1. nikolayvi

    DivinePrison For Sale

    Hello everyone, today I had to make the big decision that I have to sell my minecraft server. I have spent more than 6 months into developing and had 2 successful OP Prison seasons right now. The server itself had reached 30+ players at the same time and average of 10 players are still playing...
  2. Bazhy

    Pirate Spawn | 501x501 v1.0

    ARUE STUDIOS Hub ~ Summer Theme Version: 1.20x Dimensions: 501L x 501H Note: If you got any doubt feel free to join our Discord server: DISCORD 3D VIEW
  3. amin112k

    [SOLD] WaterWay Network - Rare Opportunity - $70k Revenue ($9k YTD) - 1.4k Discord - Release Ready

    Intro Hello everyone, today I am posting WaterWay Network for sale. This Prison server has a long-lasting community and heritage that has withstood dozens of seasons. This is a unique opportunity to acquire an established, reputable Prison server and continue the legacy forward. I have new...
  4. IDealDamage

    ApexPrisons & CronusMC for Sale!

    (Both Servers Currency is USD) For Factions: Must Already Own Wine Spigot, FKore & Expansions for FKore to work as i can not provide premium plugins/jars! For Prisons: Must Already Own EDPrisons Core Upon Purchasing one of my servers the following conditions will be applied: Payment Must...
  5. D

    [Buying] - Looking for a small-mid server (around 10-50 activate playerbase)

    Looking for a small-mid server (around 10-50 activate playerbase) BUDGET: 500$++ Discord: Denitio#1838
  6. Diekieboy

    BanManager Messages | Ph4ntom Series v1.0

  7. LixelHD


    HALLOWEEN ICONS This pack includes various icons for your store. You can increase your sales by using these attractive product images. MORE IMAGES WILL FOLLOW SOON Soon I will create more icons. You will get free access to all future updates. CONTACT If you have any questions or suggestions...
  8. ToosieDX

    Appraisal for 5 resources - TOP Resources - Over $17000 in sales.

    Hello, everyone. I have created this post to seek an appraisal for my resources. Over the past week, I have been contemplating the sale of ownership for these resources due to my inability to continue their maintenance. While I do have the time, I have become saturated with the Minecraft scene...
  9. Goung

    [Sold] - Graphics are included

    I am looking to sell off a domain that was purchased for an upcoming project but never got used due to lack of time. BIN: 150$ Starting bid: 70$ / increments: 10$ Domains: Artwork:
  10. Devuxious

    Ownership of Athena Minecraft PvP Client for Sale!

    ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Attention Minecraft enthusiasts and entrepreneurs! An incredible opportunity awaits you to own the entire Athena Minecraft PvP Client, including ownership rights, domain, source codes, and more. 🌐Premium Domain: 🛠️Complete Source Codes: Athena...
  11. Bunana

    15% of birthday sale

    15% birthday sale Limited time offer on all my resources Please don't whish me a happy birthday as it was on the 7th Ends on the 11th Sale ↓
  12. Analyticus

    Selling Server, 50% commission if you find a buyer.

    Good Evening, We are looking to find buyers for two of our companies, and as such are offering a 50% commission if you find us a buyer. Commission details are at the bottom. The two businesses can be found below. SpeedGit Revolutionary Fork of PaperMC with improvements ranging from async...
  13. karlito1501

    Nexus Dark | Minecraft Server Website v1.0.2

    Looking to create a website for your Minecraft server but unsure of where to start? Look no further! You've come to the perfect place because we have the ideal solution for you. This resource includes: Home, Vote, Rules and Staff team site + external link to store! Say...
  14. Defenderstar

    ⭐ServerCore⭐ | 🎉only $1!!! 🎉 | The essential plugin

    ServerCore is an essential plugin that every server needs! There will be very regular updates to add more content. If you have any Ideas feel free to pm me on builtbybit. Upcoming updates: Gui for easy use and extra functionality - Added Punishment system - Coming Soon Bossbar messages -...
  15. Play Games

    [QUICK SALE] WaspCraft 🐝 Entire Branding, Files, etc. 🎮

    SELLING MY NETWORK: WASPCRAFT Hello BBB Community, Currently selling the WaspCraft brand and setup files. Everything thats included is down below. What you obtain from purchase: All Artwork (GFX, Logos, Renders) All Domains (From Namecheap) Resource Packs Setup Files Discord Server TCPShield...
  16. SAWO

    Spawn - Red Castle - 250x250 v0.1

    PRODUCT INFORMATION: ∎ Size: ≈250x250 ∎ Versions: 1.8 - 1.19+ ∎ Interiors: No ∎ Spawnpoint ∎ Place for 9 NPC's (can be managed by you) ∎ Nice houses ∎ Can be used as Lobby x Spawn x Survival Spawn x Hub ∎ Place for 5 crates (editable) ∎ Good nature with rocks & trees ∎ Without interiors in...
  17. C

    50% Sale! Shop for Developers!

    Today and Tomorrow 50% on my Sellix store with code SS50 ! Don't miss this!
  18. itsjack

    Looking for an 'Under Management' & Established Network or Company

    Hey BBB Community, I'm looking to PURCHASE a completely established server OR company which is labelled as 'Under Management.' Under Management refers to a business that is completely established with a full-running staff team that understand their tasks and protocols in order to keep the...
  19. bradnn

    ⭐ 20% OFF HOLIDAYS ⭐ | Small to Large Bot Development | Braden's Services

  20. bradnn

    ⭐ 20% OFF HOLIDAYS ⭐ | Full-Stack Development & Design | Braden's Services

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