le Mont-blanc and its surrounding mountains. You will not see it anywhere else, in addition to reproducing it in a realistic style, The mont-Blanc has been recreated from the real relief, which...
  7. Kappios


    At ServerScale, we offer the most powerful Cloud Instance & Bare-Metal Server Hosting. Test server Support Discord Accepting Stripe & Crypto payment in our discord. Open up a ticket This survival setup consists in...
  8. Guardark

    Mountain Island Realistic | 3750X3750 | LOW PRICE [-50%] 1.3

    Mountain Island Realistic This map includes a fully customized island, 3750 x 3750 It has several beautiful realistic mountains, several lakes and two rivers, as well as a variety of custom fir trees.
  9. Samuel-LXX

    [1:500] Handmade Geopolitical Earth Map [Custom Trees, Terrain & Rivers]

    Size: 43,000 x 22,000 30GB (Premium Server-Side Downloading so you can continue to use your PC and Internet without any performance loss during the download) - Not currently used in any communities. - Custom Trees, Rivers, Biomes and an entirely hand-painted terrain. - Constructed from premium...
  10. LaxoYT


  11. Holsss

    HOLLY'S DESIGNS! High Quality LOGOS, AVATARS and more! $25-$60

    Hello, Welcome to my thread! Here you'll find my Recent work. Here are some examples of my work. If You're Interested In Purchasing your own Logo Minecraft avatar & more, send me a message Via Discord (PREFERABLE), Hollwy#7722, Or Below. Prices: Logos - $25 - $60 (Depending on Quality and...
  12. Steffbeard

    Eastern Hemisphere Earth Map

    Hello! I am in need of a very large and realistic Earth map. I need it to have the following: Continents: - Europe - Asia - Africa - Oceania - Needs to be at the very least 1:500 scale (1 block = 500 metres IRL), preferably I would like something around 1:200 or 1:300 but I understand that...
  13. RHD99

    Looking for someone to make my idea work

    Hi there, I recently posted a request for builders for this project of mine and I'm looking for someone that can oversee and handle this process. I have the concept in mind and I know how I want things to work, it's just a matter of getting it done. The server is going to be a modern city RPG...
  14. RHD99

    Experienced, realistic, builders

    OVERVIEW Hi, I'm currently operating a private server where a few friends and I have been working on a city project for an RPG that we're looking to open in a few months. Due to the fact that there's only a few of us the progress has been slow. PLAN The server is going to be a modern city RPG...
  15. M

    Three natural Mines 2018-05-01

    Type: Maps for Prison Size: 129x130 Size: 65x72 Size: 135x150
  16. XMario

    Wild West Multiplayer FPS Game - Canister Showdown

    Hey guys! I made Update 1 video of project named Calister showdown. To Do list for a few upcoming updates: - Dynamic reloading anomation - Bug fixes - Ragdoll shoot force - Footstep sounds - Networking - Weapon aiming Please keep in mind that models, scenes and animations will definitely...
  17. KAS10_

    Cerberus Boss (Plugin)

    Some time ago i saw this boss from someone else, so I got the idea to make it and here it is! I designed this custom Wither mob using Mythic Mobs. You can purchase it if you'd like to have it on your server. Its a perfect boss to use on your Factions server or some medivial server! :) If you...
  18. Vaterloader

    Builders needed at Amsterdam Project

    We need a group builders that can finish a whole neighborhood in 1/2 weeks: We are looking for a team builders that can finish a neighborhood in our project Amsterdam scale 1:1 Buildersmap: Area : All buildings in the red lines has to be finished (only exterieur), this means: - Facades...
  19. Normandy

    Looking for a Professional/Semi-Professional That Does Realistic Full-Body Art

    Greetings, I'm hiring Professional/Semi-Professionals that specializes in creating realistic full-body art. I'm planning to use it for a youtube music video. I will be offering $100 USD ( Can Be Increased, just no more than $150), 50% upfront and another 50% once its done. It doesn't have to be...
  20. Russellocean

    Russell's Terrains ➣ Dirt Cheap! ➢ Amazing Landscapes ➣ Out of Vouch Copies!

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