1. ridoy0140

    Supreme AutoMod || AutoMod || En v1.0

  2. N

    DonuTHomes SK v1.0

    DonuTSMP Homes, the best home skript gui copied on donut right now ! /home, /sethome, /delhome.
  3. ItzJunko

    Mute and clear chat v1.0

    commands: /mc and /mutechat to mute and unmute the chat /cc and /clearchat to clear to chat this is a very simple minecraft skript were you can clear the chat and mute the chat very useful for moderation purposes
  4. BlueX3

    MinelsPing v1.0

    MinelsPing MinelsPing is a lite skript which can be very handy if you own a server with economy e.g lifesteal,crystal economy,etc Commands Included • /ping - Displays your ping! • /ping [<player>] - Displays the player's ping • /ping [<offline player>] - Sends an error that the player either...
  5. ItzJunko

    Automated Announcements v1.0

    so this is a minecraft skript were every 4 and 7 minutes there is a announcement!
  6. Asleepp

    skript-itemsadder v1.4.1

    skript-itemsadder, an addon to replace the existing, but lackluster Skript API ItemsAdder has. As if it wasn't obvious enough already, this addon requires ItemsAdder to function. skript-itemsadder more then septuples the amount of features then that Skript API! Want to detect when someone...
  7. ridoy0140

    Supreme Farmers || Farming Skript|| En v1.0

  8. snowdesert

    Plus Hide v1.0

    Plushide DonutSmp /hide Skript Features Toggle Visibility: Players with the plushide.hide permission can use the /hide command to switch between being hidden and visible. Status Tracking: The script uses a variable ({hidden::%uuid of player%}) to track the hidden status of each player...
  9. forfr

    Essentials Skript v1.0

    Want some essential commands in skript so you dont need a buggy, uncustomizable plugin? Look no further!
  10. karlito1501

    Event | Spice up your Events v1.1

    Discord: DESCRIPTION: Ever wanted to have a Automized Event System? Here you got it. This skript is a very good Solution for your Event. You can announce events configure everything start end the event and much more! You can even drop the event for the Players to...
  11. forfr

    Referral Skript v1.0

    Want to give players free rewards via referral? This simple Skript does just that! With tons of customizable features and colors, keeping your community engaged, why not use it?
  12. Amethyst Studious

    BEACON Skript - BoxPVP Skript v1.0

    🌊 Do you have problems or questions about this resource? Well, 🌊 we were waiting for you on discord to open a ticket -||- DISCORD LINK -||- Join on Discord! BOXPVP BEACON | MINECRAFT SKRIPT PURPLE | CUSTOM | UNIQUE SKRIPT/RESOURSE DESCRIPTION "This skript is specifically designed for BoxPvP...
  13. C

    Customizable Pouches v1.0

    Pouches are an engaging system for your Minecraft server. This Skript manages a pouch system that players can obtain by right-clicking on specific ender chests. Each pouch has an associated name and value. When a player right-clicks on one of these ender chests, they receive a random amount of...
  14. ancientone

    Flaw Warps | Warp System Skript v1.0

    This is a skript where you can have access to commands such as /setwarp /warp /delwarp Instructions will be on the skript file you can edit any messages. this come with action bar messages and custom sounds. one of the best warp skript out there on the market is now for free! download it and...
  15. jaeindev

    Settings GUI v1.0

    Introducing a great Settings Skript ment to Enhance your server Gameplay! It has alot to offer like a Clean GUI a Settings system and much more. Get your server on the next Level with this awesome settings skript! Info: all blocks are on grass blocks so if you want to change it, in...
  16. IndJitesh

    NXT DeathBars || Actionbar Based || En v1.0

    Support server
  17. ItzJunko

    KingsPing v1.0

    this is a very simple /ping skript were if your ping is lower than 40 its green and if its above 40 its red!
  18. ItzJunko

    KingsAnnounce v1.0

    this is a very simple "/announce <text>" minecraft skript and very easy to configure you should install this :)
  19. ItzJunko

    KingsMSG v1.0

    this is a very simple /msg skript like the donut smp with conferrable sounds and colors YOU SHOULD DOWNLOAD THIS!
  20. ItzJunko

    KingsCombat v1.1

    this is a combat skript like the donut smp with corrigible colors, times AND blocked commands
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