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  1. K

    Looking to pay someone for a configured Ranks & Permissions for my server.

    Hello, i'm looking for a cheap permissions and ranks setup for my server, I asked the server owner if I could copy their server's ranking system and they told me yes, as long as it's a private server, so that's what i'm doing. The server is
  2. Henko Development

    Rpg Lobby Setup | by Henko Development 1.0.1


    hdSurvival Setup | 130 Features - EN 1.1

  4. Vxro

    [OFFERING] Free Configuration

    Hello All, I'm here today to offer my configuration services for free since I've just joined BuiltByBit today and I want to gain some reputation/vouches. If you're interested feel free to contact me on discord Vxro#7297
  5. CrazyStudios

    ✨ CrazyStudios - ✔️ #1 Service Provider ✔️ - 💵 High-Quality & Affordable 💵 [5+ Years of Experience!]

  6. Fr33stylerRO

    Bedwars Lite - A Clashwars Setup 1.0

    TEST SERVER: (PREMIUM SERVER) Bedwars Lite is a version of a setup that is small and compact, but advanced and optimized. Made with Bedwars (Clashwars), developed by Fr33styler, a more optimized Bedwars Plugin than the other ones that are available on the market. ⭕...
  7. davyohday

    [FREE] Minecraft Server Setup & Security

    Hello! As I want to start creating a portfolio to be able to earn a bit from my experience I'm offering for a limited time free minecraft server setup. From setting up permissions to the general server security! If someone is interested and wants to have more info: davy#2443 on Discord!
  8. F

    Need help with my server setup

    Civilization era is a town based minecraft server. The world has been brought into chaos by demons and monsters. The recently fallen kingdom is all but lost. Can you rebuild a kingdom mighty enough to destroy the demons? Need a little help wirh the perms/configs et Discord: Nick/Faevalur#2775
  9. Avatar-of-Evil

    Simple Classic Survival EN/ES 1.0 English

    💎 Welcome Explorer 💎 Here you have one of the best servers with the classic survival that you can find, the server has elite mobs, mobs with random levels, daily rewards, land protection minerals and much more... 💎 FEATURES 💎 ⚒ Compatibility 1.8 to 1.19.x | The server is compatible with clients...
  10. Aconixy

    Premium Survival Setup 1.0

  11. K

    Looking to buy a GOOD SMP or Lifesteal setup!

    looking to buy a GOOD SMP or Lifesteal setup almost alike with features: PvP Right outta spawn, Amazing Crates Rewards, Crafting Hearts, and everything else LifeSteal or SMP has to offer!
  12. Mirofficial


  13. Xeros

    Connect multiple servers

    I was told to allocate max 12 gb to my server. but if i have 64 or 128 gb ram available. How am I supposed to add those extra GBs to my server without creating problems? is there anyone who can help me with this(i will pay) as i will probably need such a server in a few weeks. and does anyone...
  14. iDaveLu

    Server Setup | Survival | 23/02/2023

    Make your suggestions or questions
  15. I

    Looking for Freelancers

    I'm looking for skilled individuals to join us on our freelancing adventure! We are looking for freelancers of all types. If you are interested, please contact me at: Incbom#1877
  16. KibbaX


    Easy and clear lobby for your network

    ⭐Plaxima Services ⭐ Minecraft Configuration Services - OPEN


    ⭐Plaxima Services ⭐ Minecraft Setup Development Services - OPEN


    ⭐Plaxima Services ⭐ Minecraft Building Services - OPEN


    ⭐Plaxima Services ⭐ Discord Bot Development Services - OPEN

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