sales repesentatives

  1. obsidianhost

    Hiring Sales and Marketing Supervisor @

    Hello BBB, ObsidianHost is looking for a marketing and sales supervisor! Our Website Our Discord Responsibilities: Create plans to boost brand visibility and attract new customers. Oversee advertising, social media, and content efforts to drive sales. Implement strategies to find and engage...
  2. Surf Hosting LLC

    Surf Hosting LLC - Hiring Sales Representatives

    We are hiring Sales Representatives! Apply at the following link :)
  3. ItsNerd

    🏆 Simply Construction is looking for advertising managers! 🏆

    Hey there! You may have heard about me or my team or know who i am, currently we're in need of some advertising managers and sales representative, some of the information are below - Who are we? - We are the Simply Construction freelance team, and we look for people who need help with their...
  4. Loy.exe

  5. Loy.exe


    Hey there! I am loy from Simply Construction and i am currently looking for sales representatives, if you're one of them. The pay, requirements and the details will be discussed in the discord. Please add me on discord if you're a sales representative. -
  6. Loy.exe


    Simply Construction Simply Construction is looking for sales representatives! Dm ( ) on discord to contact or know more about this post!
  7. joziod12

    Looking for people to advertise [Paid]

    hey im the owner of template build team a up and coming build team we have recently decided to make a advertising sub group to advertise the build team so herei am looking for people willing to advertise the build team you will be payed for every deal you get the percentage is %10 of the whole...
  8. Opto

    Looking for managers/sales reps! XenosBuilds

    XenosBuilds is now looking for Management to run it's team we need people who can... *Be Active *Be professional *Can write Docs *Had experience with teams *Willing to be flexible * That has a portfolio *Find commissions (10-5% Commission Rates) $20-100+ Sales Reps * Be active * Be...
  9. TheShadows_98

    WE NEED YOU! Sale Representatives

    Hello Mc-market, Hope you have had a good Christmas and a happy new year and if you don’t celebrate it hope you have had a good holiday. We are Hosted Carbon and we are seeking sales representatives to help expand Hosted Carbon. Please note: This will be commission based Here is a bit of...
  10. Alex Miller

    Cyber-Dynamic Services - Head of Sales - No set budget

    Looking for a head of sales for Cyber-Dynamic Services. I would like you to send me your pricing. Requirements: $2.5K+ in commissions (accepted by a freelancer) a week 12 Active Sales Reps Run Weekly Meetings with Sales Reps (doesn't have to be long) Check-in with each sales rep weekly If you...
  11. iamluca

    ⚡ Static Services ⚡ Freelancers ⚡ Sales Reps ⚡ Paid

    Hello! Static Services is recruiting freelancers & sales representatives for our service team. We are looking for professional people to fill these positions. Website: Join the Discord server to apply today!
  12. F

    Sales Representative Looking For A Paid Job

    I am a well experienced sales representative and am looking for a good paying job. minimum wage is £10 per week, if your interested or you have any other questions please message me on discord NuTTy#8491
  13. OhSqd

    Othium Services | Professional & Reliable

    Wrong Post guys sorry!
  14. OhSqd

    Lithium Services | Sales Representatives | Freelancers

    Hello MC-Market! Lithium Services is a new service team looking for Sales Representatives and Freelancers. Sales Reps take 8% of the commissions they bring in, while freelancers take 88%. We offer a huge variety of services, so if you're looking to get a job done that relates to Minecraft...
  15. MagicTouch

    TechCore | Hiring sales representatives and moderators

    Hello people TechCore will be officially reopened on the 8th of november. So we are in need of sales representatives. To apply for sales representative join the server and type: -apply - MagicTouch CEO
  16. ignuF

    [!] Atlantisy Studios is hiring sales reps! 10% of each sale [!]

    [-] Atlantisy Studios [-] Hiring sales representatives, will make 10% of each sale they make! Hello and good day, my name is Fungi, one of the three founders of Atlantisy Studios. I'm here today requesting for Sales Representatives interested in joining our team and help sell builds, and...
  17. SupremiumHost

    Looking for a: Sales Representative

    SupremiumHost is looking for some Sales Representatives. Information: We will be paying our Sales Representatives - %40 on every sale they make PER-MONTH. This is one of the best* all inclusive deals on the market! Example: If someone bought our 1GB Plan, you would be...
  18. MelleJunior

    ⚜ | Senior Team | ⚜ Hiring Service Team - Commission Managers

    What you need to do: - Post commissions. - Handle the ticket (questions, issues, etc). - Make sure that the freelancer works professionally with the client and that they update their client. - Build a connection with the client; collect feedback during the process of the ticket and after the...
  19. Diz

    Recruiting Sale Reps $5-$20 per sale you make!

    Hey guys so its fairly simple I am Paying $5-$20 for each sale you can get me. You will be promoting my SEO service the for the service can be found here. It's fairly simple and straightforward you make me sales you get paid handsomely. People who make more than 10 sales get a bonus and a new...
  20. MagicTouch

    sales representatives 900+ members

    Hello TechCore is looking for sales representatives (2 spots open) About TechCore 1. We are a service provider 2. We have over 900 people on our discord 3. We have a great management team ready to help new staff As a sales representative you get 10% of each sale you get. If you are interested...
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