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  1. titan_rh


    Hello, I'm a server configurator. I can help you set up the Minecraft or discord server you've always wanted and all that for cheap. I have a lot of experience in this sort of thing and I've been involved in huge communities NOTE: I don't provide hosting and I don't develop plugins. FREE TWO...
  2. MineAlex


    Dependencies: Citizens (free) Resource pack: ❌ The setup is available in English and Spanish Purchase this here -----> BUY This setup is a Skyblock, it is for version 1.18.2, I am not responsible if they change the version and some things don't work or just corrupt the world, I recommend using...
  3. samixshady

    🔥Cheap server setup service🚀Plugin Configuration🔖Front-End/Back-End Setup🔥

    Accepting commission for creating Minecraft server from scratch according to your needs! Also doing plugin config /front & backend setup /Server optimization for better TPS. I specialize in the following gamemode creation 1) Survival ->With dungeons (Custom Mobs and Boss) and player ranks 2)...
  4. F

    Looking to buy Prison Server Setup

    Hello, i want to buy a prison server setup for a fair price. I need to run the setup on windows. If anyone have something please contact on discord: FrostyCave#5065
  5. MultiDev

    🌩 MLG RUSH Setup 🌩 Cheap price • Custom Maps • 1x1 • 1x4 • More

    • MLG RUSH Setup • #1 in the market This setup has a lot of lightweight plugins with a really good optimisation... This setup has custom maps [ made by SkyPixel Build Team ]. Features: • Unlimited Arenaes • 10 Custom 1v1 Maps • Leaderboards System • Rounds Selector • Map Selector • NEW 1v1v1v1...
  6. Royale Team

    ⚡MineCity Roleplay Setup⚡ 1.8-1.18.1 Price: 50$

    Have you always wanted to play a roleplay similar to gta 5 in minecraft? But you don't have the patience or the knowledge to do it? Don't worry minecity is your solution. Time spent: 8 Months Contact me on discord: Wesley#5411 Roleplay Chat (ooc, ic) Global and local Roleplay Characther...
  7. shark.

    ⭐ Discord Setups | High Quality & Fast Response | Discord: shark#1337 ⭐

    Discord: shark#1337 💰 Price: 10$ What Do I Offer? Channels Roles Discord Bot setup Voice Channels Format posts, announcements, rules and more Public Discords, Gaming Discords, Staff Discords, Training Discord, Interview Discord, Server Discords, etc! Interested? Contact My Discord is...
  8. Marlemento

    Buying Premade Pixelmon Setup (Price Cap $200)

    Payment Methods: Paypal or Wire Must have the following: Spawn (Prebuilt Required) GTS Pokebuilder PixelChat Gyms (NOT NPC GYMS if you do have NPC themed gyms let me know in advanced, so I can adjust my offer price.) Crates Ranks Wild (Preferably with /brtp) 2 Forms of currency ($ and Tokens)...
  9. PenguYT

    HCF Server Setup

    Hello!! I am currently selling a fully setup HCF server that was never released. The server is called Xylit. I am selling the files and Discord. The Discord has 30 members in it. The files come with everything you need, including core!! Price: $70 Dm PenguSS#0813 to purchase!!
  10. Dem0nicPvp

    Discord Setups

    Offering custom discord setups based on anything you would like (as long as it is appropriate. It can have a NSFW channel but that's up to you). If you want one message me here (on this thread) or message me on discord Angelic#0001.
  11. AlexASG

    ⌛ LasBiscuit Setups ⌛ Fully Custom » One Hour Delivery » Cheap ⌛

  12. Mystic-MC

    Cheap Discord Set-Up

    Hey, Dylan here. I am offering a cheap Discord Server Set-up. I have been setting up Discord Servers for a lot of people for free and they all told me I should start it as a business. So I decided to listen to them and do it. If anyone wants a cheap set-up for Discord hit me up. Discord-...
  13. BedTimeForMe

    Looking for someone to help setup all my commands on my new serer when its up

    Looking for someone to help setup all my commands on my new serer when its up, we will me offering money rewards if you help us out + you must have discord and you must have some type of rep on doing this stuff
  14. Frappings

    Lexers Discord Setup [FREE]

    Hello, since I am new to MCM. I will be offering discord setups to anyone who wants it. I have made discords for HCF factions, and even a whole Minecraft Server. My most popular one was for a server called NanoHQ. You can watch a video of the whole server here. The discord setups will include...
  15. tomtgc

    DK Developments - Professional setups

    We are DK Developments, we can do a multitude of tasks ranging from coding Discord Bots, building on Minecraft, making Websites and a lots more. Just contact us by pm me or join our discord and we'll get back to you soon to discuss a price. but for now here's is basic...
  16. IzzyK

    AMS Development (Building/Plugin Creation/Graphics/Server Setup/Website Setup)

  17. MattX22

    I'm looking for a setup service.

    Hello friends, I'm looking for a quality setup for a Minecraft survival server. I have the ability to make the server myself, but don't have any time on my hands to do so. The server has a small community that look forward to the re-release of the server. This post is mainly for the reason of...
  18. TheWGBbroz

    Selling BossCloud (7 server network)

    Hi folks, I am selling the Minecraft Network "BossCloud" I made with a friend. It contians 7 servers: Creative plots Factions Prison Skyblock Custom made DiamondQuest minigame Vanilla (Pure vanilla, no commands/plugins) Hub server The server is fully set up. Everything is working and...
  19. Divex

    FULL Skyblock server! Only $4! Custom spawn, Crates, Ranks, Custom Islands, + more!

    Hello mc-market! I am creating a second setup after my previously successful factions setup. If you would like, you can check that out here :) This skyblock servers features 3 completely configured crates, 5 ranks, a custom spawn, custom islands, and some more things! Buy now...
  20. Sean G.

    Tiger's setups!

    Hello MCMarketplace, I am Tiger. I setup servers and configure plugins for new and experienced servers for low - moderate prices! If you were to acquire my assistance in any way you can PM me on here, skype (Tigercraft01) or discord (Tigercraft01#2290). I would require 50% of the money before I...
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