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server management

  1. Shelock

    Shellock's Management Services

    Introduction Hey, My name's Shellock, am 16 years old I live in the UAE and my timezone is GST. I've been in the staffing field for around a year now, I've done management roles such as Staff Manager and have done a lot of administrative work and even managed and had owned a server around 3...
  2. Rambler

    Rambler's Management | 2 Free Weeks of Management! (0/1)

    Hey Everyone, I am currently doing two free weeks of management to one lucky person. The requirements will be listed below alongside everything needed to see what work I've done. Please note any documents are not updated. You can get up to two free weeks management and if you are interested to...
  3. mathmainiac

    Looking for Builders for new Mc server

    Hey im mathmainiac, but you can call me Reagan. I own Heartzmc, a new and upcoming mc server that is in need of 2-3 builders to help finish the hub. We have multiple custom plugins and are in need of you. if you are interested, just msg me on discord, mathmainiac#8364. If you have any questions...
  4. James Deloitte

    SanctumRP | Looking For Server Managers

    POTENTIALLY PAID Hello, I am James. Founder & Owner Of SanctumRP! We are a CityLife RP server which is releasing soon and we are in need of server managers who have experience in development and configuration aswell as management! We have a very good staff team and will welcome you very greatly...
  5. DirectPlan

    ServerControl | Redis Support | Simple | Server Management | Servers Communication. 5.0

    ✨ ServerControl ✨ | Redis Support | Simple | Server Management | Servers Communication. ✨ What is ServerControl ? ServerControl is a plugin where you can manage your servers by the plugin features which the servers are synced and in a communication in a redis server. Why choose this...
  6. KopErms


    DISCORD : KopErms#0001 Professionalism, SAFE and Experience, Looking for a serious collaboration! EVERYTHING IN 1 PACKAGE : :)I will create a high quality discord server - Server management/ creating and getting fast members; ---------------------------------------- facepalmI can take care...
  7. Pirate_Ship

    Looking for Co-Owner for unique gamemode

    I have very limited experience with server creation so I'm looking for a Co-Owner that can help me turn my project into a full server. We will be full partners and I expect you to bring as much to the table as I am. I'm a 21 year old broke college student and currently I am paying for server...
  8. Tabbin

    [$10] DiscordMCMonitor - A Unique Chat Monitor for MC 1.2

    This plugin monitors your server's chat for any words you don't want to be said and sends a report to your discord server. Once a report comes in, you are able to either ignore it or punish the player using the reactions. Here is an example: Once the report has been closed/player punished...
  9. ShayPunter

    Shay's Growth & Management Services | NEW THREAD | NEW PRICING | 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    Want FREE actionable advice? Check out a guide I wrote over on spigot: Growing and maintaining a successful server
  10. Em

    ✨ Em | Management Services | ✨

  11. Marisolar

    Management Team

    About Me I'm a high school senior from California looking to start up a business venture. I've played minecraft on and off for 7 years and am now currently looking to start a server. Specific details will be released upon hiring. I understand it seems ignorant to post a job request without...
  12. RIOT___

    Need a guy like me around?: Player management and server maintenance

    Hello there, my name is Riot, or Thomas, either works. I am 18 years of age and I have done a lot of building in my Minecraft experience, and a lot of management roles. I normally play the role of a Co-owner or a management position in new or developing servers. I've done a lot of file...
  13. TemplarCraft

    TemplarCraft Op Prison 1.12 (Recruiting Staff)

    Hello everyone of Mc-Market TemplarCraft is currently in need of a staff team. We need 5 Helpers, 3 Mods, 3 Admins, 1 Developer You can add me and on discord at (Jyrus#5814) to apply for any position you wish. We are still building the server currently but we hope to launch the beta soon
  14. BaneArisen

    » OutlawPvP | Rebranded

    OutlawPvP Hello Everyone, I am the manager from OutlawPvP. OutlawPvP is a faction server that has just recently started development. We are looking for various people to fill up our current available staff positions to help us get the server closer to being finished. The owner and myself...
  15. Psymuth

    Coastal (Staff/Builders/Developers/etc.)

    Introduction It is a pleasure that you have come across this thread. I am Psymuth (Psy), one of the owners of Coastal. I am a builder, while my partner in crime Amids is a developer. Amids has experience in Java, while I used to help small servers with their building needs. It's been a special...
  16. WraithCSG

    Community Management | Free Work (Limited Time)

    Wraith's Management Services Hello everyone! You may all address me as "Wraith" and I am here today to introduce my community/server management services for Minecraft servers/networks/forums. I may do work for all game types although it is of my preference to deal with factions/hardcore...
  17. Krythax

    R&K Management

    Hello MC-Market, we are a new and upcoming management team consisting of myself and Recolonize. We are two close friends working together to provide quality and efficient services regarding staff and community management. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask or you can private...
  18. BoxmanCaleb

    ® Relient Management ® Configuration Services ®

  19. Skillful_

    Server Administration/Management [Paid] [Experienced]

    Hello there, My name is Kees (pronounced as case) I am a 16 years old Dutch guy. I've not been working on any projects that have to do with server administration/management, but i'd love to get started on some new projects and meet some new people. I've got a decent amount of experience that...
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