1. RBX Asset Store

    Parade Deck v1.0

    Simple parade deck, great for roleplay and milsim purposes. Great for Roleplay purposes: FEATURES: Pad area Uniform Area Memorial to other branches And more!
  2. Fjnxcl

    Istanbul, Turkey v1.0

    INFORMATION Istanbul, a prominent metropolis in Turkey, spans the continents of Europe and Asia, connected by the Bosphorus Strait. The Old City embodies a rich tapestry of cultural influences from the numerous empires that have historically held sway over the region. FEATURES Massive map...
  3. Fjnxcl

    Indochina 1950 v1.0

    INFORMATION Transport yourself to 1950s Indochina with an expansive and immersive Roblox map. Dive into its stunning natural beauty and remarkable landscapes, meticulously recreated to capture the essence of the era. This virtual world offers an unparalleled blend of nature's splendor and...
  4. Vincee

    Site-Sigma Facility v1.0

    Site-Sigma Facility Highly Modular: Easy to add more areas or expand the map. Realistic Map: Perfect for SCP:F groups. Multiple Areas: Team spawns, CDC, Medical bay, Canteen and lots more! Great Attention to Detail: Small things like kitchens, etc.!
  5. Broken_HMS

    Guasave, Mexico v1.0

    amazing mexico. has us embassy, gear, cars, fields, mansions, main city and a whole lot more
  6. Broken_HMS

    Attack Drone v1.0

    The Squad Drone System is a drag-and-drop asset that offers a realistic drone experience in Roblox. With intuitive controls and customizable features, users can enjoy immersive drone flying in their games. detonation Drone (Crash into bad guys) duck-tapped grenade (press f over bad guys)...
  7. clrxx1

    The Cold Bunker Of Nagurskoye in Russia 0

    The Cold Bunker Of Nagurskoye, Russia. The Cold Bunker Of Nagurskoye, Russia.: A moderate-sized facility map Key Features: Government Stronghold: Concealed bunker serving as the central hub Subterranean complex: Intricate underground complex for covert activities Surveillance Outpost...
  8. D

    Firestar Auto Repairs - Mechanic Shop v1.0

    Includes: SIX garage bays ONE highly detailed workshop Office space Decorated waiting area and front desk This product is a highly detailed, low part count, auto repair shop based in the USA. This is ideal for use in roleplay games and includes a highly detailed exterior and interior...
  9. D

    Andrews Auto Parts - Autobody Shop v1.0

    Includes: Highly detailed exterior Highly detailed interior Three Garage bays Lobby area w/ front desk 3 different signs
  10. D

    American Police Station v1.0

    Includes: Highly detailed exterior Highly detailed interior Lobby x3 locker rooms Briefing rooms Office space Holding cells and booking area
  11. D

    American Fire Station v1.0

    Includes: Highly detailed exterior Highly detailed interior garage Two bays with up to 4 vehicle capacity Office Space Waiting area and front desk
  12. Broken_HMS

    K9 Handler v1.0

    Secret Security A sleek, practical accessory for virtual dog handlers, for a stylish and functional experience. ‘Enhance your RP experience!’
  13. Broken_HMS

    HEMS Doctor Uniform Scripted CUSTOMIZABL v1.0

    HEMS vest and pants, fly high and support and save those in need. Enhance your experience within the Roleplaying community.
  14. TonyNguyen

    Military FOB 2 v1.0

    The product is a fictional military FOB based in Afghanistan. The military FOB is extremely realistic and detailed, which should be perfect for any roleplay or military operations! You may also modify it easily to fit your purpose.
  15. 14kTriad

    La Libertad, Colombia v1.0

    La Libertad, Colombia Includes: Big Cities. Few buildings has interior in it. Good for MILSIM Roleplay. It has 3 small towns and 1 Big towns. Insurgents spawn included. Military Camp also included. Large Terrain Suitable for those who is running a MILSIM group. 《︲Property of Real...
  16. 14kTriad

    Turkish Armed Forces Base v1.0

    Turkish Armed Forces Base Includes: Separate building for each branch. Team select gui. Acs 1.7.5. ACS Gun gamepasses. All necessary scripts are ready. Detailed design. There are cars for each unit. There are uniforms for each unit. Realistic build. Suitable for those who is running a...
  17. 14kTriad

    Fort Bragg v1.0

    Fort Bragg - Military Installation Features: Largely scaled Stunning graphics Accurate Recreation Killhouses Mout town Airfield Parachuting area Mortar Range Indoor & Outdoor Gun range Empty spaces, needs abit optimization Fort Liberty, formerly Fort Bragg, is a military...
  18. sam_priceagro

    RPCommands System v1.0

    Features: Super simple setup Commands: /do, /me, /twt, /setname. When someone doesn't utilise a command it puts their message as an OOC. You can change the prefix to your liking in the settings file.
  19. Fjnxcl

    City 14 - Half Life v1.0

    INFORMATION City 14 is a grand city located in Eastern Europe, it resembles a post soviet city and features mostly Eastern Europe architecture. It features architecture styles dating from pre-World War II neoclassicism, post-war classical designs, Soviet modernism, and post-Soviet contemporary...
  20. Bismarck

    Generic Commercial Centre v1.0

    This Generic Commercial Centre is a great filling building to insert into your map. The product is currently exterior only but easy to expand into interior building. The product represents a general western design for a commercial centre (shopping mall) and is brilliant for your every need...