sci fi

  1. DoomerTheDev

    Omnicide v1.1

    Description Omnicide is an Grab & Go Exclusive FPS open world game featuring a Fully scripted sci-fi theme and much more. The game plot is In response to the threat of extinction, a group of individuals formed known as the extants. Take on the role of one of the few remaining human survivors...
  2. C4RLOZ

    [Exclusive] Sci-fi city hub + Resell Rights - 270x200+

    INFORMATION ABOUT THE MAP Version: built in 1.12.2 Size: 270x200+ (it can be more) File Type: .schematic file spaceships Portals Main npc's + space for npc's around the map High Detailed Space for holograms Crates PRICE AND PAYMENT METHOD Price: $30.00 Payment Method...
  3. DoomerTheDev

    Galactic Republic MEGA morph pack v1.0

    Description Highly Detailed MEGA star wars morph pack, Contains over 100 scripted morphs! Perfect for star wars games. 100+ Highly detailed star wars morphs All morphs are scripted High quality model Realistic Texture
  4. DoomerTheDev

    Coruscant v1.0

    Description Coruscant is an amazing star wars map, Coruscant is the capitol of the galaxy in the star wars series. This map is fully scripted, highly detailed and fully customizable to your liking! And it comes for a low price. Very detailed High quality Decently sized
  5. DoomerTheDev

    Star Wars X-Wing v1.0

    Description An extremely detailed imported star wars model of the X-Wing that is very close to perfection. High quality model Realistic Texture Not scripted
  6. DoomerTheDev

    Jedi Star Wars Simulator v1.0

    Description A simple star wars simulator game perfect for your games. Side note some bits of the game are unfinished/broken, so keep this in mind (Buy at your own risk). Scripted Multiple Levels Customizable Fully Scripted
  7. DoomerTheDev

    Kamino Barracks v1.0

    Description A high quality remake of the star wars Kamino Barracks High quality models High quality Interior Fully detailed Interior Interior only
  8. TechX

    Star Wars Main Menu 1 0

    Test Game: Features: • Slick design • Morph system • Team selection • Built-in store • Built-in settings • Home button • Highly customisable • Easy setup.
  9. TigerSkinCatSAMA

    Hub | Interiors | 13 shops | 300 x 150 v1.0

    ● 13+ shops ● Incredible interiors ● Immersive sci-fi style file types:1.16 world and .schem
  10. BoTa Builds

    Modern - Lobby v1.8+

    RESOURCE INFORMATION: Size: =150x150 THE LOBBY HAS: 4x NPC Enough space for server stuff Plane Flowers Modern houses AND more.. 2 yachts FILE FORMATS: .schematic .world IMPORTANT!!! Before loading the schematic: /gamerule randomTickSpeed 0 (because the leaves from trees can fall down)
  11. LixelHD

    Sci-Fi Crates v1.0

    SCI-FI CRATES This pack includes various icons for your store. You can increase your sales by using these attractive product images. MORE IMAGES WILL FOLLOW SOON Soon I will create more icons. You will get free access to all future updates. CONTACT If you have any questions or suggestions...
  12. Billy Rosty

    Cyber - Teleporters v1.0

    What is Cyber - Teleporters ? It is the combination of a unique plugin and 3D models allowing you to create stylish teleporters to easily add a WOW factor to your server. What does the resource contains ? 4 Unique 3D Models of Futuristic Teleporter (.bbmodel) 1 Unique Teleportation Plugin...
  13. C4RLOZ

    Futuristic Skyscrappers Bundle v1.0

    A bundle of futuristic skyscrappers for personal or commercial use. Can you use in your comissions or your private maps. File in .schematic or world file This was built in 1.12.2, so it just works in versions above. Remember to use /gamerule randomtickspeed 0 before pasting it to prevent any...
  14. C4RLOZ

    This map has been sold

    [Exclusive] Large Hub Sci-fi themed / 320x320+ / +Resell Rights / +Render High Quality Map & High Detailed! Price: $50.00 Game Version: 1.12.2+ File: .Schematic or World Discord: carloseduardo9926
  15. LolShop

    Galaxy Lobby | 50x50 v1.0

    MAP INFO Size - 75x75 Version - 1.12 - 1.20 in the lobby is • Spawn Area • Free place ( Before loading the schematic: /gamerule randomTickSpeed 0 ) Download Files .schematics World 1.12 - 1.20 -
  16. Yidas

    BEYOND | Futuristic Lobby/Hub v1.0

    BEYOND| Futuristic Lobby/Hub A futuristic, space-themed one-portal hub that can be used as a hub, spawn, or warp.
  17. Yidas

    ION | Futuristic Spawn v1.0

    ION | Futuristic Spawn A clean, futuristic spawn. Featuring 4 exits (or portals), space for NPCs, crates, etc., and a cool purple & green palette your players are sure to love!
  18. Yidas

    GLOW | Futuristic Hub v1.0

    GLOW | Futuristic Hub A clean, futuristic hub to give your server a jaw-dropping first impression. Featuring 4 portals, tons of space, and a striking purple & green palette your players are sure to love!
  19. Annie

    32 Sci-Fi Prison Mines v1.0

    There are eight individual mine layouts, with 4 variations of each. Make sure to disable physics in the mine world, there are a lot of floating blocks like flowers that will break. Join our discord here! Mine 1 Mine 2 Mine 3 Mine 4 Mine 5 Mine 6 Mine 7 Mine 8
  20. SuspectAlien

    6 PvP Arenas v0.3

    RESOURCE INFORMATION: PvP Zone size: Radius = 80 More screenshots here: Imgur Album 3D Viewing: Click THE PACK HAS: Naruto Arena Forest Arena Sci-Fi Arena Nether Arena Sword Arena Beach Arena FILE FORMATS: World, .schematic, (bedrock world) IMPORTANT Before loading the schematic...
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