1. sillydev

    NodeJS custom startup egg v1.0

    A simple NodeJS egg for pterodactyl that supports setting a custom startup command. Supports: Nodejs v12 Nodejs v14 Nodejs v15 Nodejs v16 Nodejs v17 Nodejs v18 Nodejs v19 Nodejs v20
  2. 30nn

    Appraisal for rights to crypto casino I created

    I created a casino platform (website, demo) with tons of features. No revenue, but could be generated either d2c as a fully-built Stake competitor OR b2b as a platform to launch. Also currently taking offers if you happen to be interested in buying. Thank you! (See signature for contact details)
  3. J

    🌼 A breath of fresh air in hosting - Oxygenserv

    Are you ready to discover the future of hosting ❓ Yes, another new host... But read on, I assure you, you won't regret it! With our team of experienced developers and players we have designed Oxygenserv, Europe's greenest web hosting company that cares about the environment and the experience...
  4. A

    Joining Solar Network with your own server.

    We are looking to expand into various communities: If you have a Survival or Skyblock server that was once released then closed, is dead right now but has a good discord, and know your way around the gamemode's community, you're what we're looking for. Solar is currently a KitPvP server, with...
  5. Kryth (Shopify - Sell All Digital eBooks - Easy maintenance!)

    Domain: Platform: (costs $29/month to host site with Shopify) Product: eBooks NON-EXCLUSIVE - Others may have similar sites and sell similar/same eBooks, this is why price is $199 and not $19,999. Learn more about this business here. Price: $199.00 (Buy it...
  6. v1klolz

    10 Doge Meme Yu-Gi-Oh Card Pack

    Basically doge memes in the form of Yu-Gi-Oh cards which you can put under other people's comments in the social world as a form of "reaction" This is just a 10 cards pack, the first one , i'm currently working on making tons of new cards building and abalancing them and making them in such way...
  7. M

    Looking for Devs.

    Hi! I'm DesignSpace the Co-Owner of the server Valorousmc. We are still in prerelease and are looking for a long time developer to work with us. The server is a minigames/ vanilla/ parkour server and we will be adding more gamemodes as we go along. If you are interested please add me on...
  8. HWP

    Server Project Looking For People to Expand Their Portfolios

  9. KadotyGamer

    [NA][MYVARIETY]⚡️50% OFF SALE |⚡️Game & Discord Host |⚡️Sys Admins |⚡️Premium Support

    MyVariety is a Managed Service Provider startup that provides Hosting and System Administration services aimed towards communities and businesses. Founded by Cody Knudson (KadotyGamer) who has an AAS degree in Information Technology and 4+ years of experience in system administration. We...
  10. Jerod Evergreen

    Free Developer, Designer, Startup, and Business Resources

    I've recently come across this site that is based around startups and business, but it has a deals page that I think is worth checking out. It has a bunch of deals, many of which are free, for thing such as hosting, seo, email marketing, etc. Link: Notable Deals -...
  11. ProBrain

    delete me

    Amount: 1 Location: France CPU: Intel Xeon E5 6vCore 3.80ghz (14670 benchmark) RAM: 16GB ECC DDR4 2300Mhz Storage: 320GB SSD Internet Speed: 600Mb/s DDos-protection: 2Tb premium protection Time: 30 Days Available OS: (centos,ubuntu,debian,fedora,opensuse,windows server, Custom ISO) - ability to...
  12. R_Flintstone

    Social media logo (sketch)

    Hi MCM Community, I am looking for someone that can create a sketch for a new startup I'm going to start. I made the design below myself but I am not verry happy with it yet. I currently have no budget so it would be great if this could be done for free. Kind regards, Ruben
  13. Phil Marlin

    Partner for Software Company

    I am currently in the search for a partner for my upcoming software company. To clarify, it would be a legally registered LLC with my partner and I sharing a 50/50 equity split. The company would make money by selling software products by introducing some of the first software products into the...
  14. T3tr3x


    ✪ ABOUT US ✪ T3troCraft has one main goal, and that is to provide our users with the best experience as possible with our 99% uptime, DDOS Protection, Instant setup and best of all a Swift Support Team on 24/7 to assist in anyway possible. We are a young hosting company opened in December of...
  15. Titan27

    Professional & Affordable - Logos, Banners, Websites, Advertisement & MORE

    - What we Do - We're on a mission to improve your business We are a group of dedicated and experienced people who want you to be a successful business owner. The staff at Startup Community can help you set up everything you need from A to Z. Our prices are constantly being pushed to...
  16. Rationalization

    Free middle man service to gain rep

    Hi, I want to plunge into other things on Mc-Market but 90% of the time if you don't have a good rep and/or vouches you can't get anywhere with anyone. I also do configs for cheap at the moment, in an attempt to get rep as well If you'd like to use me add me on skype at Rationalities Thanks! :D
  17. Titan27

    Professional Administration |

    Looking for professional staff members for your server, forum, website or TeamSpeak 3 server? We offer exactly this! If you hire us we will provide you with top-notch administration. We are one of the cheapest on the market and we are coordinated. We can provide you with system administration...
  18. Titan27

    Website Development | Affordable | Professional | XenForo | Buycraft | Portals