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  1. Codixer

    Test my sys.admin skills.

    It's simple actually, I'll take on any test you might ask of me. (May it be setting up a temporary instance of ptero, or an installation of an application like PHPMyAdmin, I'd like to be given the challenge. Feel free to send me a DM on the platform, you can vouch if you think I did a good job...
  2. Sprisa

    Cheap configuration services | Starting at 1,5€

    Sprisa's Services Hello, this is my first public service and i need some feedback and testimonials, so i will be providing the first 5 configurations for a testimonial/vouch. [0/5] Payments only trough PayPal! Portfolio: (coming when I get at least one commission)
  3. BeBosny

    We're recruiting system engineers/administrators (€10-€18/hr)

    Dashflo is part of a larger company, Cloudnovi. Cloudnovi focuses on building custom solutions for clients worldwide for small to medium-sized business. We're hiring a remote Linux system engineer to fulfill a hybrid role between the 2 businesses. With hundreds of clients worldwide, ranging...
  4. AddyloxYT

    System Administration Services - Experience

    Hey ! My name is Martin, I'm 21 years old, I'm French and I'm offering my services as SysAdmin. No worries, I offer my services very well in English. (I can assure you that my skills in system administration are better than in photoshop haha) If you need help with any other admin area that...
  5. PlusCreations

    PLUSCREATIONS💻Certified with 7+ years Experience!💻DISCOUNTED RATES UNTIL 5/11/22!!💻

    If you want to contact me for a quote, or have any questions, I am available through Discord! My Discord My Website My CV/Resume TOS is viewable on my website. Free support on the final product up to 15 days after completion. (This does not include major edits!)
  6. Music4lity

    [$10 SETUP] ⚡ Pterodactyl Game Panel Installation ⚡

    PTERODACTYL INSTALLATIONS WHY ME: Hi, I'm Sebastian! I have more than 4 years of professional experience in system administration for a broad range of clientelle including healthcare, gaming and government organizations, along with 6 years of personal experience in IT. I am always researching...
  7. Jack_

    BlazeTech | QUICK, EASY, AFFORDABLE | One-Time Setups Available | Join now!

  8. Fubuki

    Linux SysAdmin, fast and secure service

    Hey there! My name is Fubuki, I am a system administrator focused on Linux. I can do almost anything, from optimize every server to secure the network, also I can work with non minecraft related things. If you are interested in discover more about myself and about what I am able to do, send me...
  9. 1337

    Long-term/Contracted System Administration

    Hey, I currently have several slots available in my commission schedule for long-term and contracted system administration services. Whether you're a hosting provider, MC network, or something entirely different, I am able to provide quality and reliable services to suit your needs. Prior...
  10. S

    Experienced, dedicated sysadmin/developer looking for a new server to call home.

    ** THIS IS NOT AN OFFERING FOR PROFESSIONAL SERVICES, I DO NOT ACCEPT PAYMENT ** Hey. This isn't your average post around here, admins please delete if this isn't appropriate. I'm _samanthaa, a seasoned Bukkit/BungeeCord server sysadmin and developer looking for a new server. Due to issues...
  11. T

    Developer Needed ($5k-$10k/month)

    Hello everyone, It's been a ~4-5 years since I posted something in this forum. I hope the community is just as strong as it was when I left it. I'm looking for a full time developer for a Minecraft network that I'm going to be launching shortly. Expected playbase will be 300-500 within the...
  12. ShayPunter

    Shay's System Administration Services | Free | Wanting to gain experience

    So just wanted to mention this; I do have experience with working in SSH and on various distros. I set up web servers, multicraft instances and I know how to use Linux (to a certain degree). I have also set up Grafana and InfluxDB to collect data and display it on my VPS. I am open to doing...
  13. ProBrain

    delete me

  14. Acejr1337

    MongoDB & Redis. & Ports shut...

    Hi, I am looking for someone who is reputable to setup both a mongodb database and redis database to the same vps. We are hoping to use this for minecraft server plugins that we want linked to the database. Please let me know your price. and we can arrange something :) Look forward to doing...
  15. zyko

    Need for a sysadmin

    Hello, I'm looking for a competent sysadmin to install a github script that will be sent as a private message and there will be a telegram system with here is thank you for contacting me in private --> MP
  16. X

    Installation services for Pterodactyl and WHMCS

    DM me on discord for further info, and an offer on price. SCB#0001
  17. Wqrld

    ⚡ Wqrld's sysadmin services ⚡ Reputable ⚡ 5k+ views ⚡ Security first ⚡

    Registered in the Netherlands under Ferox Tech (click to PM) Wqrld's Sysadmin Services My name's Luc, I've been working with Linux systems for over 4 years and have obtained a lot of knowledge and reputation. If you are looking for anything related to...
  18. iCodeHCF


    System Admin: I been a system admin for 2 years now and learned so much from it, by putting a good protection on it, putting DDoS protection, MySQL, user management set up (so instead of root you have your own account EX: Java and the pass would be password.) The fastest I set up a dedi which...
  19. Malfunction

    ISO SysAdmin with BitBucket/Bamboo Experience

    Hey all, Having troubles setting up BitBucket and Bamboo servers that play nice with each other. Coming from a design background, I really have no clue how to approach this problem - I have a hunch it's a problem surrounding our server resources. We're running a self-managed Linux VPS running...
  20. M

    -Free- Systems Admin/Dev

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