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  1. jaydenmcil

    Recruiting A Management Position - 1.8-1.19.2 SkyBlock, Lifesteal, SMP Network (Haylen Network)

    Hey! Firstly, thanks for reading this. I'm the owner of Haylen Network, we are releasing by the end of the month and I am looking for additional support. We have a General Manager, Media Manager and a Staff Manager but sadly one of them is resigning as they don't have the time they need to...
  2. T

    A paid Minecrft server technical agent

    Hello and welcome! I hope you are having a pleasant day. I'm Youssef. For a living, I provide Minecraft server support. I've been doing it for over 4 years now, I've worked in multiple hosting companies as a support agent, and I believe I'll be a good addition to your Minecraft server if you're...
  3. Toppe

    [FREE] Wallu - AI support bot for Frequently Asked Questions

    Hello folks! Are you bored of answering the same questions on your Discord server? Let this bot automate answering frequently asked questions (FAQs) that your moderators answer a few dozen times per day. Wallu is more than happy to help you! Also, it will work for free! Just invite it to your...
  4. VactumPlays

    SEO Question, is my search system preventing sub-pages from ranking higher on google?

    About Project I run a Discord Server Listing website. The whole point is where people can come and search for discord servers related to what they like on Problem But the way we have our search system, is where it doesn't reload the page when searching up a...

    [Requesting] Trying to manually place google AD's

    Hi, We are trying to manually place google ads on our site as the auto ads are so obnoxious. We haven't worked with google ads before and we are running into some issues This happened when added a section/div to act as container...
  6. GrimaLLC


    Grima LLC is looking for some new staff and managers. Grima LLC is working with the biggest servers on lifesteal and other gamemodes. We are hiring the following positions at Grima LLC. Admin Support Team (1) Support Team (2) Other positions we're hiring Marketing Manager (2) (Paid) Staff...
  7. DeplexHost

    DeplexHost | Minecraft $0.75/GB & VPS $1.50/GB | | Ryzen CPUs | 24/7 Support | 5* Rating

  8. LeaderOS

    LIFETIME - LEADEROS Minecraft Website 5.3.9

    DEMO TRAILER FREE THEMES Blaze Theme Cloud Theme PREMIUM THEMES Gale Theme Leaf Theme Cobalt Theme FREE PLUGIN LeaderOS Plugin FREE ICON PACK LEADEROS Free Store Icon Pack If you want to use the monthly plan, you can subscribe on our site.
  9. Mantle Network

    Mantle Network : Lead Developer Wanted

    Introduction Mantle Network are currently on the search for a competent Lead Developer to help create a brand new Minecraft community in order to expand our horizon. We can offer hosting of the server on our high quality dedicated server as well as advertising within our network of 850+ members...
  10. LeaderOS

    TRIAL - LEADEROS Minecraft Website 5.3.9

    DEMO TRAILER FREE THEMES Blaze Theme Cloud Theme PREMIUM THEMES Gale Theme Leaf Theme Cobalt Theme FREE PLUGIN LeaderOS Plugin FREE ICON PACK LEADEROS Free Store Icon Pack If you want to use the monthly plan, you can subscribe on our site.
  11. A

    Account Deletion Request

    I would like my account and all its data to be deleted from MCMarket. Thanks.
  12. Syrine

    Looking for Staff - Staff Certification

    Hello MCM, I'm still looking for people who would like to help out for the staff certification project. If you are still unclear about the idea, please have a look at this thread: Staff Certification. The following positions are to be filled at the moment: Supporters Marketing agent Developers...
  13. julien081

    ⚡️ Create YOUR plugins ⚡️ - cheap ✅ - Bukkit ✅ - Spigot ✅ - Support ✅

  14. Meoow

    Staff Certification!

    Hey MCM! I'm currently looking for some people interested in contributing in some sort to my new project, whether this is with skills or money, Minecraft Staff Certification, there would be probably a website of some sort, where people can take courses and tests to get certified for different...
  15. Dominikflor

    🎇MagicalMines | Staff And Developers! | Apply Now

    New Server! After some deciding i have made a Minecraft server, i have lots of experience in making servers and configuring plugins and such. im looking for staff and mods/developers that are looking to grow with my network! i have invested a good amount of money and will be investing more into...
  16. Charther

    help to use Anti-piracy placeholders

    I need help on how to use the Anti-piracy placeholders, which mc-market provides in this link:
  17. Thwopsie

    In need of Multi-functional, all-purpose Discord bot

    Hi there, I am in need of a multi-functional, all purpose bot that can do the following: Link to Player's Minecraft account as well as NameMC account Ticket support system Link to a website - not immediately required Statistics Tracking linked to server Roles and User Verification Create...
  18. Zopetto

    Looking for a Support Agent position [UNPAID or PAID]

    Hi, I'm Zope. I'm from the UK (GMT). I'm looking for a position as a Support Agent/Staff at YOUR company! Why should you hire me? I have lots of experience staffing for mainly Minecraft servers as well as hosting companies which means most of my knowledge is in that sector, however, I'm always...
  19. PapaWulf

    Wulfys Setups & Configurations | Reasonable Pricing | Fast Workflow | Impeccable Quality

    Resume Portfolio Vouches (Coming Soon) In the meantime check out their discords! NostalgicRealms | UnrealCraft | PokeLumia 1644530417 Offering 2 vouch copies of a short-term service! 0/2
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