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server staff needed

  1. Kzer0

    Looking for a Co-Owner

    Hello MC-Market What am I Wanting? My name is KZ, I have been in the Minecraft community for a while and I think it is time I really dedicate myself to making a public server full throttle. I am looking for someone to take on this project with me. Here are the things I am asking the person to...
  2. Jawssy836

    *NEW* Looking For All Types Of Staff *PAID POTISTIONS*

    Hello, I'm Yoshi and I'm playing release a new Survival server (with plans to add more servers) soon. At this current point I need experience and trust worthy people to help me out with the Development and Staffing On The whole Server. If You interested DM me on Discord - YoshiThatsMe#7579 1...
  3. neat

    (HUB) KitPvP / Duels Setup !

    Looking For A Developer That Can Help Setup The Start Of HeatPvP ! - What Are We Looking For ? We are currently looking for a developer who can help startup our KitPVP / Duels server ! Needing .. - Plugins (Pretty Much It) Budget $10 - $15 Let Me Know ASAP If Interested !
  4. Nomiis

    Mifex Prison - Staff Applications are open! (Builders, Developers, Artists, Admins and more.)

    MIFEX PRISON Hi, i am the Owner of a newly started Minecraft Server named Mifex Prison. As you could probably guess, that we are making a Prison Server, and we have big plans for it. But to reach those wanted goals, we need staff. Contact me on Discord by searching up Nomiis#8181.
  5. TheTuberX

    New Server, New Staff.

    Hello! Just bought today a Minecraft Server and im hiring a Staff team. I have big projects but i cant do it alone and im looking for some players that already know how plugins work or know how to build. Thank you! If you are interrested answer these questions : Age? Name? Ign (Minecraft...
  6. Synraw

    Need Staff For A New Server

    Hello. I am currently in need of a few staff for my new factions server which is opening this weekend. I basically just need about 4 active server staff to be on the server and moderate players. Willing to pay staff if they are active and do a good job. The server is Factions, with a few custom...
  7. Melon_Plays

    Available Staff Positions [Helpers to Admins]

    Hello MC-Market! __________________ As an owner of UtopiaMC! I am proud to say the server is ready to take on some mature, active staff members! We're planning on releasing soon, and are looking to create a great community, and being a staff member will play a big part in this. Server...
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