1. S

    Minecraft Server Administrator Wanted

    Position: Minecraft Server Administrator About Us: We are embarking on an exciting Minecraft server project and are actively seeking a skilled Server Administrator to ensure the stability, security, and optimal performance of our server infrastructure. If you have a passion for Minecraft...
  2. Zeltuv

    🔱 Codava | Plugin Developer Recruitment

    Contact me on discord: Zeltuv#0001
  3. MarkThe5hark


  4. Krispy

    🌴 ReefMC Network 🌴 | Staff Applications

    The ReefMC team our recruiting! Hello everyone! We are currently in search of dedicated and enthusiastic individuals who are passionate about Minecraft and community building. We are looking for responsible individuals who can help us maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for all players...
  5. yrnpree

    Staff Recruitment

    Saito Network | Hardcore Factions and Kitmap and many more soon! What is Saito Network? We are a new upcoming Network that is trying to revive the HCF Community! As you can tell the community is slowly falling apart and as a OG player I’ve decided to fix that! We are offering these gamemodes...
  6. Crazed

    ⚡ SparkedMC Requesting for Staff ⚡

    Hi BBB, SparkedMC is a unique lifesteal server unlike any other server you've seen before. We strive to make everything unique, as well as keeping the game fun and enjoyable for everyone! We are offering a lag-free experience like none other. We will be pushing for weekly updates, various...
  7. linawyd

    Developers and builders are needed by Polysian Network, a new and evolving experience!

    Greetings from Polysian! A server with a friendly community and amazing custom features. A Minecraft server with a distinctive concept, managed by Polysian, takes place in a polluted future with a touch of post-apocalyptic atmosphere. We respect our members above everything else here at...
  8. Verdicting

    Looking for Minecraft Minigame Plugin Developers

    Hello, my name is Verdict and I want to create a server that requires custom plugins. I've tried going with Fiverr but there were so many communication complications that it didn't work. So if you are interested in the position please let me know immediately. You can reach out to me via Discord...
  9. Ixactly

    🧡💙[REQUESTING] - Symbiplex Network - Developers/Technical needed 🧡💙

    Staff Needed! Opportunity to Grow! We are looking for 2 skilled and experienced technical workers to join our team and help us create the Symbiplex Minecraft Network. Our brand follows the idea of providing a network where everyone can progress together aside from all of their lives' pressures...
  10. EvenX

    👑 Rebel Services | Looking for Texture Designers!

    Main Discord: Application Discord:
  11. EvenX

    👑 Rebel Services | Looking for Builders, Terraformers, Level Designers, & Organics Creators!

    [!] NOTE: We are not a usual service team. We tend to focus on providing services for brands, building them from scratch, and providing everything needed for success. (Apply here: Main Discord: Application Discord...
  12. slz

    ⚙️ Nebula Studios | Hiring Plugin Developers

    Earn money while doing what you love at the same time! Do you need clients? Nebula Studios has you covered! Join our team today -
  13. Goli

    💎 Entheria Network | ✔️ Recruiting/Hiring - Builders ⭐

  14. Goli

    💎 Entheria Network | ✔️ Recruiting/Hiring - All Positions ⭐

  15. Dreamland Studios

    Mini Realms - Staff needed

    Hey there! Dreamland studios is recruiting for our upcoming mini games server! This project is currently under heavy development! Overview Do you have a passion for connecting with other people? As a member of the team, you inspire creativity by sharing your knowledge with other Dreamland...
  16. WillSol99

    Requesting a team for upcoming MMORPG

    Currently looking to hire a team to create an MMORPG based game to add to my server going along with a project I'm currently working on. This game will be a MMO Zombie/Faction style games where players will spawn in and it'll be every man for themselves. Players will be able to invite other...
  17. Tiga_

    🚧 HeldenMC Professional Build Team 🚧

    Hello Builders! I'm looking to full-fill a passionate and professional build-team to help complete a brand new server project. The server has a large budget, and will consist of a new gamemode that is wrapped around the classic Medieval theme. Builders will help add elements to a beautiful...
  18. Rosa Parks

    ZenPvP - Staff Needed!!

    ZenPvP - Seeking Staff members! ZenPvP is a Minecraft network that offers Prisons, Skyblock, and Factions. We're currently expanding our network and we'd like to begin to have multiple realms open at once. With this advancement comes the need for more staffing bandwidth. We're currently...
  19. MrWillTT

    SolaX MC Looking For Staff!

    Welcome TO SolaX MC I am looking for a few mature staff members for both discord & my Minecraft Server. ================================================== The Server is still under-development and is in need of some help :) Requirements: - 16+ - Mic Required (You must Use It) - Past Experience...
  20. Chimpster

    Caspian Network | Staff Recruitment (HELPER,MOD, SR.MOD and ADMIN)

    Hello, On behalf of Caspian Network I am here to give you a chance to be apart of our staff team, We are a growing Minecraft community with a high quality server that includes multiple strategic and enjoyable multiplayer game modes for you to play such as Factions and Prison. With our server...
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