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server 1.8

  1. H


    DRAGON MC FULL SKYBLOCK SETUP, DISCORD AND STORE FOR 300$ Made 700$ in 1 week Discord with 700 members Price is negotiable DM Arlo#5416 on discord if interested
  2. NotAnder

    SkyEnder | New SkyBlock Server Needing Staff! [VOLUNTEER - NOT PAID]

    Hello everyone! Today, we are asking people to apply for staff on SkyEnder. In order to be eligable for staff, you need to pass the requirements that is listed on Here are some of the basic requirements to be able to apply for the server: You Need The Following: A premium Java...
  3. B

    Selling Established factions servers with everything included

    If you are interested in purchasing our factions server please add me on discord stopage#6081 or leave a reply with your discord. We have had over 300 people online at one time and made profit the first season of release. What I am selling exactly: Factions server, discord server, the tebex...
  4. BuGsBr

    Servidor Full PvP 1.8 - Máquinas, Spawners, Itens Edit

    * FULL-PVP SETUP * Um excelente modo de jogo para colocar em sua rede, que irá conceder um novo tipo de diversão para os jogadores. Não é necessário ter um pacote de texturas instalado ou mods, basta editar o servidor da maneira que você quiser e colocar em sua host. Versão Original: 1.8.8...
  5. B

    [PAID]Developer and Configurator for MC Server

    I am hiring a developer for a my mc server. The project is oldschool and doesn't require a huge amount of knowledge or time spent. Beside the payment I offer to create a very nice vouch for your portofolio. Feel free to add me on discord Zane#5622 if you are interested.
  6. LunaDZN

    Starting a minecraft server, What do I need to know

    Starting a Minecraft server, What do I need to know Hello, I am interested in starting a Minecraft minigame server with the intent of making it public and getting active players. However I have some questions that I'm hoping that some of you may be able to answer. 1. What hosting provider...
  7. leqend_

    CronusPvP - Recruiting Staff!

    -=CronusPvP Recruiting Staff=- 1.7-1.8 Looking for helpers and moderators! FTOP value Amazing Jars! Custom builds! Requirements: 1. BE ACTIVE 2. MC/comp factions experience Please join the discord at and contact Leqend_ :) or add me directly at...
  8. L


  9. AbelLaurie

    Hiring MC Plugin Developer | Rebellion PvP

    Hiring MC Plugin Developer | Rebellion PvP My name's Abel, also known as Yazzi. I'm the Owner of the Rebellion PvP Network, and work as an Artist, Builder & Manager under my role as an Owner. I'm in the search for a Developer, Here's what I'm looking for: 2+ Years of experience in working...
  10. B


    I’m selling a server that used to be one of my old servers. You can buy the entire server for 80 euros. The server contains a lobby, a spawn faction and the warzone, a spawn ender, a spawn nether as well as all the plugins already configured. If you want to buy it contact me on discord...
  11. bill cosby

    Arzero Network For Sale | 550 MineMen | Full Server Files

    Welcome gamers. Selling Arzero Network I am the original Owner of ZenithPvP & ElixirMC (Just incase) Details: Bin: $550 | Minimum Bid: $150 | CB: $300 - Whats Included - + Domain [ www. arzero .net ] - 11m remaining + Buycraft [Ultimate Plan - 15d left ] - Packages Setup Alr) +...
  12. L

    CosMosMC server 1.8.8 Come Play!

    Welcome to CosMosMC, home to a new generation of MC servers. ---SKYBLOCK--- IP: Player Shops | Anybody and everybody is allowed to create their own shop Player Warps | you can create public warps User-Friendly Land Claiming | Your island is automatically protected! Pets |...
  13. roofwobbler

    Deleted Thread

  14. G

    DuskMC files

    I will be selling a setup for a server called DuskMC Some features: Full setup, and ready for release 5 Donator ranks 8 Staff ranks Fast chunkbusters Working faction upgrades Auto announcements And much more!! This is for serious buyers only, please don’t trash the thread There is no...
  15. M

    <!> ZeroesMC - The Professional Minecraft SkyBlock server!

    The professional minecraft dating roleplay skyblock server with cosmetics and so much cool stuff! You want to play skyblock, but you don't know where to play! Well, there we go! ZeroesMC, the perfect skyblock survival server with many experience have release out now! Join Now on IP...
  16. Y

    New Minecraft Discord Server and Network

    AtairMC Great Opportunity This server has great opportunity for success! > As our community is small and new there is lots of opportunity to be big < >Looking for staff members! If you want to be part of a dedicated team, this < > is your opportunity! < Great Features...
  17. J

    1.8.9 Minecraft Spigot Server

  18. NameBrand

    1.2k YouTuber -Advertising

    Hey yall! A little about myself My name is ZigerMC (IRL is Gage). I am a Minecraft YouTuber. I have been with the community since the game was in beta. I am 19 years old and live in the united states. As I do have a fulltime job, Minecraft is just a fun side gig. With that being said, It wont...
  19. H

    Highpixel by Hiqepixel - Popular Remake Server Pack

    Hello guys i'm selling a perfect copy of Popular servers if you want to buy it just contact me on discord Hiqepixel#1519, Server list: Hub, Hub-2, SkyWars, SkyWars-2, BedWars, Prototype , The Pit and The Bridge
  20. Attozi HD

    Discord server, Minecraft server with domain

    So I am currently selling a discord server with about 695 people at the moment. I was making a Minecraft server but then just realized it isn't something id like to do. This purchase is $70 for a discord server fully setup. With a Minecraft server and plugins all configured along with the domain...
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