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staff application

  1. Vozera

    Looking for administrators or developers to create a network.

    Hi, I'm Vozera. I'm creating some minecraft server networks with different game modes around the globe. I have some resources like setups, maps, and even a dedicated hosting infrastructure. But I don't know many people fluent in English who have the interest or even the time to dedicate...
  2. H

    1.18.2 mmoRPG w/Custom Enchantments Looking For Staff

    Hi potential staff members, my name is High Father and I am currently in the process of creating an open-world MMORPG using various plugins to enhance the players' gameplay such as a variety of custom enchantments. While it may be in the development stage, a lot of the work has already been...
  3. tonypaul

    ElderMC | Staff Needed |

    We need Developers, Administrators, Moderators, Trial Mods/Helpers and they will be volunteer positions for our upcoming Skyblock and Prisons and Factions Server if you think you are qualified apply at:, if needed my discord is: KingAsterikx#0915
  4. OFENROHR100

    🌌Skytale - Skyblock | Looking for moderators and helper!🌌

    Welcome, MCM! Skytale is a server that has just been released and is currently in its beta season. We try to be very community focused and therefore provide custom plugins for the server, such as Custom Enchants. However, in order to implement our goals so ambitiously and with good quality and...
  5. OhMecke


  6. cChimney

    SicoticLabs[Skyblock] Staff Recruitment [Voluntary]

    SicoticLabs Staff Recruitment OPEN POSITIONS: Mod(5/5 Open) Helper(5/5 Open) DESCRIPTION We are looking for a few Mods and Helpers to help out on SicoticLabs, being Mod or Helper is currently only voluntary(you don't get paid). We are looking for some individuals that have some spare time and...
  7. ySurge.

    ✩ Cupid Realms ✩ Recruiting Staff ✩

    ✩ Cupid Realms Staff Recruitment ✩ Cupid Realms is a new, innovative, Skyblock, Factions, and Prisons network. We plan on making our new network become a blissful oasis for a multitude of communities. Therefore, we are actively recruiting staff who meet our network's aspirations and...
  8. GoodBot

    CupidSkies Recruiting Staff Members

    CupidRealms CupidRealms is an upcoming Skyblock server what has a lot to offer. This server will be releasing a Skyblock beta map in a few weeks time, because of that, we are recruiting staff members. What Do We Have To Offer? Cupid Skies is an up and coming skyblock server which is able to...
  9. M

    [SkyBlock] MinotaurMC looking for ALL staff NO experience needed (moderation/ beta testers/ players)

    About: The server is a new release, and we are looking for people to fill positions within the server to make sure it becomes enjoyable for everyone. Currently, we have a functional SkyBlock gamemode in version 1.16.5; however, if that goes well will plan to release future games modes as well...
  10. Boomer

    FlameLands | Staff Applications

  11. Larvvy


  12. Sour21

    SourPvP | Looking for staff | Builders, Developers, and Mods needed!

    This server has not been yet released but is in the making. The main role of the server is to become an active kitpvp server with an economy and many challenges. So far I have much of the server setup however I need builders to finish maps and developers to help witha couple customs. Pay checks...
  13. geoglobemc

    |ⒼⓔⓞⒼⓛⓞⓑⓔⓂⒸ| ! | 1.16

    Hello everyone! Me and my fellow staff-team are developing a towny server that is played on a map of Earth! The map of Earth is quite accurate in terms of biomes, ore generation by location, and a 1000 meter per block ratio! The owners of the server decided to create their own Minecraft server...
  14. VoidSlicer

    Nebula MC Staff Needed

    Hello! My name is Gabe I own a Factions server called NebulaMC. I’m in need of staff of all kinds Helper - Admins. I would like to release on November 21st 2020 but if the server doesn’t get fully done it will be pushed back and that’s fine. I have most of the server done just need some configs...
  15. GameSterDamian


    What is Just Survive? Welcome to Just Survive! We’re a well-managed SurvivalMC server, with some of the best staff online, and an incredibly fun, positive community! We cannot express how much your support means to us here! Our server includes: - Complete survival and toggle-able PvP, with...
  16. Stager

    Looking for patient and trustworthy staff

    Good Day I run a small towny server and am looking for patient and trustworthy staff. I have seen a lot of people that state they are professionals and have managed huge networks etc... We are not seeking that but rather someone with a kind heart who actually loves the game. There are various...
  17. realalecmartin

    CookieDO Staff Recruitment

    Hello! fairly new to mc market, so bare with me I own a Minecraft server, CookieDO, and we are a whitelisted semi-vanilla, vanilla gameplay server. (Meaning we host weekly competitions which utilize plugins, but our typical day to day gameplay is strictly vanilla.) I started CookieDO on April...
  18. Sadtiny

    Looking for staff on new Potpvp server

    1000+ Discord Members Well setup, Looking for helpers, moderators , and staff. Release is soon. Join the discord and go over to #application and get a response in under 1 hour! Thanks, Zixify
  19. Paffz

    [➯] Skraq's Services - Writing Services *CHEAP*

    Hello, I'm currently offering writing services. I also offer many other services as well, so if you are interested, please check out this post: Application Writing: Keep in mind that an application is not enough to get staff on any server. You will have...
  20. feasty

    ✧ feasty's Ultimate Minecraft Document Bundle ✧ $5.00 for EVERY Document Necessary in a MC Server!

    Contact feasty#2894 if your want to purchase the bundle! Documents Included in the Bundle - Descriptive Staff Handbook - Public Rule Book (Global, Blacklisted Modifications, Skyblock, Prison, Bedwars, Skywars) - Organized Punishment Chart - Staff Application...
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