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  1. MelleJunior

    Color Structure Tower Hub - 150x150 1.12+

    This nice looking spwn has some huge green towers with the spawn point in the middel of all the towers.
  2. MelleJunior

    Christmas Village Portal - 220x200 1.12+

    This christmas themed spawn is perfect for any server. It has a massive snowman and a nice portal for you to use!
  3. MelleJunior

    Christmas House Hub - 400x400 1.12+

    This Christmas themed hub is perfect for everyone that wanna give their server a winter look.
  4. MelleJunior

    Castle Village Island - 400x400 1.12+

    This village themed spawn is a perfect fit for your server. It has nice houses and enough place for your players to discover.
  5. MelleJunior

    Brick Fantasy Spawn - 160x160 1.12+

    A big hub build with some trees. The spawn is located in the center of the garden.
  6. MelleJunior

    Blue Structure Spawn - 400x400 1.12+

    A big spawn or hub for any server. The spawn is surrounded by a blue wall and some nice trees,
  7. MelleJunior

    The Lost Dragon Island - 150x150 1.12+

    A cool spawn with a big dragon flying above it. The spawn is build on a sort of island with trees and more.
  8. MelleJunior

    Oak Stone Spawn - 100x100 1.12+

    A nice looking spawn for your server. The spawnpoint is surrounded by castle walls.
  9. MelleJunior

    Stone House HCF Spwn - 65x65 1.12+

    A small but very clean HCF spawn with the spawn being surrounded by 4 houses.
  10. SvgeGoose

    Staff Trainer / Manager

  11. INAH_EE

    Nightgate (RPG server) Hiring!

  12. Bryce

    Java Development | 6+ Years | Java 6 - 10 | Senior Developer

    Welcome to my Shop! Hey guys, I just wanted to post a thread announcing that my commissions are now open. I have also gone and setup my commissions page which will allow you guys to submit your requests to me instantly for your convenience. Links & Information: Portfolio...
  13. Leo

    Senior Projects || Server Management

    Greetings. You may know me as iKryptonic, as a Freelance Manager, Twitter, or an area / server that I am apart of, or used to be. I'm here now to offer my management position for Senior , or Larger areas. Unfortunately, I do not manage servers that are just starting up, or do not have intention...
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