Crates v1.0

    Crates Plugin for opening Lootboxes Command: /crateshop /cratecommon /craterare /cratelegenedary : For any Custom-Skripts and Errors : Discord:
  2. M

    Command See | Minecraft Skript v1.2

    This is a command see skript, Check your player's command use!, Check on any suspicious behavior. If you need any support or any more information please add me on discord.
  3. Lilshroom

    Minecraft Rainbow Chat Skript v1.0

    FEATURES: Allow players with the proper permission to speak in rainbows! PERMISSIONS: rainbow.use - Have Rainbow Chat rainbow.use.format - For color codes and formatting rainbow.admin - Toggle Other Players Rainbow Chat An excellent donation perk!
  4. Lilshroom

    Minecraft Night Vision Skript v1.0

    FEATURES: Toggle Night Vision! PERMISSIONS: default.all COMMANDS: /nv - Turn on/off Night Vision
  5. Lilshroom

    Minecraft Crates Skript v1.0

    FEATURES: Allows you to create Crates and Keys to open those crates Place crates on the map as operator to mark their locations! Super cusomizable! PERMISSIONS: crate.give - Can give players crates key.give - Can give players keys COMMANDS: /crate /key [playername] Please note that by...
  6. Lilshroom

    Minecraft God Mode Skript v1.0

    FEATURES: Those with God Mode will not be able to take any damage. PERMISSIONS: godmode.true
  7. Lilshroom

    Minecraft Server Core Skript v1.0

    FEATURES: Set your Spawn /Discord Command Mute Chat Clear Chat Rules Command Broadcast Rename Inv See Ender See Lots of permissions for staff! PERMISSIONS: op - Setting your Spawn chat.mute - Mute the chat chat.mute.bypass - Bypass Chat Mutes chat.clear - Ability to clear the chat...
  8. Lilshroom

    Minecraft Reaction Game Skript v1.0

    FEATURES: Set up your own desired word collection quick and easy! Players who type the word the quickest will receive a random cash prize! (1000-6969) 60 Seconds to answer! 180 Seconds until each game starts. Super customizable! Keeps players on your server active COMMANDS: /reaction start -...
  9. Lilshroom

    Minecraft No Broken Blocks Skript v1.0

    FEATURES: All types of glass and glass pane will now drop itself when broken Bookshelves and Chiseled Bookshelves will also drop themselves
  10. Lilshroom

    Minecraft Replant Crops Skript v1.0

    FEATURES: Allows for the automatic regrowth of most vanilla crops! CROPS INCLUDE: Carrots Potatoes Nether Wart Beet Root Wheat PERMISSIONS: crops.use - Players with this permission will have their crops automatically replant crops.admin - Admin permissions crops.notify - Notifies the user...
  11. Lilshroom

    Minecraft Guild Skript v1.0

    FEATURES: Join player-run guilds! Ability to promote Members into Moderators Lots of permissions to suit your needs Guild Wars. Attacking another guild may start a war! PERMISSION LIST: guild.create - access command /guild create guild.delete - access command /guild delete guild.join - access...
  12. Lilshroom

    Minecraft Backpack Skript v1.0

    FEATURES: Allow your players to have a convenient backpack with the /backpack command! Inventory saves as the players leave the GUI and when leaving the server (of course!) 54 Backpack Slots (9x6)
  13. karlito1501

    RCWarps | Revolutionare your Server v1.0

  14. wireplay

    Report System SKRIPT v1.0

    Commands: /report <player> <reason> People will complain and cause Discord Preview
  15. Lilshroom

    Minecraft Warnings Skript v1.0

    FEATURES: Permission specific, only for staff members! Previous warnings are saved and listed for other staff to see.
  16. Lilshroom

    Minecraft Dupe Skript v1.0

    FEATURES: Allow players to dupe on your server! Every 10 seconds players can type /dupe and their held item will duplicate
  17. Lilshroom

    Minecraft ClearLag Skript v1.0

    FEATURES: Super customizable .sk file! Clears lag every 2 minutes, with warnings at the 60 second, 30 second, and 10 second marks.
  18. Lilshroom

    Minecraft Premium Fly Skript v1.0

    FEATURES: Permission specific, only allow certain players to access the command! Set worlds you want flight enabled, and those you want disabled. PERMISSIONS: - Players with this can fly COMMANDS: /fly By default it is set so that players can only fly in the spawn world. This is...
  19. Lilshroom

    Minecraft Staff Chat Skript v1.0

    FEATURES: Permission specific! Creates a private chat channel just for you and desired members!
  20. Lilshroom

    Minecraft Staff Mode Skript v1.0

    FEATURES: A very customizable .sk file! Permission specific! Teleport randomly between players Vanish
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