1. strom

    AntiDespawn+ v1.2

    Get support for this plugin on the Strom Discord! https://discord.gg/SyYGxrEdPn Ever needed an easy, yet powerful way to prevent item despawn of dropped items after player death, while also preventing despawn of turtle scute after turtle grows up and also for the trident with option of setting...
  2. Gimer Studios

    VPN Cop v1.0

    VPN Cop is a sophisticated Spigot plugin meticulously designed to protect your Minecraft server from players attempting to use VPNs. By harnessing the capabilities of both ProxyCheck.io and VPNAPI.io, VPN Cop offers a comprehensive and robust solution to detect and block VPNs, ensuring a fair...
  3. nsider04

    [Offering] Spigot & BungeeCord Minecraft Plugin Developer | Looking to Work or Freelance | 5+ Year EXP

    Looking for a Professional Minecraft Plugin Dev that can provide you with up-to-date high quality solutions and clean code for your server? Hello! I am Nsider, I have been creating High Quality Spigot and BungeeCord plugins along with some Java Applications for 5-6 years. I enjoy every new...
  4. strom

    PlayerPortals+ v1.3

    Get support for this plugin on the Strom Discord! https://discord.gg/SyYGxrEdPn Ever needed an easy, yet powerful way for transportation in the same world (or between)? This plugin allows players to create linked portals just with a few clicks with use of the Portal Frame item that can be...
  5. Mazapan

    KatsuAvatars - Player head with papi v1.0.1

  6. H

    hMending v1.0

    hMending hMending is a plugin that adds the Mending enchantment introduced in later versions of the game to Minecraft 1.8. This plugin adds a custom trade to all librarian villagers that allows you to add mending to the item of your choice. To apply the enchantment, simply click on the book...
  7. I

    OdalitaMenus v0.5.1

    OdalitaMenus Advanced yet simple to use inventory api for Spigot plugins This resource is for developers only, if you're a server owner then this is not intended for you. Java version At least Java 17 Getting started In order to get started you would need to add the libary to your project...
  8. Agrocorp

    🌟Looking to open your server ? Then don't miss this deal💯

    Since I am focusing on some other projects of mine I decided to sell few plugins of mine. If you decide to buy any of plugins you can either buy them only to be used on your server and never sold to anybody else or if you want you can buy resell rights and sell plugin to other people. Currently...
  9. VenteriaTech

    MangoChannelAPI v1.0

  10. VenteriaTech

    MangoMOTD v1.0

  11. PQguanfang

    MythicChanger v1.3.5

    Discord Wiki Require Java 17! Require ProtolcolLib! Note: You must have basic experience with Spigot plugins in advance, and do not attempt to use or purchase this plugin if you do not know anything about Spigot plugins in general, and YAML syntax in particular. Different from Full version...
  12. mgmadnesstv

    aHomes - Premium v1.0.1

    Add an amount of homes per player instead of per group Add unlimited homes to each player /addhomes - Add homes to a Player /checkhomes - Check a players Homes /delhome - Delete a home /home - Teleport to a Home /homes - Manage Homes inside of a Gui /sethome - Set a home delhome.use -...
  13. F


    Hi! My name is Adrián, I am a developer from Spain. I've been developing minecraft plugins for two years, althought that isn't all my career as a developer as I started developing 5 years ago! I started with C++ and then with java, and here I am! Experience: Currently I have experience in: C++...
  14. Person98

    WatchFullEye: monitoring plugin designed to enhance oversight

    WatchFullEye is a detailed monitoring plugin crafted to boost oversight and management capabilities within Minecraft servers, compatible with versions 1.8 and above. As an indispensable resource for server administrators and staff, it offers immediate alerts and insights into player actions...
  15. Person98

    AxolotlHosting - Managed Dedis With DDoS Protection & AxolotlSpigot

    AxolotlHosting is tailored for established servers, aiming to consolidate expenses tied to managing an extensive network. AxolotlHosting offers a competitive package that includes a dedicated machine, DDoS protection, regular backups, and managed service for each machine to guarantee optimal...
  16. IngPleb

    PlebTrolls | Unleash Chaos & Laughter v1.0

    Pleb Trolls is a plugin designed to bring laughter and fun to any server. With its easy-to-use features and beautifully crafted design, it's an essential addition for server owners looking to enhance their players' experience. Features - Over 60 Unique Trolls: Unleash creativity with a wide...
  17. Tecqq

    RandomVouchers v1.1

  18. Tecqq

    InfiniteBlocks v1.0

  19. Water_Chick

    UnlimitedChats - Advanced Chat System v1.0.5

    unlimited chats;
  20. CMarco

    LightLogin v1.2.1.1-SNAPSHOT

    LightLogin Optimised and Safe SpigotMC Software for Authentication Discord: Join Supported Software This software currently supports SpigotMC server software from version 1.17.1 to 1.20.5. Necessitates to run with Java 17 or newer. Features Safety This plugin adds a secure authentication...
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