1. Shadowbeensfor

    South Pacific Islands v1.0

    – Roughly 15x10k in size – Handmade terrain (no heightmap) – Variable Water depth – Nature and ambience sounds – Custom retextured foliage – Custom terrain textures – Optimised foliage – (Gear shown in screenshots are not included with the map and are only for showcasing purposes) MAP INCLUDES...
  2. Shadowbeensfor

    Desert Mout Town v1.0

    Detailed medium-sized desert mout town map. The map consists of underground tunnels, a mout town, cqb area, and another smaller mout town located further away. This map is great for Field training exercises, player vs player events, flight ops, and night raids.
  3. 14kTriad

    Somalia v1.0

    Somalia (UNFINISHED) Includes: Airfield Optimized Stunning graphics Rivers Large village Truck depot Multiple military outposts 《︲Property of Real Goblin Development ︲》
  4. 14kTriad

    Shutoko Expressway v1.0

    Shutoko Expressway Includes: Optimized Stunning graphics Accurate recreation Largely scaled 《︲Property of Real Goblin Development ︲》
  5. 14kTriad

    Outskirts of Mariupol v1.0

    Outskirts of Mariupol Includes: Largely scaled Multiple cities Farm Airfield Combat outpost Russian base with vehicles And more! 《︲Property of Real Goblin Development ︲》
  6. 14kTriad

    NAS, Miramar v1.0

    Naval Air Station, Mirarmar Includes: Airfield Built for milsim aviation 《︲Property of Real Goblin Development ︲》
  7. 14kTriad

    DCS Persian Airfield v1.0

    DCS Persian Airfield Includes: Largely scaled Semi-Accurate Recreation 《︲Property of Real Goblin Development ︲》
  8. 14kTriad

    Arctic station, Alaska v1.0

    Artic Station, Alaska Includes: Airfield PBR Terrain Optimized Map is out of date. MAY not reach your standards MADE FOR AVIATION NOT FOR MILSIM 《︲Property of Real Goblin Development ︲》
  9. 14kTriad

    Arizona v1.0

    Arizona Includes: Largely scaled Stunning graphics Killhouses Mout town Airfield Parachuting area Mortar Range Indoor & Outdoor Gun range 《︲Property of Real Goblin Development ︲》
  10. 14kTriad

    Al-Anbar v1.0

    Al-Anbar Includes: Largely scaled Stunning graphics Community used Detailed Optimized Features multiple cities 《︲Property of Real Goblin Development ︲》
  11. TonyNguyen

    Military FOB v1.0

    A detailed map includes a military FOB, plains fields, and more. This is a good starting map for any military operations. You can also easily modify and expand the map in the future!
  12. Fjnxcl

    Portsmouth Gunwarf v1.0

    INFORMATION Gunwharf Terminal is renowned as a Wightlink Ferries port, facilitating travel to and from the Isle of Wight. This offering serves as an excellent introductory port for individuals seeking to embark on their own endeavors or establish a ferry group. FEATURES Medium-sized Map (980 x...
  13. Fjnxcl

    Lymington Harbour v1.0

    INFORMATION Lymington Harbour, nestled within a picturesque historic market town, serves as a bustling hub for commercial vessels, operating daily. This rendition is modeled after the Wightlink Terminal, complete with a fully detailed interior within the terminal building. FEATURES...
  14. Fjnxcl

    Project KAT v1.0

    INFORMATION Highly detailed and modern style Military UI which can be used for all types of military groups such as a USAR or BA, this customizable menu features a home page, store page, settings, credits and team page with instructions on how to set the menu up. FEATURES Fully Scripted Highly...
  15. Fjnxcl

    Korean Hall 1990 v1.0

    INFORMATION This map is impeccably suited for roleplay and diplomatic scenarios, among other uses, solidifying its position as one of the premier Asian maps currently available. FEATURES Medium Sized map (440 x 480 studs) High Quality Assets & Flags Custom made assets Flag lowering and raising...
  16. Fjnxcl

    Airport Sign Pack v1.0

    FEATURES High Quality Game Ready 13 Signs
  17. Fjnxcl

    Project Vangst v1.0

    INFORMATION Project Vangst is a next generation user interface that employs simplicity, smooth transitions, and elasticity. Vangst is a interface designed for the military community, but it can be customized to meet the requirements of any other category. FEATURES Smooth transitions High...
  18. Fjnxcl

    Munich City, Germany v1.0

    INFORMATION Step back in time to 1950s Munich with this captivating Roblox map. Explore the enchanting sights of the Holy Church, bustling train stations, quaint diners, and much more. Perfect for immersing yourself in roleplay adventures! FEATURES 3916 x 3588 Studs 1950s Props Various...
  19. Fjnxcl

    The Royal Causeway v1.0

    INFORMATION Introducing Los Angeles' new crown jewel: The Royal Causeway Social & Entertainment Resort. FEATURES High Quality Highly Detailed Interior & Exterior Decorated Large-Sized Library Perfect Hangout game
  20. RBX Asset Store

    Supreme Soviet Party Congress v1.0

    FEATURES: -Big Builds -Realistic