1. LireonStudios

    LireonStudios has decided to sell its products in the Showcase with resale rights!

    Lireon studios will sell the products it produces with sales rights. This only applies to the 12 maps in the LireonStudios (Builtbybit) profile. Each map will be given with all sales rights and the use of images, but while lireonstudios gives you these rights, it will register you as a producer...
  2. Fireblaster819

    Sea Themed Hub v1.0

    This is a Sea Themed 150X150 Hub with three portals to teleport to different gamemodes! The build features life sized builds of a turtle, and fishes! This build is great for all themes of different servers! Have any issues or questions? Join our discord! https://discord.gg/bDNnM35AVS

    I buy FFA, 1v1 and Sumo maps (own)

    Good afternoon, I'm looking for 1v1, FFA and Sumo map builds (not stolen or copied from other servers). If you are interested in the job, this is my Discord: ZottiCraft 👓#9510 The price of the maps can be discussed!
  4. SAWO

    Lobby - Wild West - 300x300 v1

    A large lobby of the Wild West with a beautiful landscape. with the interior in houses; 1 spawn point; A place for NPCs (can be controlled by you); The map is supported for versions 1.16.5+; Can be used as a lobby x Survival Spawn x Hub; Nice nature with rocks; Village; Portal; Market; 3D...
  5. TailiMTO

    Looking For Staff @ MineTube (Survival)

    Welcome to MineTube! A Semi-Vanilla Survival Multiplayer Server. Hey there, I'm TailiMTO! The Owner of a new Minecraft server project - MineTube. As for now, MineTube is under development. We are working on the Minecraft server, discord server and now starting to work on Marketing &...
  6. Y

    A experienced Manager for Minecraft Servers!!

    Hello, Hi I'm Cooper I am a member of many Minecraft servers, Although have been a manager in many more. I have lost of experience as a manager, see below with the servers i have worked for!! - Cheese MC, I was a manager on Cheese for roughly a year before it closed as the owner lost...
  7. xGeorge26

    ✅ (50% OFF) Survival Setup (1.17.X) | CHRISTMAS SALES (50%)

    Click here to purchase the resource!
  8. xGeorge26

    Lite Survival | by ELITESETUPS v2.6

  9. mistnes

    ║ New Minecraft Network ║1.15.2 ║ SURVIVAL ║

    Are you looking for unique and friendly Minecraft Server, with fair and dedicated Administration, and passionate Build Team? You've come to the right place! VallerHQ is a new upcoming Minecraft Network, with an amazing community! Currently, we offer a Survival Server, but we are also...
  10. gaza4354yt

    fully custumizible survival server 5$

    HI IM SELLING A FULLY CUSTOM MADE SURVIVAL SURVER FULLY CUSTOM MAP CUSTOM TAB LIST NPC'S SHOPS AH CRATES KITS AND CUSTOM HELP https://media.discordapp.net/attach...697834618940/unknown.png?width=786&height=442...
  11. gaza4354yt

    witherhub staff recruitment

    Hi i am in the process of making a big Minecraft network but to do that i need a lot of staff. if you would like to be staff please msg me on discord GaZa#6559 1must be 13+ 2have basic knowledge world edit 3working mic 4how to deal with plugins 5not grief 6and must be respectful game modes...
  12. Holsss

    Affordable Advertisement Managers

    Hello, My names Hollwy, I am one of the Owners for a server Named ArcusMC. We are currently a Skyblock server looking to expand into a Network. We are looking for some Advertisement managers to help grow our community by helping us find the best deals with YouTubers, Streamers etc.# Our server...
  13. IIe4eH10wKo

    Pack of [Hub] [SW Lobby] [BW Lobby] [BB Lobby] [Sur Spawn]

    Hey everyone. Today i made pack of 5 builds. (names of MG lobbies can makes) - Hub [size : ~140x140] - Surival Spawn [size : ~90x90] - SkyWars Lobby [size : ~100x100] - BedWars Lobby [size : ~100x100] - BuildBattle Lobby [size : ~100x100] Auction Starting Bid - $20 Bid - 20$(Timmy) Bid...
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