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  1. JayMantri

    StellaMC ✯ Faction ✯ SkyBlock ✯ Prisions

    StellaMC Server Information: We are well known faction server. We are real close to releasing our faction map, and in the close future releasing more game modes. Open Positions: 【Staff Positions】 【Configurators】 Must be 18+ years old Background of at least 2+ Years in Configuration Nearly...
  2. Novelas

    TreeGrounds Staff Positions | Devs/Video Editors | Volunteer |

    Hello all, I am the owner of TreeGrounds. We are looking for devs who can make plugins and video editors who can make trailers that look good/professional. Currently I can't pay staff, but in the future I could start paying. There are people who are willing to work for free. So please don't say...
  3. Skullopia


  4. ashman2372

    looking for staff

    i am looking for staff for a new skyblock server dm ashman#6036 if your interested
  5. SomeoneTookSeb

    ⊰◊⊱ EnchantsMC - Paid Staff Hiring ⊰◊⊱

    EnchantsMC is looking for STAFF Hey my name is Seb and I am the Owner for EnchantsMC. We are currently looking for Active and Professional staff members. This may include: Helpers, Moderators, Managers and Developers. Paid positions include: Management and Development. If you're interested...
  6. Yuhway

    Staff For Kingerce Network

    Hello All, My name is Yuhway. I am Co-Owner of an up and coming network called Kingerce. We already have factions in the making as well as an rpg server. We are anticipating a KitPvp server as well as other fun servers! I am requesting staff for the entire network as well as just for specific...
  7. GamingWithDark

    SiriusPvP Staff Members Needed.

    Hi I recently started a new factions server with lots of fun features and extras and I'm gonna need some staff members to run it effectively. Experience is an asset but not a must. PM me on the discord below or pm me on here and I will give you the details. I will be reviewing applications as...
  8. Anhra

    SabaMC Recruitment

    We are in need of a staff team to help assist the growth of the server, Its a network server in development. If you think you'd like to join our server and assist it as a staff You can apply on the link below ( You must join the discord as well which will be below ) We are looking for staff...
  9. F

    Staff and Players needed!! XenoPvP (KitPvP Server)

    Hey today I am advertising my server, I am wanting to find some staff, all staff rank's needed, mainly developers and I am am looking for some players that would enjoy the server, The server is brand new and I am taking sugesstions from EVERYONE so please give me an Input. Helpers: (None)...
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