1. raiyan9

    Blue Ridge class command ship v1.0

    PRODUCT INFORMATION The Blue Ridge class is a class of amphibious command and control ships designed for the United States Navy. The ship has two functional Phalanx CIWIS guns and is scripted with Aerotech Naval System.
  2. miggles

    Kom'rk v1.0

    Minimal and low detail Kom'rk ship, works with ship systems like Elysium. Low lag.
  3. miggles

    A40 Rapier Heavy Interceptor v1.0

    Unique starfighter intended for Rebellion/Cartel use. Comes with raw and bodied variant. Colours on the body can be changed easily. Modeled by me.
  4. nederliver

    Small Ship Model v1.0

    Small ship model contains: bbmodel obj texture
  5. Fjnxcl

    Lamborghini Boat v1.0

    FEATURES A-Chassis installed Detailed Model Realistic handeling Also works without a driver 17 Seats
  6. DoomerTheDev

    Freedom Class Ship v1.0

    Description A really cool and high quality vessel, also comes with turrets. Made with exceptional quality, it will surely meet your expectations Outstanding Quality High quality model High quality Exterior High quality texture High quality Interior Highly detailed Realistic sound Fully scripted...
  7. DoomerTheDev

    Devils Triangle v1.0

    Description Small, detailed, high-quality map, perfect for role play games Custom Graphics Very detailed High quality Custom Assets
  8. miggles

    RZ-1 A Wing Interceptor v1.0

    Roblox Scale RZ-1 A Wing from the Galactic Empire era. Fully welded and perfect for ship systems. Texturing by lucj08, modeled by me.
  9. Fjnxcl

    MV Argyle v1.0

    Information: MV Argyle is a ferry owned by Caledonian Maritime Assets Limited and operated by Caledonian MacBrayne on the route between Wemyss Bay and Rothesay. Features: Fully scripted Fully done exterior/interior Ramp scripted Room for cars and people onboard Seats/animations
  10. raiyan9

    Gunwharf Ferry Terminal Port v1.0

    Gunwharf Terminal is commonly known for being a Wightlink Ferries port. They operate from here out to the Isle of The Isle of Wight. This product is a great starter port for those that are looking to use it for their own interests or starting a ferry group. 980 x 484 Studs Map Huge Parking Lot...
  11. raiyan9

    Lymington Harbour Port v1.0

    Lymington Harbour is a located in a historic market town and is used by commercial vessels on a day to day basis. This version is based off the Wightlink Terminal. The terminal building has a interior to it. 980 x 484 Studs Map Huge Parking Lot Docking Area Customer Building (Ticket Office...
  12. AdrianSRJose

    CraftyVehicles | Highly customizable v1.04

    -20% OFF RIGHT NOW! IS THIS PLUGIN FOR YOU? YES! ABSOLUTELY! We created this plugin to be the ultimate solution to custom vehicles in Minecraft, with high customization and versatility in mind. Whether you're looking for viking ships for Survival/MMOs servers, helicopters for GTA servers, or...
  13. LuaTECH

    USS Nimitz Aircraft Carrier v1.0

    product that is highly optimized for your gaming experiences. Don't forget to check our store for other products and models In case of any problems and malfunctions, you can contact us on Discord! VIDS OF CARRIER ...
  14. LuaTECH

    USS Nathan James v1.0

    USS Nathan James (DDG-80) is the lead ship of her class. The ship has a beam of 59 feet (18 m), a draft of 27 feet (8.2 m), and a length of 466 feet (142 m), with a rated speed of 38 knots (43.73 mph; 70.38 km/h). Come discord for help/issue Clips ...
  15. LuaTECH

    USS Nimitz Aircraft Carrier v1.0

    product that is highly optimized for your gaming experiences. Don't forget to check our store for other products and models In case of any problems and malfunctions, you can contact us on Discord! VIDS OF CARRIER ...
  16. raiyan9

    GT Yarmouth Scoot Ferry Boat v1.0

    "G.T. Yarmouth Scoot Ferry" is a fantastic Roblox ferry designed for maritime groups and roleplay enthusiasts. High quality exterior & Interior Beautiful interior with decorations Can fit 37 People Driveable Both indoor and outdoor sitting areas Small Bar Scripted and animated with effects
  17. HeavenCube

    Pirate Balloons v1.0

    This isn't a plugin, this is a resourcepack thats work with cosmetics plugins. Compatible with : ✅ Drag and Drop with ItemsAdder ✅ Complete exclusive cosmetics ✅ Funny balloons to add to your server • 5 balloons ready-to-use ! • ItemsAdder configuration files included. • This pack...
  18. ShadowCorp

    Arleigh Burke | Volt Incorporated v1.0

    Have you ever wanted a working naval ship in your own military roleplay game for Roblox? With this fully scripted, completely custom, and decorated interior, you can have a very immersive roleplay. - Fully Scripted - Super Realistic - Advanced Combat Mechanisms - Detailed Interior - Large...
  19. Omega Manufactory

    Cruiser | Ship v1.0

    -Deck -Bridge Interior -Cool textures -Cool animations -Cool sounds DISCLAIMER: THIS IS DRIVEABLE BUT HAS NO WEAPONS
  20. WilliamIndustries

    Freedom-Class Littoral Combat Ship v1.0

    The Freedom class is one of two littoral combat ship classes developed for the US Navy. A consortium formed by Lockheed Martin as "prime contractor" and Fincantieri (project) through the subsidiary Marinette Marine proposed the Freedom class as a contender for a fleet of small, multipurpose...
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