1. Broken_HMS

    Sierra Leone - Kambia, Wellington v1.0

    The Sierra Leone Civil War, or the Sierra Leonean Civil War, was a civil war in Sierra Leone that began on 23 March 1991 Map Size: 6kX10k studs Points of interest: Captured hotel turned into a military base “Bogo Town” (Main Town) Police Station Military observations posts (Small FOBs) West...
  2. Naruvus

    Star Wars Blaster System v1.0

    Scripted blaster system, includes following weapons: DC-15A, DC-15S, DC-15X, DC-17 and dual DC-17, E-11, E-5, Z-6 Compatible with lightsaber and force powers systems available on my store! Requires "animation spoofer" plugin for loading in the animations.
  3. Broken_HMS

    Western Africa v1.0

    Western Africa Western Africa comes with handmade terrain alongside a range of custom gear & housing used for raiding may this be gathering intelligence or taking out Rebels within the area. Comes with, Gear, such as helmets, Vests, balaclavas & Guns Modded ACS reworked into the system...
  4. Broken_HMS

    Grenadier Guards v1.0

    The Grenadier Guards is the most senior infantry regiment of the British Army, being at the top of the Infantry Order of Precedence. It can trace its lineage back to 1656 when Lord Wentworth's Regiment was raised in Bruges to protect the exiled Charles II
  5. Stealth_Falcon04

    Pumkin Express by StealthWorks v1.0

    StealthWorks | Pumpkin Express [CSG] A perfect ride to get from the haunted mansion to the graveyard during spooky season! Contains: This product is fully custom made and can not be sold on other stores without permission from Stealth_Falcon04 / Myself ⚠ Note: The asset may glitch out if you...
  6. Broken_HMS

    S125 SAM System v1.0

    S125 ( SAM System) The missile does not follow the target. Instead, it tries to intercept the target Custom UI and scripting amazing for milsims Whitelisting Server:
  7. Broken_HMS

    Chinese military Set v1.0

    BEST GEAR ON THE PLATFORM... in my view Two Types of Cammo Vest Plates Helmets lets hope its better then temu...
  8. Broken_HMS

    Mortar System v1.0

    custom sfx and sounds one of the best mortor system on the market. easy to set up and easy to use recommended for any game type from realistic milsims to your more casual games
  9. Broken_HMS

    Irish Borders v1.0

    Irish Borders This map comes with everything from the original game including kit, scripts, vehicles, weapons and more. This game is based on the 1980s “Troubles” of Northern Ireland, the map is highly realistic and detailed with both a Northern Irish and Irish side. Both sides of the...
  10. StarFremwell

    Star Wars - Geonosis v1.0

    Fully Scripted Morph GUI Guns Large map with cave systems
  11. Vincee

    Scripted Rules UI v1.0

    Features: Scripted! Extremely easy to set-up! Simple to configure, add more rules! Great looking! High-quality! And more!
  12. Garry.

    Banking System v1.1

    Discord server: Showcase Video: An easy to use Banking System which also comes with a built in Cash system. This system allows players to deposit/withdraw/transfer their money. Players will also gain interest based on how much cash...
  13. Fjnxcl

    Project Alpha v1.0

    INFORMATION Project Alpha is a advanced, next generation user interface that features a simplistic design, smooth animations, and so much more. Project Alpha was designed for many genres of detailed games such as Roleplay, MILSIM, Shooters, and more. FEATURES Extremely Detailed Fully Animated...
  14. Garry.

    Police and Fire Training Centre v1.0

    Exterior completed Scripted shooting range, garage doors, team locked doors, fire alarm and elevator Very little interior included (only the shooting range and elevator) Showcase Video
  15. Memento Mori

    SCP Research Log System v1.0

    This Research Log System is perfect for any role play games, this is fully scripted and has multiple features. Fully Scripted Smooth Animation Customizable Perfect for SCP games Able to write different reports
  16. Memento Mori

    Radio System v1.0

    Scripted Customisable Animated
  17. Memento Mori

    Metro System v1.0

    Scripted Detailed Customisable Fast
  18. Memento Mori

    Locker System v1.0

    This Locker System is perfect for any role play games, this is fully scripted and has multiple features. Fully Scripted Smooth Animation Customizable Perfect for SCP games
  19. Memento Mori

    SCP Job System v1.0

    Scripted Customisable Detailed Easily To Configure
  20. Memento Mori

    Drone System v1.0

    Scripted Detailed Drone Go BRRRRRRRRRRRRR