1. Trivector


    SOLD! - $10
  2. burntdiamondz

    =#|[Diamondz Server Setup]|#=-

    Diamondz Server Setup Prices From £5/$7.37 to £45/$66.33 Skype: BurntDiamondz Avg. Time: 3h to 12h REQUEST A SERVER THROUGH SKYPE Contact Email Build Theme Type Of Server Premium Plugins Yes/No (Extra Price) Small: £20/$29.47 to £40/$58.94 Medium: £50/$73.68 to £60/$88.41 Large: £80/$117.88...
  3. D

    Anything you need built on your server?

    Got a spawn needing fixing up, arena needing making or any building jobs around you server? Ask me, DefiantTrekk, to come and take a look for you for a reasonable price. I'm able to understand exactly what you want, and wont finish assisting until your actually happy with the end result. Builds...
  4. Syndji

    Modern 100x100 Faction Spawn HQ

    ✖ Unbox ✖ Today im selling here a Modern 100x100 Faction Spawn. The Faction Spawn does have : 4 places for each 1 Crate in the Middle in each corner a food farm also 8 small rooms for as example a shop ( Small rooms are on the sides of the gates ) BIN : $25 Currently BID : $10 Forsworn...
  5. Accountable

    [HQ]Factions Spawn - 109x109

    Hey guys ! This would be the third current spawn that I would be selling, a faction spawn that is 109x109, with custom building structures on it! I recently built this and would like to sell it to anybody that is willing to buy, if you are interested please post your offers below and add me on...
  6. Nomis889

    CS:GO style: PvP with weapons in destructible map [FR/EN]

    Server Minecraft with weapons (CS:GO style) Photo Server: Photo of the game: - I sell files servers. - you can try here: - The server is currently in French. IP: Thank you to offer me a reasonable price.
  7. A

    Server Spawn for Winter Project

    Server Spawn for Winter Project Hello guys, today im selling my exclusive spawn project. It has nice atmosphere for your server.I hope you will like it :p ! BIN: $20 BİD STARTS : $5 Hasn't Selled Yet ! Thank you ! My Skype: live:tzadiqel991