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  1. DeplexHost

    💲 $0.75/GB 🎉 DEPLEXHOST 🎃 75% OFF 🎆 CODE: 75NEW2022 🎉

  2. John Pranzo


  3. gridloc

    Hey all, I am selling this domain that I have held onto for a few years. I figured it was the perfect domain for a website or app that would rival SeatGeek, Fandango, or some other ticket sale/resale services. It's got a great ring to it, and if I had the time to turn it into such a thing - I...
  4. Adverisk

    PyroRust (€16,503.06 in gross sales since October 2019)

    Rust server with over 300.000 unique players along the road, 18.001 Steam Group members, 8.037 Discord members, 1.256 vip members and the most amazing staff team you could dream of. For sale. I can offer details in private. (
  5. KudaXD


    Hey there, I am selling my Minecraft Skyblock setup to others so they can start making skyblock servers of their own! If you are interested in buying it, DM me on Discord. Since this made a high amount of revenue I need a price that would be worth it. Contact me if you are interested as I am...
  6. gridloc - Perfect domain for a team/business in the MC space!

    I'm interested in selling this off and I am open to any and all offers! Domain: Registrar: NameCheap Expiry: Mar 26, 2023 Branding Showcase:
  7. Felipe Matos

    Riverglitch - Sale of minecraft plugins and builds!

  8. Debilitate


    I'm currently selling a Network on behalf of the Owner. This server was the biggest competitive network of the year 2020. The server has the potential to again be one of the biggest competitive Networks around to date under the right ownership. The purchase of this server is a once in a lifetime...
  9. JakeSquid

    Looking for a server to get partnered! COMMUNITY SERVER

    Hello there! I am looking for larger discord servers which are ready to be partnered with Discord! Or even if you have a decent sized ACTIVE community which you are looking to get rid of I am here to buy them off you! I am looking for active servers which have been organically grown through...
  10. 59L

    [FOR SALE ]Top Resource Ownership [22 TOTAL RESOURCES]

    I am auctioning off ownership for ALL my discord bot resources. You can find all available resources for sale Here. There are a total of 22 resources and you are not required to buy all of them. There are no BIN for the products, and I am happy selling only a few at a time. 3 of those...
  11. KudaXD

    [OFFERING] $25 setups (prison / skyblock)

    Selling setups (skyblock / prisons) for $25 each. Buy a bundle of both of them for only $40 ($10 off) and enjoy making a server! DM KudaXD#4444 to buy
  12. KyleFurst

    Orange | Video Editing Service | High Quality

  13. TheEqualizer009

    ExonicMC | OP Prison | Huge Potential | $1,100 in Sales in 1 Season | Version 1.8

    Hello MCMarket! My Minecraft IGN is exactlly, despite my weird MCMarket name, that is the name I go with. I am the current and only Owner of ExonicMC, a fairly known OP Prison server, very recently I've come to the hard decision of listing my beloved server up for sale, as I do not have the...
  14. FinnTreestump

    Idle Space - Idle your Minecraft alts 24/7

  15. Fekalist_1

    Special to be forgoten.

  16. I

    Server sale $25 USD

    Hello, this time I come to offer a server that I made but I do not have time to be able to update it, so I made this decision to sell it What am I selling? The entire server, access to the console, store, will also include the domain, the server I acquired for about 3 months and the first month...
  17. JustAdxm

    1.5k+ community server

    must be active budget will depend on online membercount, how many messages a day etc. happy to negotiate. dm me if interested in selling.
  18. MrDubey


  19. lawa


    deleted didnt u read title?
  20. xisagani

    SELLING ACTIVE PHILIPPINE DISCORD SERVER (12.7k members 3k online) (lvl 3 boost status)

    Add me on discord if you want to buy (must be money ready) xisagani#8236 Link: .gg/gobas Price: $2000 (negotiable) Server is less than 2 months old and will be ready for partnership and discovery
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