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  1. sk8ingDuck

    BungeeCord Ban-System | Website & Code v1.4

    Ban Plugin for BungeeCord [version 1.8.x - 1.19.x] with Web admin Panel With this plugin, you'll have access to a variety of powerful commands that will help you keep your server free from troublemakers. Commands you can use: /ban [player] [time] [reason] - Ban a player for a specified...
  2. Endeavor

    [OPEN] Endeavor // Repair and Maintenance // Short- and Long-Term // 5+ Years Experience

  3. Diekieboy


  4. Diekieboy


  5. iVirus

    ProxyReport - Ticket system vBETA-4.0

    Open/Close report in game Add reply on report Telegram bot to insert inside staff group. Website: click here to download (BETA-4.0) After purchase open a ticket on discord ( and I'll give you the license key for the activation. Put jar file into bungeecord plugins...
  6. PlusCreations

    PLUSCREATIONS💻Certified with 7+ years Experience!💻DISCOUNTED RATES UNTIL 5/11/22!!💻

    If you want to contact me for a quote, or have any questions, I am available through Discord! My Discord My Website My CV/Resume TOS is viewable on my website. Free support on the final product up to 15 days after completion. (This does not include major edits!)
  7. Codixer

    [20$/h] | [💻] Experienced Sys Admin - Minecraft/Linux/Azure/Others [👷]

    Who am I? Hey there, I'm Stefano. And I'm offering my services as a systems administrator. I've managed a multitude of Minecraft servers, and their backend systems like GeslotenKingdom, and the "PuddieCraft (As a Ferox rep)" server. Where I help as a rep from Ferox Hosting and Geode Hosting...
  8. ShonP40


  9. Chrono54

    Need help with Litebans. Everyone has the same IP address!!!

    When I run /checkalts, it shows all the players running on the same IP address of: This is the same IP I use for my databases! My network is small, and I know for a fact that 1. This player doesnt have this many alts. 2. Can't play one 5 different accounts at once on a PVP server...
  10. ReflexShow

    Taxi - Take rides around the world!

  11. SolDev

    PHP Signup & Login System with full functionality

    Hello I Made Fully Working PHP Signup&login System And Easy To Use Supported Databases: MySQL, SQLite Right now I’m Fixing Some Security Patches To Make Sure Everything is safe for use Contact me by discord if you want to get license Discord Username: SolDeveloper#7124
  12. ReflexShow

    [FREE] ❓ How ❓ Simple, Lightweight Help Menus Redefiner

  13. Zorino

    License Addon | Corebot Addon v3

    If you have any issues with this resource, please contact me @ License Addon is a high-quality addon for CoreBot. Support Server: Features: Allows your discord members to claim roles Allows your discord members to claim downloads...
  14. EncryptedWeb

    System Admin

    Hi there! i'm Justin, also known as UnknownUser. I'm offering my system admin experience. I don't ask much. I can setup everything. Here is a list of what i can do! ‍ Pterodactyl Setup ‍ Virtualizor Setup SolusVM Setup ⚡ Forum setup ⚡ Discord setup Development Video editing and much...
  15. F

    system security test

    THIS IS FOR SELF HOSTED SERVER how safe is your server? have you think about it before? most server don't have an advanced firewall or not having one at all. There is over 10,000+ backdoor plugins on the web. What is a backdoor plugin? Like the story of 2b2t, the owner requested a custom...
  16. BerryDev

    Orb Services || High Quality Services || High Quality Freelancers || New Management!

    Discord - Owner's Discord - Berry#3867
  17. byFaro

    PRO BanSystem + Chatban/Mute + ChatFilter-System | 50% OFF v1.1

    uBans is a professional lightweight BanSystem with unique features for your BungeeCord network... This system depends a MySQL-database. For support contact me here on MC-Market (private message). What is diffirent to other BanSystems? Logging everything (also unbans, unmtes, kicks and warns)...
  18. S

    Setup IPv6 on Debian 10.

    Hello. I am gonna set up IPv6 /48 provided by TunnelBroker on my Debian 10 VPS. I've found more than 10 people used Debian for 8 years but they both failed to configure it. Anyone can do it, please leave your Discord tag. Thanks!
  19. Dean

    Review Dispute System

    I left a negative review about 7 months ago on Corebot, after they responded it wouldn't allow me to edit my review's text to make it a higher or lower review. But thats not the main issue I'd like to talk about. So as I said I made the review about 7 months ago and today they had filed a...
  20. NoJokeFNA

    LobbySystem v1.0-SNAPSHOT

    You can't purchase it for now. LobbySystem is advanced and affordable lobby system plugin for minecraft servers which supports every minecraft version! Features: chat system + /chat + cool cooldown tablist system join messages + quit messages + welcome DiscoArmor for premium players...
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