1. L


    deleted didnt u read title?
  2. unclesom

    Server earned $2000 in December alone, $10,000+ lifetime earnings

    Watch this video if you don’t like reading I'm planning on going into the military soon. I can't give this server what little time it needs to revitalize/maintain it or use it to its full potential. If you're willing to hang out on the server and talk, then you can easily get 15+ people...
  3. vxnyrz

    Sold !

    This server is sold contact me to find more selling servers via the email: [email protected] or Discord: vxnyrz_gaming#7537 The new owner who bought the server: Madcow789#1293
  4. Eco Studios

    Eco Studios | ✔️Buildings & Landscape | Amazing | 30+ Vouches
  5. MT

    Selling Revive:MC

    Introduction Back on April 15th, HiveMC shut down. A lot of players were suddenly left without a place to play their favorite minigames on! Out of the ashes, came ReviveMC looking to well, revive the minigames Hive had. The project has been lead by two developers who have been working on it for...
  6. R

    Selling 2 Domains - Craftedlands .net & .org

    Hi there, As in the title I am selling the following domains: I will set the domains to redirect to this thread shortly for proof of ownership. Contact me with offers on discord: Riverbug07#0850
  7. Funnychip098


    Hi folks, I'm selling the domain (A play on the word derivative). I initially acquired this domain with the intention of creating an eCommerce site for selling nerdy/geeky apparel. The logo references how a derivative is denoted in math f'(x) and the web design utilizes a modern...
  8. Nick Doxa

    Custom Coded Factions Server FOR SALE!

    I am the current owner of a server called Kunai Craft! It is a Naruto-Based server with a completely custom core as well as a custom-made move shop, path system, combat log, and anti netherite plugin! We have had upwards of 80 players on at peak but recently we have been very busy and havent...
  9. U

    Complete Network server (Looking for buyer)

    Quick info: - Network for sale - offers 2 game modes (Custom & premium plugins) - Peaked around 30-50 Players on launch - $300+ in Buycraft donos in first week of launch - Small server discord (40+ members) - No art or website. (Read below for more detail) (Price is negatable) Hello, I'm the...
  10. R

    ReduxMenu | [Supports BungeeCord] Best menu plugin for your server v1.0

    Hi, I am a java developer who would like to sell plugins here. I'm 15 years old This is what part of the code looks like This is the second part I use this plugin on the server and it works perfectly
  11. OAliverpool

    ProsperityMC | Ready to release

    ProsperityMC Hey all! I have recently decided to not release my factions server due to me leaving for college next fall and training hard this summer for college soccer + my job. The full setup includes: Fully customized factions setup, completely configured, with some custom plugins...
  12. relax_out

    ✨4.99 = 100✨Discord Ads✨1500+ Joins Guaranteed✨Minecraft Related & More!

    Want to get fast members but don't have a lot to spend? this is for you! Standard • 2 Day Giveaway • Nitro Classic {provided by you} • 100 Members Guaranteed • @| Giveaways + Here + Custom Channel Price: £4.99 Silver • 3 Day Giveaway • Nitro Classic Prize / Hypixel Rank Upgrade{provided by...
  13. Bronze

    Xenlan Services - Plugin Marketplace - [Many Customers]

    Hello MC-Market, I am here to sell my development company Xenlan Marketplace. We offer a total of 6 non-paid plugins, 4 paid plugins, we have over 29 customers in our discord. As a note before I get into details I would like to list what will be included in the total sale of this development...
  14. PRO8L3M


    Hello Unfortunately Due to lack of time, I decided to sell one very professional Minecraft server. It is placed on a bungecoord (Lobby + Original Spawn + Plot Map) The server is entirely original except for plugins. About 50 paid plugins ($ 300 - +) 10 handwritten, the rest free. The main...
  15. S


    I am looking for Sales Representatives for my discord based business. I am looking to build a customer base and increase the overall volume of sales. Tasks: - Look for potential buyers, both onsite and offsite - Refer them to the discord server and website - Have an understanding of the...
  16. MorpheusMC


    MorpheusMC management Who am I? A cheap, beginning Minecraft manager who is happy to learn, adapt and improve. What do I have to offer? - Staff management - Community management What can you expect? From me: Clear communication, (close) to professional service for a cheap price. Open to...
  17. G

    Domain name for sale

    Hello I'm selling my domain name "" ! Would be great for someone working with Youtube or any other streaming platform. I lowered the price to 70$! /Escrow/ My email - [email protected]
  18. Funtime

    3 SPAWN PACK with Free Survival Setup v1.3

    This resource contains THREE amazing spawns, ranging from an extremely large 2000x2000 map to a small 100x100 spawn; this resource is great for all types of servers that will suit all budgets. FREE SURVIVAL SETUP! Spawn 1: Small Castle Spawn Size: 100x100 Description: Floating island spawn...
  19. ThosHost

    Selling,, and other domains.

    Hello MC-Market. I'm selling the following domains: Give me a message with your offer, i accept also low offers. (proof of ownership is on attachments, the domains are listed...
  20. Ellie

    12x Easter/Spring Icons For Tebex v2021-03-03