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  1. Luisitohh_

    Survival Bungeemode

    I'm planning to make a custom survival bungeemode i need custom plugins BridgeInventory Auctionhouse KOTH addons RTP Homes Warps Discord Contact: srtorres#7169
  2. Sammwy

    ☄ AdvancedParties ⭐ | Best Party Plugin 0.0.2 0.0.2

    Mandatory: Jedis Wrapper Milkshake Bukkit Optional: InterfaceMaker (To display party info in a GUI)
  3. Function

    『 𝕾𝖙𝖊𝖆𝖒𝖜𝖔𝖗𝖐𝖘 』⚡ Affordable, Experienced, Flexible ⚡ Minecraft Plugins

  4. adamawesome135

    [Opened] Typescript Bot Developer [Paid]

    I am looking for at least 1 more typescript developer to join Levely. Requirements: Typescript Redis MongoDB discord.js If you are to busy with school and such please don't waste my time. I need past work to be provided for quality checking. Github Screenshots and any additional resumes...
  5. NV6

    [Open Source] - Storage ORM | Asynchronous | Redis, MongoDB, SQL, and more!

    Storage ORM This is an easy-to-use storage API supporting several databases for the Java programming language. This is based on the previous handler I wrote for my queue revamp. Features Supports several databases Redis MongoDB SQL (using HikariCP) (it would be easy to add more databases...
  6. NotBadSyntax

    StaffChat+ [Discord & Bungee with Redis support!][40% OFF] 2.2.6

    Test server IP: | Discord: If you will run the plugin for the first time, it will download all libs... Simply reload the plugin and you are ready to go! OR DO NOT USE THE REVIEW SECTION FOR...
  7. Inviss

    xStaff | The First MODULAR Staff PluginLunarClient HookSingle or Multi ServerUPDATE RELEASED 2.0.1

    xStaff is the ALL NEW staff plugin for your server! Although not an official MizuleDevelopment product, this is designed to replace the abandoned zStaff project. The plugin is now FULLY MODULAR. This plugin will be actively maintained for the foreseeable future, and all puchases come with...
  8. growlygg

    GrowlyX's Development • Working for Zonix, BedwarsPractice, PvPTemple, and more!

  9. DirectPlan

    AlphaPunishments 1.6

    This resource is currently being re-coded from scratch to improve performance and maintainability. About Description: AlphaPunishments, is a punishment system that gives all the punishments needed for the server. This plugin has a bunch of features and will have...
  10. Taleeko

    Queue Plugin

    Looking for a queue plugin can handle at least 300 players concurrently. Specifically looking for Redis based or a better alternative (not sure if there is one idk) Can't be Portal or Quartz. (Used Portal for the last few maps, it randomly just shuts off, Quartz uses bungee channels which...
  11. Billison

    Redis Packet Library

    For $5 I will give you source code to my Redis packet library. Documentation can be found here:
  12. Hydrogen

    Custom Redis-based queue system

    Hey, I've created a fully custom Redis-based queue system with the following features: - Server whitelist detection - Reminder messages - Customizable messages - Permissions - Offline Detection - Unlimited queues - Bypass queue Would anyone be interested in this plugin?
  13. DirectPlan

    ServerControl | Redis Support | Simple | Server Management | Servers Communication. 5.0

    ✨ ServerControl ✨ | Redis Support | Simple | Server Management | Servers Communication. ✨ What is ServerControl ? ServerControl is a plugin where you can manage your servers by the plugin features which the servers are synced and in a communication in a redis server. Why choose this...
  14. Skinlesspotato

    Staff Alerts/Commands | Redis | Cross-Network | Configurable | Cheap | Efficient Version 1.6

    » ABOUT Staff alerts is a plugin aimed at making the lives of staff members easier by being able to be notified when certain actions take place on a server. » FEATURES Full customization, all messages and color codes can be changed to your discretion in the config.yml. Lightweight and...
  15. jajajaja123

    This is a full on server core that works on MongoDB & Redis. (1.7 - 1.8) $100

    If ur interested contact me at no u#7080 It has Punishments, Ranks, Grants, Reports, HelpOP, Tags, StaffChat, AdminChat, Staff connect messages, Private messages, Chat Management, Filter system, Freeze, Panic, Permissions per player, Settings in a GUI, Staff rollback, NameMC verification...
  16. JP

    Mizu Core - Ranks - Punishments - Advanced server core β 1.9

    You can buy the plugin with PayPal without going through the MC-Market Description: Name: Mizu Database: MongoDB and Redis Version: β 1.9 Mizu is a Core that uses MongoDB and Redis and is designed to works stably on large servers. All servers/configs are synchronized and apply changes in...
  17. Acejr1337

    MongoDB & Redis. & Ports shut...

    Hi, I am looking for someone who is reputable to setup both a mongodb database and redis database to the same vps. We are hoping to use this for minecraft server plugins that we want linked to the database. Please let me know your price. and we can arrange something :) Look forward to doing...
  18. Davidaks

    Cross network staff utils (Redis)

  19. Trackgg

    (FREE) VPS Setup

    As the title says, can help with the following: Install java, mongo, Redis, MySQL (only database, not PHP and all of that stuff), firewalls, etc. Why am I doing this? To help some people. Just feel like it. Interested? MSG me in MCM so I send discord :) stay safe!
  20. C0an

    Silk Global Helpops/Reports & more! [$1.50] 1.1.2

    __________________________ Silk __________________________ What exactly is Silk? Silk is a simple Redis util that provides cross server helpops/requests/broadcasts/staffchat and more! REDIS IS NOT REDISBUNGEE The idea with Silk is to allow full customisability but keeping it simple for the...
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