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staff needed

  1. DisQuest

    Disquest Minecraft Server

    A BRAND NEW VIRTUAL DISNEY EXPERIENCE COMING EARLY SPRING 2023 This project is going to attempt to create a Disney theme park experience that has not been done (successfully) before. What is going to be our twist? We want to create a recreation of the Disney Parks and incorporate fun storylines...
  2. DisQuest

    DISNEY THEMED SERVER (Looking for Staff!)

    A BRAND NEW VIRTUAL DISNEY EXPERIENCE COMMING EARLY SPRING 2023 This project is going to attempt to create a Disney theme park experience that has not been done (successfully) before. What is going to be our twist? We want to create a recreation of the Disney Parks and incorporate fun...
  3. M

    Looking to create a server

    Hello! My name is Mazeology and I am looking to start up a brand new server with a bunch of custom unique gamemodes, however I am looking for a few people to help me with getting everything up and running for the server. Currently, I am looking for about 5-10 people to help me with...
  4. Bleyou

    PvPSchool !STAFF NEEDED!

    PvP School Network Hello! my name is Devin, IGN: SpookyLive PvPSchool Network will be releasing our first season ever Saturday. PvP School is a practice server meant to test player's skills to the highest abilities. We will be experiencing high player volume this weekend (100-300 players) and...
  5. M

    MxHub • Survival • Minigames • Factions

    Heya, MxHub is a fairly new server looking for a very active Co-Owner, very active head admin and lead developer, lots of builders and moderators , we hit about a cap of 10 people online at the same time today and the ip is, keep in mind we only launched today so lots of progress...
  6. Thedread3213

    Mass hiring need mod, developer we need everything Terrorist Attack

    IP: Staff needed PLEASE APPLY Contact me :iamdaturkey#9676 PS: if you have an aternos account give me your username so you can turn the server on and off GOOD LUCK:cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::D:D:D:D:D:D:DKappa
  7. Coldavenger

    Seeking voluntary Management and Staff Positions!

    Overview Hey all! I am currently looking for 2 managers for my new server Magma SMP. Before you continue reading this post let us explain who we are! We are an upcoming SMP server based on heavy plugin integration to prolong and keep gameplay interesting. The server is themed and based off...
  8. Depthenings | Requesting Staff Members

    MINE.RIP is an new released network, including the following gamemodes, SoupPvP, UHC, Bunkers. As we are getting closer to releasing, we are in current need of experienced staff members! What makes our network unique you might ask? Well our server is always constantly active with...
  9. sysdm

    NovaPrison | OG Cosmic (Non-P2W) | Looking for all staff positions!

    If interested, please join the discord (by clicking on the image), or contact me @ discord: sysdm#0001
  10. P


    Hollow Rift Edition: Java 1.17.1 SURVIVAL SMP SERVER Land Claims Jobs Quests Battle Pass Pets Auction house Trade System Cool NPC Shops Custom items & armour Custom Bossworld with cool new bosses, dungeons and arenas What we are looking for: people that are active in discord people that can...
  11. Nachtmaken

    Looking for a Developer | Oxfordshire Scouts (UK)

    The Oxfordshire Scout Minecraft Server is looking for a developer. We are fast approching the release of the server in time for JOTI (Jamboree on the Internet)! And, I'm looking for someone who has past experiance to join me and the team in re-launching the server! Role Details: The Role is...
  12. __georgee

    BerserkMC - Staff Needed

    Who Am I? My name is George and I am the Server Manager of BerserkMC. We are an old server which closed, and are planning on reopening as a 1.17 Survival Server - and will be looking to expand to other gamemodes. Who Are We Recruiting? We are currently recruting staff members of almost all...
  13. Foza

    StaX Supply Co

    StaX Supply Co is looking for Casino Manager's, Advertiser's, Admin, Moderator's, YouTuber's, Streamers and developers. StaX is a supplier's Shop with a gaming community on all types of consoles. We host tournament's along with giveaways Daily. We dramatically Underestimated the rate at witch...
  14. Depthenings

    MineRIP Network

    Welcome to MineRIP or Hyzeria! We're a new 1.7-1.8 based SouPvP and KitPvP Network which is currently in Development. Quick Links: Discord: Twitter: @HyzeriaNetwork Website: Coming Soon Server IP: or We are currently looking for a full roster of...
  15. Jakey4u

    ✷ FatalityPvP (Prison) | Staff recruitment

    Hi MCM, I have been working on my Prison server for the past few months and its now come to the time where its getting close to releasing. I am now in need of some staff members to join my team, please only apply if you can agree to the following and can dedicate most of your time to my server...
  16. Forsaken Services

    Staff Needed on new Survival Sever

    Hello, I'm looking for experienced staff members that want to join a custom survival server. The server will come out next week. I'm doing this now so I can inform you on all details of the server. (In need of a Helper & Moderator)
  17. CamManCraft

    Looking for Experienced Staff: Developers and Builders

    Hello, I am CamManCraft and I am developing a 1.12 Minecraft Server. The staff that I currently have are too lazy and not working as much as I would like so I would love to have some people who are willing and dedicated to help me develop, build, and/or administrate the server. The Server is...
  18. ProPren

    Arial Client | Paying Java Developers | Apply Now

    Hello, I am one of the administrators for Arial Client. Arial Client is a new free modpack for Minecraft 1.8.9! It is a free client that offers tons of features for Minecraft including a unique FPS boost. It is currently still in beta and hasn't been released yet. We are currently in need of...
  19. JoshedCraft

    ✨JoshedCraft Network✨

    ✨JoshedCraft Network✨ GAMEMODES APOCALYPSE -8 Different types of zombies -Shops -Rewards -Custom built map -Ranks SURVIVAL -Shops -Auctions -Quests -Jobs -Mob Arena -Wars -Crates -Ranks SKYBLOCK -Shops -Crates -Costmetics -Tags -Acid Islands -Skyblock Islands -Ranks CREATIVE -Building plots...
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